No Jurevicius This Season; Rogers a Fullback?

The bad news: this did not come as a total shock, but it would seem as though WR Joe Jurevicius will be sitting out the rest of the season as he continues to recover from multiple surgeries in the past year.  I found this to be most disappointing at first, and the reason for why I wanted him to make a comeback this season, because this was originally supposed to be his last NFL season.  Instead, he has said that, if healthy, he will make a decision about playing another year.  Jurevicius is a competitor and a huge asset to the Browns, so I would expect him to be back in 2009 if his health allows him.  In his absence this season, Cleveland is really seeing what they had with him on the field – a reliable receiver that dominated on third downs.

The interesting news: Shaun Rogers as a fullback?  It is something that has been discussed by the team, and I can imagine why.  Some of the goal line offense has been putrid the last two weeks.  The team could certainly use a dainty bulldozer like Rogers to clear some space.  Even better, just give him the ball.  Any endzone celebration that man performs would be gold.  I’m reminded of Warren Sapp’s booty bounce

Just some news: I would just like to bring to light the newest Browns link I have included on the lefthand side of the page – The Cleveland Browns Examiner.  The writer over there is Aaron Calafato and, as a fellow member of the MAC, I felt the need to formally introduce him to you and you to his superb writing.  Be sure to head over there and keep checking DPD in the future to find out what happens when Calafato and I work together on some stuff.

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  • marvelman1225

    I’ve always thought a fan should be just that…… a fan. While we have our own ideas and thoughts…even suggestions…it was the coaches’ job to run the team. I’ve admired many a coach for ignoring fan pressure…and being able to be diplomatic when addressing the media.
    The situation in Cleveland has gotten so bad….I’ve got to say it’s time for “someone” in the organization to step up to the plate and at least acknowledge that the time to make better decisions is long overdue.
    I may only be a fan….but for goodness sake, does someone have to drop a house on the staff to let them know that the decisions they’ve made all season just isn’t getting the job done. I know a lot of people have wanted Brady Quinn to be the starter since the beginning of the season….but the coach made the right decision on Derek Anderson. The problem seems to be that this far into the season…it should be realized that #1) the quarterback isn’t getting the job done and #2) it’s not all the quarterback’s fault — it’s the receivers responsiblity to catch the ball (and they’ve pretty much looked like “fans”, not professionals, catching the passes). Guys, you’re the pros… need to play like pros.
    And coach, if they can’t, maybe you need to consider finding someone who can. No player, at “any” position, is perfect….but the poor play of several on this team cannot be tolerated any longer. Half way into the season there should be better performance….and it’s just not there. My criticism is not only directed at the high-profile players, but everyone who sets foot on the field. You’re a team…you’ve got to play as a team…and you’ve got to make the decision for yourselves that you’re not going to settle for the mediocre play we fans have had to watch since the season started. The fans should respect “every” team in the NFL, but to be honest there is more than one team who’ve let those of us who have loved this sport since before any of the current players were born, down….and I mean to the bargain basement. As for the coaches….while many of us appreciate the fact that your job is a difficult one….the coaches are also responsible for their part in this game…and quite frankly you’ve not made the best decisions either. You may not like the criticism…but for goodness sakes how long do you expect your fans to stay with you and the team when week-in and week-out it’s the same result, with the coach trying to maintain his composure before the media in the post-game interviews. Every team in this league has great fans…..and sometimes we fans overreact….for which we ought to be ashamed…BUT…at some point — when things have gotten to the point such as the Browns find themselves… can’t blame your fans for being upset. Those of us who love the game, and appreciate all that each of the teams do, still find it hard to accept the low level of results that we’re seeing. I know the opponents have a part in the end result of the game, but at what point-in-time do the Browns say….that’s not an excuse for the quality of play that’s lacking on this club. You’re not perfect, and no one is asking you to be perfect…but we do ask for a better quality of play than we have seen so far. All of us are hoping to see a turnaround for the Browns…but coaches, players….that turnaround has to come from you. Better coaching decisions and better play by the team is the only thing that’s going to raise the hopes of your fans. I think we can all accept a defeat (not saying we like it), “IF” the effort and quality of play are there. Finally…..I hope the organization, including ownership, coaching staff, and players, will understand that we Browns fans would love to see the team in the playoffs and….hopefully someday….in the Super Bowl. Again, we are “just” fans….but we love the sport. We too often overreact. Some would say that’s “our” job….but I disagree. However, even the hardcore Browns fan reaches a point, such as I have, that they have to say something. These comments have not been intended to be “mean”, but please try and understand our frustration. Best of luck to the Browns, and all of the Browns’ fans. Hopefully the second half of the season will be much better.