Surprise, Surprise: Browns in No Hurry to Give Winslow New Deal

The Kellen Winslow contract situation/OTA absence has been a major topic of discussion in the past few weeks in Browns country.  It has been no secret that the Browns’ tight end wants a new contract.  And now, Phil Savage has said the team does not “have a lot of wiggle room right now at this particular time.”  In other words, it’s not happening anytime soon and there is a chance it may never happen at this point.

Winslow, everyone’s favorite soldier, is probably becoming more jaded by the day, flabbergasted by the disrespect he thinks he is receiving by the Browns organization.  After all, he is a Pro Bowler.  What he probably fails to realize is that the Browns stood by him after a broken leg, which was not his fault, but also after that motorcycle accident in hopes that he could regain some shred of his former self.  And this is without mentioning the right knee that he is continuing to rehab that has forced to him to miss all of the team’s voluntary workouts and will most likely limit his activity during minicamp.  The least Kellen could do is buy the team a thank-you card or, better yet, not request more money.

He should be counting his blessings; not only does he get to make over $4 million each of the next three years, the guy is still alive.  When Drew Rosenhaus is your agent, you tend to overlook those little facts.  And while Winslow’s play on the field has warranted a raise, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see it come from another team.  One can only imagine what kind of physical condition he will be in four years down the road.

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  • nniifu

    The Browns are in disarray? What kind of idiocy is that? Commenter obviously knows nothing about the Browns.

    The Browns are gonna give the Cowboys fits. Cowboys/Browns match up well, both have good leadership on and off  the field, and it’s a home game for the Browns. If the Cowboys are taking a road game against the Browns lightly, as the Dallas fans seem to be, I’m just gonna go ahead and put down a big fat W for the Browns.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    hey sniffu we ain’t takin it lightly, we just think were going to flat out kick your asses. thats not being arrogant, or taking anything lightly. we just feel that we are that good and you ain’t, yet. that ain’t sayin that one day is in your future, but week one ain’t. no hate, just feel like we’re gonna turn the corner and go home with it

  • nniifu

    Hey daveallassfan, maybe they should write what they mean instead of junk then…….just a thought. The Browns are in no way, in any kind of disarray. Solid moves by the FO and GM, a fair amount of talent on both sides of the ball, our cap is in good shape, etc.

    I disagree on us “not being there” yet. Dallas is a great team, no doubt about it, but you’ll have to understand that the Browns aren’t just gonna let them win. They’ll have to take it.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    absolutly, the browns did improve this off season. they had one hell of a year in 07 and should continue to climb in 08. not hate’n on your browns at all. i just feel that the cowboys could have weel been a super bowl team the last 2 years and that this is our year to put it together. romo has had a couple of years of maturity and learned more from the mistakes he’s made than from his success, that fairs well for us this year. we ain’t takin cleveland lightly, you can’t look past any game in the nfl. i agree with you, if you do you’ll get your ass handed to you with a big L on the record books. i just feel that cleveland is where the cowboys were 2 years ago. there time is coming, maybe next year? they’ll be a playoff team this year, but won’t go deep into the playoffs. just my opinion. good management, good coaching, and young talent will go a long way for them in the future.

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