Brady the Benchwarmer, Year II?

I may have said this, but the Browns have offered quarterback Derek Anderson a three-year contract. Shows what I know, but I still get the feeling that Phil Savage didn’t think he would get enough in return for Anderson and decided to bring him back. Plus, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have two legitimate quarterbacks, allowing Brady Quinn to learn every facet of the offensive system from the bench instead of while he watches a corner steak down the sidelines for a pick-six after an errant throw.

Offering only a three-year deal to Anderson means the entire future is not based entirely around him. Should he regress and resemble more of the second-half D.A., then the Browns can turn to Quinn. But I don’t want to seem like I have no confidence in Anderson, because I do. I hope stability (at least for a few more years) can be found at the quarterback position, allowing the team to focus on other needs.

Running back Jamal Lewis was offered a two-year deal. As an unrestricted free agent, the Browns could lose him to another team easier than Anderson, who is a restricted free agent.

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  • drew

    So would this mean that the Browns are open to moving B. Quinn is on the trading block?  I find it hard to believe that the Browns would keep him on the bench if they resign Anderson.  If I were in Quinn’s shoes I’d pushing my agent for a trade…I.E. to the Miami fish flippers?  From his perspective he’s not going to get the PT to put him in a position to put up any numbers to get a decent contract after his rookie deal runs out.  This is all in my opinion

  • paul

    I think it’s all smoke and morrors.B.Quinn is the future of the Browns.After the Browns sign DA, look for them to trade him to the fish.The fish like him alot,but will not give up a first and third.Quinn will be the starter next year.My opinion,but it is what I would do.

  • stevedimatteo

    Brady Quinn may indeed be the future of the Browns, but that may not be the case for another two or three years.  The Browns currently have him signed for four more years, so it is entirely possible that the two will coexist for a while.  I don’t believe the Dolphins are going to make a trade for Anderson, and you can be sure they wouldn’t offer their top pick for a quarterback who has had one good year.  When Anderson signs (which he should), look for the Browns to keep Brady as the backup so he can learn the system inside and out.

  • paul

    It may not be the dolphins,but too many teams need a QB.It may be a risk,but Carson Palmer sat just one year and to be honest,I think Brady can be better.After all he broke all the records at Notre Dame and that says alot.He is ready now.Mark my words,if DA is retained,Brady will beat him out this summer.

  • stevedimatteo

    If Derek Anderson were to sign a two or three year deal, I don’t think Brady will be able to beat him in camp based on Anderson’s accomplishments.  However, if Anderson does not get the long-term deal that he wants, it may become a very real possibility that he is looking to go elsewhere, potentially giving the Browns the option of offering him the max tender, which a team can match, resulting in more draft picks (including a first-rounder).

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