Would You Trade Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers for Jay Cutler?

That is just one of the rumors currently swirling around the Browns.  By now, most people interested in the NFL know that QB Jay Cutler was by no means pleased that over the weekend his name came up in trade rumors involving QB Matt Cassell.  If things are not smoothed out between the Broncos and Cutler, there is always the chance that Cutler could then turn around and start asking to be traded.  An immature move, sure, but one that could greatly benefit another team.  But would it really benefit the Browns?  Not if it was for this proposed rumor.

This particular deal would send QB Brady Quinn and NT Shaun Rogers to Denver for Cutler and a third-round draft pick.  In no way would this benefit the Browns at all.  Giving away the team’s best defensive player and its young QB for another gunslinging quarterback?  Not in this lifetime.

Another rumor that is a little more believable is the one that sends WR Braylon Edwards to the New York Giants for DE Mathias Kiwanuka.  Kiwanuka would play outside linebacker in the Browns’ 3-4, but at the expense of giving up Edwards, the team’s only current offensive weapon?  At this point, fans better pray that Edwards is still here when next season starts, despite what may come out of his mouth.  Or what may not often reach his hands (i.e. the ball).

The Browns are looking to improve, not implode, the team.  The NFL is structured to encourage parity and teams often come out of complete obscurity to be competitive.  Thus far, Mangini and Kokinis are playing it smart, and I wouldn’t expect there to be much validity to any of these trade rumors.

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  • http://bloggingdirty.com/ The Dirty Bird

    It wouldn’t hurt the Browns to do the Cutler trade because they would still have D. Anderson and Rogers isn’t the kind of player who makes others better and the D isn’t getting any better anytime soon but Cutler does show some talent and he could turn Braylon into the player he is is supposed to be. 

  • paulbip

    Why pick up another head case in Cutler?  Get rid of BE while you still can get something for him.  Should have dumped DA when he had some worth. Got great value out of the trade for WinSLOW.

  • http://cle.scout.com Barry

    The Cutler rumor was a practical joke:


  • ddg996

    No way Quinn is like it or not the future of this team

  • draftguru

    Beau Bell is not an NFL linebacker, tell me who could he start for or even play for other than the browns? That was a bad pick. I really hope they don’t give up Rogers and Quinn for Cutler and a 3rd that is not a good deal at all. Keep both even if Rogers wants out, get rid of Anderson for a 2nd or 3rd.

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    Let me get this straight.  We have a gunslinger QB ready to compete for the starting job – DA.  We have Brady Quinn who outplayed Cutler for part of the game last season until our defense went to sleep.  Rogers is our best defensive player whether he cries or not.  And we’re supposed to trade away Rogers and Quinn for Jay Cutler, who is not proven and has rarely if ever won pressure games in the NFL?  I got an idea.  Let’s see if Denver will throw in Tom Jackson to run with Jamal in exchange for Josh Cribbs.  Gimme a break.

  • stevedimatteo

    paulbip – I feel that if the Browns dump Edwards, that just sets the offense back even further.  I’m in favor of an overhaul, but some pieces need to be kept if they even want to begin thinking about that coveted five-win plateau.

    ddg996 – Right on.

    draftguru – I’m with you, the only deal that should be made right now is one involving Anderson.

    Clayton – Jay Cutler and DA are far, far too similar in style for me to even entertain the thought of trading for him.  I’ve been thinking the same thing as well – where has the pressure been for Cutler and when has he really had to prove a thing?  How are people already giving up on Quinn?

  • Ryan D.

    From a Denver Bronco Fan. Personally I’d love to ship Jay Cutler to you guys (The Cleveland Brown Fans) for Brady Quinn, Shaun Rogers, and a 3rd round pick. (I’d even give up a 2nd instead of a 3rd if was running the show)
    Honestly, though I hope we trade Jay Cutler to the Detroit Lions for there 1st round overall pick (and maybe acquire Calvin Johnson) Jay Cutler is 17-20 as a starter with zero playoffs. Yet, he whines and cries because his coach told him to take less risks and play smart Boo-F**kin-hoo (excuse the cursing) Jay Cutler has been a loser in college, and the NFL so ship him to the oh so talented Detroit Lions, where he can continue his linage of being an overrated gunslinger with a losing record then the next time Denver plays Detroit maybe Jay Cutler will actually throw the ball to a Bronco.

    -From A Denver Bronco fan since 1986 I Support trading Jay Cutler and starting Chris Simms. I love the Rumor of acquiring Brady Quinn and Shaun Rogers but I would rather see Jay Cuddles go to Detroit where he belongs on losing squad we’re he’ll be traded as the god he thinks he is.

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    Go Saints! Become a fan of facebook page here: Colts Will Lose Super Bowl 2010!