Browns Introduce Kokinis as New GM

The Browns introduced new GM George Kokinis to the media today.  You can watch the highlights below:

Kokinis says that he wants to build the team “through the draft,” which is the absolute right way, in my opinion.  The Browns are currently without a third, fifth, or seventh-round draft pick, so the main concern is how Kokinis is going to obtain more picks.  That is, once he finalizes his staff.  And since just about no one was at the Senior Bowl, think he’ll ask recently fired personnel director T.J. McCreight what he saw and thought while he was down there and then send him on his merry way?

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Clayton

    Apparently some media wanted Randy Lerner to get in front of the cameras and justify this hiring.  Why should he?  Because he owes that to the fans?  Well I disagree.  As a die-hard season ticket holder, Randy owes me nothing in terms of the cameras.  He owes me a commitment to win, period.  I think he gave me that with Mangini and Kokinis.  That along with keeping the purse strings open is what I want – I could care less if Randy ever steps in front of a microphone.  If I wanted that I’d move to Texas.