2009 NFL Mock Draft - First Round

Here is DPD’s first NFL Mock Draft of 2009.  As the playoffs end and the free agent signing period begins, there will certainly be changes, so keep checking back here for updates.

# Team Pick
1 Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford, QB - Georgia – Every team needs a franchise quarterback and the Lions do not have one.  They could go the route of an offensive linemen, and I do believe they will later in the first round.
2 St. Louis Rams
Andre Smith, OT – Alabama -It is hard to pass up franchise linemen, and the Rams need to begin fixing their broken offense.
3 Kansas City Chiefs
Aaron Curry, LB – Wake Forest - Tyler Thigpen has played well enough to warrant the Chiefs picking one of the best overall prospects in the draft.
4 Seattle Seahawks
Michael Crabtree, WR – Texas Tech – The Seahawks are constantly hampered by injuries to this position, so they need a true #1.
5 Cleveland Browns
Malcolm Jenkins, CB – Ohio State -With Taylor Mays staying in school and Curry off the board, the Browns will look to provide depth to the secondary.  Eric Wright is developing into a true starting corner, but Brandon McDonald was a nightmare for most of the season.
6 Cincinnati Bengals
Michael Oher, OT – Mississippi - Oher is one of the elite tackles in the draft, and their once-potent offense has become putrid.
7 Oakland Raiders
Eugene Monroe, OT – Virginia – You have two franchise players in JaMarcus Russell and Darren McFadden.  If they are going to develop properly, they will need a better O-line.
8 Jacksonville Jaguars
Rey Maualuga, LB – USC -The Jags can go in a number of directions, but Maualuga’s skills are hard to pass up.
9 Green Bay Packers
Brian Orakpo, DE – Texas – With Orakpo, the Packers can improve on one of the worst pass rushing units in the league.
10 San Francisco 49ers
Mark Sanchez, QB – USC -The Alex Smith era is over, and the 49ers need a franchise quarterback.  For their sake, let’s hope he doesn’t follow in the disappointing footsteps of other “one-year wonders.”
11 Buffalo Bills
Brandon Pettigrew, TE – Oklahoma State – Trent Edwards needs options on offense, and the Bills need a more reliable tight end.
12 Denver Broncos
James Laurinaitis, LB – Ohio State – Tons of needs on defense, but middle linebacker is an especially glaring one.
13 Washington Redskins
Everette Brown, DE – Florida State – The Redskins rank near the bottom of the league in sacks, but could also upgrade the offensive line.
14 New Orleans Saints
Vontae Davis, CB – Illinois – This is a huge area of concern for the Saints, and Davis will make a much-needed impact right away.
15 Houston Texans
Alphonso Smith, CB – Wake Forest – Taylor Mays would have been a perfect fit, but the secondary as a whole needs to be upgraded.
*The order of the following teams could change based on the playoffs.
16 San Diego Chargers
B. J. Raji, DT – Boston College – They could go linebacker, but the top three picks have been taken by this point, so the Chargers look to another area of concern.
17 New York Jets
Knowshon Moreno, RB – Georgia - So far, we don’t know if Brett Favre is returning, and the Jets could improve on their power running game, despite the years they got from Thomas Jones and Leon Washington.
18 Chicago Bears
Jeremy Maclin, WR – Missouri – The Bears still do not have a true #1 receiver, and it’s about time they got one.
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jason Smith, OT – Baylor - Again, a number of ways to go with this pick, but it’s never a bad idea to start with the offensive line.
20 Detroit Lions
(9-7, Pick via Cowboys)
Duke Robinson, OG – Oklahoma - The entire line is in shambles, and Robinson is the best guard in the draft.
21 Arizona Cardinals
Chris Wells, RB – Ohio State – This pick seems like a no-brainer, as the Cards had the worst running game in the league.  However, they could opt to go with a defensive player.
22 Philadelphia Eagles
Jared Cook, TE – South Carolina - L.J. Smith is a free agent and doesn’t look to be returning, and Donovan McNabb could certainly use another weapon.
23 Minnesota Vikings
William Moore, S – Missouri – There are a few ways the Vikings can go with this, but secondary depth is one of the larger areas of concern.
24 New England Patriots
D.J. Moore, CB – Vanderbilt - The secondary has not been the same the past two seasons, and no one knows what is going to happen to Rodney Harrison.
25 Atlanta Falcons
Peria Jerry, DT – Ole Miss -The Falcons will probably stay on the defensive side of the ball with their first pick.
26 Miami Dolphins
Brian Cushing, LB – USC -The Dolphins are in need of defensive playmakers, and Cushing will be an excellent fit in their 3-4 defense.
27 Baltimore Ravens
Clint Sintim, LB – Virginia -Believe it or not, this position could be a concern, with Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, and Terrell Suggs becoming unrestricted free agents.
28 Indianapolis Colts
Evander Hood, DT – Missouri -The Colts were gutted by the run during the season, and need this kind of production upfront.
29 Philadelphia Eagles
(12-4; Pick via Panthers)
Eben Britton, OT – Arizona – The line isn’t getting any younger, so the Eagles will wisely spend this second pick on O-line depth.
30 Pittsburgh Steelers
Max Unger, C/OT – Oregon -Ben Roethlisberger is getting tossed around like a ragdoll, so an offensive lineman is a definite need.
31 New York Giants
Darrius Heyward-Bay, WR – Maryland -There’s a good chance Plaxico Burress won’t be returning to the team, and Heyward-Bey will be an excellent insurance pick.
32 Tennessee Titans(13-3)
Percy Harvin, WR – Florida -They need options on offense, and Harvin will be a versatile playmaker.

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  • eric

    no aaron maybin?

  • david

    Are you retarded, or what?  Without discussing your selections. here’s a clue: the Giants and Titans are not playing in the Super Bowl. Another mistake by the lake.

  • stevedimatteo

    This was the order of the draft before the playoffs started.  I’ll have the updated one soon when it’s all said and done, so thanks David.  Also, thanks for the kind words in your comment, bud.

  • mike54

    I Don’t Think The Browns Should Address Their Cornerback Need So Early. I Hope Aaron Curry Slips Down To Us At  Pick 5. Brandon McDonald Is Bad But Its Kind Of  Hard To Check An NFL Wideout For 30 Or More Seconds! They Need A Pass Rush BAD!

  • Mike

    If Adam Curry is available, I agree with mike54, take him….BUT…If Malcolm Jenkins is there at #5, then he is worthy of that pick. He ain’t the fastest CB, but he is the BEST cover CB…With our new defensive line coach, I think the defensive line will have a new attitude and will definitely pressure the QB.

  • powell32

    I think you take Jenkins with this pick and turn him into a safety. He is big enough to help with the run and I think he has a nose for the ball in the passing game. During college I think he got board a lot during games because nobody challenged him. If you move him to safety, he could become the next Ed Reed!!!!

  • browns4life

    Lets get one thing straight…..Adam Curry is not a real person…Aaron Curry plays for wake forest. If a player gets recognized for making 1,000 tackles it just means the rest of the people on his team suck. Curry is a bust waiting to happen. Anther note if he is so good why did he go to BUM school, you know of any other playes drafted from wake forest let alone top 5 !!! Lets talk about a real pick Rey (Junior Seau) Maualuga!!! Size Speed Toughness things that no player on the Browns Roster Posseses except Winslow, Rodgers, and Thomas.  How about trading down and getting extra picks. Lets talk about getting two first rounders, and selecting Maualuga and Moreno!!!!! The best thing that could ever happen to the browns. A Middle linebacker and a real running back…c u later LEWIS….We dont need Jenkins especially at #5 waste. Get Maualuga or Trade Down…it’s Simple

  • http://dawgpounddaily.com chrisslocombe

    browns4life I could not agree with you more on Aaron Curry, the only player I would have ever drafted from Wake Forest in the last 5 years was CP3, Chris Paul….him and LeBron on the same team would be sick. But hey that’s a completely different sport altogether.

    I also like your idea of trading down, something I mentioned a few weeks ago too, getting Maualuga and Moreno in the  15-22 range would be nice.  BUT I think the real need lies in the OLB spot, still though I would not be upset with Maualuga, just not at 5.

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com clayton

    The browns need pass rushers desperately. There were games this past season that the opposing QB had enough time in the pocket to fry an egg before completing the pass. Zero pressure and no hurries never mind sacks mean one thing – your secondary gets eaten alive.

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  • paulbip

    Maualuga can’t cover. He’s a mid first rounder.  A CB at 5 is too early.  Curry and Crabtree are 1 and 2 in this draft.  If both are gone try to trade down with a QB hungry team like Jets or if that won’t work, take your choice of OT. At 2, go for that C that can play all the OL positions if still there.  If not, go for Chung.  The whole right side of the OL needs to be replaced.  You may as well have one unit on this team that is superior.