The Reason Why Derek Anderson was Signed

Found this in the News-Herald:

It is true that “from the beginning,” Phil Savage has said that he prefers to go into the 2008 season with both Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. However, if an offer came from a team in the top-10 of the draft (you know, the areas where Savage drafted Pro Bowlers Braylon Edwards and Joe Thomas), you would have to think Savage would entertain the thought of trading Anderson.

It turns out that Savage got word of a deal just like that. A team drafting in the late first round was ready to give up its first and third-round picks for the Browns QB. That team would then make another deal for Anderson that would get them into the top of the first round. Apparently, this did not please Savage all too much:

“I didn’t want to be standing on the street corner with a late one and a late three while another team was using our quarterback to go up into the top 10 of the draft,” Savage said. “That was something that seemed to be a real possibility.”

We can all assume that Anderson was signed because Savage wanted to go into the 2008 season with two legitimate quarterbacks. But it would have killed him to see another team use Anderson to get near the top of the first round. Instead, to prevent that, he has signed the quarterback and will deal with an upcoming controversy. Or, better yet, maybe he knows these teams involved in a secret deal and he is working on a deal himself.

Either way, this is a win-win situation. On one hand, the Browns do nothing and go into 2008 with two capable quarterbacks. On the other hand, the Browns make another move and draft in the top-10. For once, I think I’ll be content with either scenario.

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  • rick@waitingfornextyear

    Nice find.

  • stevedimatteo

    Thanks, man.  I won’t give up the thought that there is more to this Andersons signing.

  • jesus

    oh shut up. nobody was interested in trading for anderson. whats the point of offering 30 million when the deadline comes and then allow him to hit the RFA market only to offer him a day later a 34 million contract. nobody was interested. nobody took the bait.  savage outsmarted himself. anderson looked terrible since midseason. he acts like anderson would have taken any team to the superbowl when he cant even get this talented team to the playoffs. look how good this offense his, how many weapons hes got. he still choked. this organization is a joke. now we dont even have any day 1 draft picks. instead we brought in old guys. what a genius savage is.

  • rick@waitingfornextyear

    This year’s first round pick- given up for our QB of the future, and an insurance policy at the QB position.This year’s second round draft pick- traded for a 27 year old potential pro-bowler on the d-line.This year’s third round draft pick- traded for a 28 year old DT who has been to 2 pro bowls. I think I’d trade those draft picks for 2 experienced starters on the d-line and a future QB.

  • stevedimatteo

    It wasn’t entirely Anderson’s fault that the team didn’t make it to the playoffs.  After all, the Browns had one of the absolute worst defenses in the league.  If they wanted any hope of going somewhere, they had to upgrade and they did just that.  These are established veterans in Williams and Rogers (as maligned as he may be) and while I do like draft picks, I wouldn’t pass up on the talent Savage has acquired.  Like Rick said, I’ll gladly trade those picks for what we got in return.  Who were the Browns going to draft that was going to come in and make a bigger impact right away?

    And I can imagine a number of teams willing to give up first and third-rounders for Anderson.  The guy still has a ton of potential.

  • paul

    A friend talked to Brady at the car show Sat. and he is confident he’ll win the starting job this summer in camp.This is what I’ve been telling my friends all along.The Browns will not be able to keep him off the field.

  • stevedimatteo

    I agree that the Browns can’t keep him off the field in the long run, but they’ll be able to at the beginning of this season.  I think they are serious about at least starting DA for 2008, but he’ll most likely be on a short leash.

  • PhillyPhan

    I’m (obviously) a fan of the Eagles but stumbled across this article.  My only question is this…how is it such common knowledge that Brady Quinn is going to be a good QB?  I mean, it’s not like other QB’s of his "stature" have not fizzed out before.  And he hasn’t played an NFL game yet.  What makes them so sure that he is going to be "a legitamite QB"? 

  • stevedimatteo

    There is that element of blind devotion to Brady Quinn, especially since he only played one series in 2007.  You’re right, many quarterbacks like him have fizzled out before, but many people point to the way he simply made Notre Dame a better team just by being there.  There are signs that he is going to be a serviceable quarterback at the very least.  His instincts are strong and he has a desire to win, and to learn.  Being the backup has helped him immensely, giving him a chance to learn the offense, which will undoubtedly work in his favor as well.

    We don’t know how he will fare in the NFL once he becomes a starter, but there are signs that suggest he will do just fine.

  • paul

    I agree Steve.