The Epic Monday Night Football Commercials

So, like any good television station, ESPN advertises its Monday Night games, usually in a script that goes someting like this: “Tom Brady and the vaunted New England Patriots do battle with Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts!  Buckle your seatbelt because the power of this match-up is going to rip you from your couch and tear your face off!  Experience this epic battle between football giants on Monday night!”

I exaggerated just a bit towards the end there, but you get the point.  They talk about both teams and hype up the game.  Here is the promo that I heard this week about the upcoming Giants-Browns game on Monday night:

“Eli Manning and the undefeated, defending SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS…take on the Browns.”

No joke.  That is literally what happened for that promo.  As a Browns fan, I just let out a long sigh and laugh in disbelief.  But then again, who on this team has produced enough this year to warrant being singled out for doing well?

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