Browns Release WR Joe Jurevicius, Leaving Me Torn

This certainly comes as a surprise.  The Browns have announced that WR Joe Jurevicius has been released, apparently due to a contract disagreement.  Jurevicius had missed all of last season due to injuries, but wasJoe Jurevicius has been released by the Browns, leaving its receiving corps even weaker. (Mike Cardew/Akron Beacon Journal) expected to attempt a comeback this season, pumping up the entire nation of Cleveland Browns fans.  Now, however, everyone is left wondering why the most reliable receiver has been dumped by the team.

Sure, he is nearing the end of his career.  Sure, there is no guarantee he will even play in 2009.  However, his absence was surely felt last season, as the Browns finished as one of the worst offenses in the league without him.  His sure hands and third-down effectiveness in 2007 was reason enough to at least give the guy a chance in contributing for another season.

Apparently, ManKok did not see it that way.  I can understand their viewpoint, which leaves me torn.  Jurevicius was one of the players I most respected, and I appreciated his team-first attitude that has become an unfortunate rarity in pro sports nowadays.  I also realize that he was coming off major surgeries and could have potentially failed in his comeback bid with the team.  From a money standpoint, it was probably the right move.  From a player standpoint, his reliability is going to be hard to match.  He’s a player I think we are all really going to miss.

The other problem to consider here is that the receiver corps is even weaker than it was before.  Jurevicius was thought to bring back some sense of stability to the position if he were able to play, but with his release, what do the Browns do now?  I would imagine the prospect of finding a receiver in the draft is even greater, and no one should be ruling out WR Michael Crabtree at this point.  Or, uh, Jeremy Maclin, I guess.  This should also put to rest some of the Braylon Edwards trade rumors.

- It has also been reported that the Browns have been talking to free agent OL Adam Goldberg, who has spent the last three seasons with the St. Louis Rams.  What is most intriguing about Goldberg is his versatility; it is believed that he was the only NFL player to start four different positions (RT, LT, RG, LG) last season.  If he treats his opponents in any way similar to how this Goldberg does, I want him.

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  • Frank

    this is just plain moronic, Joey J can actually catch the ball, you’re 100% right that HE was the missing link last year. Stability, assurance, first downs.
    Good article, wish it was for a fitting occasion

  • clayton

    I’m torn about this too. But really, without knowing all the details, can we criticize the loss of a guy who we love with our hearts but who may never play again; may never have a healthy knee again; did not play a single play last year; and is 34 years old? ESPN has a new gimmick where it asks “what would Bill Parcells do”? I’m telling you, he would have cut Joe. Parcells is not the gospel; I’m just saying that decisions have to be made without regard for sentimentalities. Joe was a good player for us. And I respect his passion for the team. I wish him all the best.

  • Derek

    JJ is my favorite browns player. When i found out we picked him up a couple seasons ago I went out and bought his jersey. He was 100% missed this last season and it showed big time! Jurevicius, although wasn’t used a whole lot when he played, caught the ball and made big plays every time he got his hands on it. He’ll be missed by Cleveland fans everywhere. 

  • sam


  • Dizzy

    I am not even  a Browns fan and I think this move sucks. Jerevicius has been a winner everywhere he goes. He was the heart and soul of that receiving corp and the only reason that Braylon Edwards was able to have such a great season two years ago (well Edwards is good, I am not saying he isn’t). It is always a nice story to see a guy get to finish his career with his home team. Especially a GREAT person and receiver like Jurevicius.

    As far as Adam Golberg is concerned; are you saying you hope he is a roided out, greased up, wannabe actor who agrees ahead of time to run scripted plays on his opponent? I hope for your sake, you are wrong.