2009 NFL Mock Draft 2.0 – Updated March 15

# Team Pick
1 Detroit Lions
Matt Stafford, QB – Georgia – They need so much, and though this is probably the wrong pick to make.  That said, it makes it all that more likely that this will be their pick.
2 St. Louis Rams
Jason Smith, OT – Baylor – The releasing of Orlando Pace leaves a big hole to be filled (pun intended).
3 Kansas City Chiefs
Aaron Curry, OLB – Wake Forest – The Chiefs go with the “safe” pick to improve a non-existent D.
4 Seattle Seahawks
Brian Orakpo, DE – Texas – The Seahawks got their wide-receiver via free agency, so they focus their attention on the defense now.
5 Cleveland Browns
Michael Crabtree, WR - Texas Tech – With Joey J gone and Donte Stallworth facing legal woes, respectively, the team really needs a second wide-out.
6 Cincinnati Bengals
Eugene Monroe, OT – Virginia – The Bengals have one of the worst lines, and this pick would be a step in the right direction.
7 Oakland Raiders
Jeremy Maclin, WR – Misouri – Al Davis loves speedy wide-receivers and this kid fits that bill to a tee.
8 Jacksonville Jaguars
Michael Oher, OT – Mississippi – The analysts on their website like him, plus they need some youth upfront.
9 Green Bay Packers
Malcolm Jenkins, CB – Ohio State – The Packers have an aging secondary, Jenkins provides just the answer.
10 San Francisco 49ers
Brian Cushing, OLB – Southern Cal – The tag-team of Manny Lawson and Cushing would put the 49ers near the top of LB talent.
11 Buffalo Bills
Brandon Pettigrew, TE – Oklahoma State – A bit of a reach here, but the Bills haven’t had a good tight-end in some years, this would put the offense over the top.
12 Denver Broncos
B.J. Raji, DT – Boston College – The Broncos have a trend of taking Browns retreads on the d-line, this may be a move in a different direction.
13 Washington Redskins
Aaron Maybin, DE – Penn State – The Redskins added Albert Haynsworth at DT, but let Jason Taylor go, and that opens up a spot that needs to be filled.
14 New Orleans Saints
Vonte Davis, CB – Illinois – No matter who they bring in to address the the secondary they fail to live up to expectations, Davis can end that trend.
15 Houston Texans
Louis Delmas, S – Western Michigan – The Texans have no secondary help at all, and Delmas is the best safety in a weak class.
16 San Diego Chargers
Rey Maualuga, ILB – Southern Cal – Merriman and Phillips are stud OLB, who have been lacking a stub ILB to complement them.
17 New York Jets
Mark Sanchez, QB – Southern Cal – With Brett Farve retiring the Jets have no one to run the offense.
18 Chicago Bears
Percy Harvin, WR – Florida – Devin Hester and Brandon Lloyd are all they have, and Hester is more effective in limited action.
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Everette Brown, LB – Florida State – The Bucs get lucky and find Brown this late to help fill the huge holes at linebacker.
20 Detroit Lions
(9-7, Pick via Cowboys)
Andre Smith, OT – Alabama – Smith’s combine nightmares are the Lions dream come true, franchise QB and OT in the same draft.
21 Philadelphia Eagles
Knowshon Moreno, RB – Georgia – Buckhalter is out and Westbrook is always nicked up, you do the math.
22 Minnesota Vikings
Alphonso Smith, CB – Wake Forest – Besides Winfield the rest of the corner-backs are less than ideal.
23 New England Patriots
Clay Mathews, OLB – Southern Cal – Mathews has a long linage of football greatness in his blood and I’m pretty sure that the Pats would welcome the addition
24 Atlanta Falcons
Tyson Jackson, DE – LSU -The Falcons need some presence on the d-line, coupled with the aging John Abraham, they could prove to be a chore for o-lines next season.
25 Miami Dolphins
Clint Sintim, OLB – Virginia – The ‘Phins are in need of some young linebackers to fit their 3-4 style on D.
26 Baltimore Ravens
Larry English, DE/OLB – Northern Illinois – The Ravens have found some steals in their history, and it just so happens they need some linebacker help this season.
27 Indianapolis Colts
Peria Jerry, DT – Ole Miss – The Colts have lost a ton of help on the interior d-line and it was shown in this past season, everyone ran on them.
28 Philadelphia Eagles
(12-4; Pick via CAR)
D.J. Moore, CB – Vanderbilt – The Eagles need some secondary help, ASAP.
29 New York Giants
Hakeem Nicks, WR – North Carolina – When your star wide-out is facing gun charges you may want to start finding his replacement.
30 Tennessee Titans
Evander Hood, DT – Missouri – The departure of Albert Haynesworth will be a major blow unless they address the need.
31 Arizona Cardinals
Chris “Bennie” Wells, RB – Ohio State – The Edge wants out and plus they always draft running-backs every year.
32 Pittsburgh Steelers
Eben Britton, OT – Arizona – It’s easier to get into the Steelers backfield than it is Sam’s Club.  Maybe the Steelers will address that fact.

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  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    I really hope the Donte thing is a bad dream because I think using our first pick on a WR would be a shame when we could get an excellent linebacker.  I know that you have to fill the holes that are presented, however, if Donte cannot play in 2009 then I would rather see us pursue a trade or another free agent pick-up.  I really think we have to focus in or near the trenches.  Our O-Line got strengthened with Pork Chop who will play better than the replaced Shaffer and create more balance in the line with Thomas and Steinbach on the other side.  Now we really need help with pass rush.

  • Frank

    Cushing would work…he’s the best LB coming out of USC.   Singletary wants a pass rusher so bad he can taste it.   I see you have Raji still on the board when the Niners pick…and if he is, I think they take him.  They’re a top NT and pass rusher away from becoming a very good defense.   They also want a good RT for their OL. 

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    Frankly USC is a wealth of talent at LB.  I’d take Cushing or Rey.  You’re right, Frank, about Mike in San Fran – you’d almost think he’d be prepared to throw on the jersey himself! 

  • draftguru

    You have to be high on something other than life to think the Browns will take Crabtree. If Orakpo is not available I think the should take a LB or the Tackle from Virginia.

  • http://walterfootball.com jim

    please draft d in first round. we always draft o and thats why we never get any better.

  • chrisslocombe

    draftguru – well i do agree that D is what needs to be addressed I also believe that if we go into this season with JOSHUA CRIBBS -or-  SYNDRIC STEPTOE as our #2 option (I really don’t think Donte’ will be able to play this year) then our offense will be completly F**KED! 

    I could be completly wrong, and who knows maybe Donte’ comes back and goes for 75 rec, 1100 yards, and 9 Td’s…….but something tells me he won’t

  • Ed From Euclid

    Have you seen this Orakpo kid on You Tube? He’s a beast! We haven’t  had a physical specimen like him on the defense since Chip Banks. If he or Curry aren’t available at (5), we should trade down for more picks and snatch the speedy wideout,  Maclin, who will compliment B. Edwards better.

  • steel city rulz

    Does it really matter who you blowjobs draft……….seiously !

  • stevedimatteo

    Hey steel city, it’s funny you use a word to describe the Browns that is the same word for a certain act Ben Roethlisberger was famous for on Miami’s campus back in his college days.

  • Dean Brossman

    I hope your right with Nicks going to NYG. If he’s not available I hope they take Britt or Heyward-Bey; or get lucky and get Laurinaitis at LB.

  • draftguru

    chrisslocombe- As the draft gets closer and with the possibility of Braylon gone the Browns may draft Crabtree. I don’t think it would be a good move. They can go offense in the second round or, if they do draft Crabs go defense in the second. Who knows what they will do, I can’t figure ManKok out!!!! It is causing me many sleepless nights.

  • draftguru

    Hey someone needs to take K2′s pic down from this site

  • what?

    The Eagles need secondary help desperately?  How do you figure that?  Assante Samuel (pro bowler, big contract), Sheldon Brown (solid cover corner, very good in run support), and a just resigned Hanson.  Why would they draft a dime back in the first?

  • Peaks52

    I believe there is no question we take Crabtree with the #5 pick.  I mean since Stallworth is in deep trouble with the law, we are very thin at WR.  Especially if we decide to trade Braylon.  I hope Braylon stays but as of now Steptoe is our #2 WR and that aint going to cut it.  Crabtree would be instant offense.  We could still get a very good LB in the second round.  Or maybe we could trade the #5 pick to denver for their #12 and we could draft Rey Maualuga.  Maualuga would be just what we need on defense.  A hard hitting, run stopping LB that also has the ability to cover passes.

  • http://starnewslive.com/movies/asambhav/ Sofia Ahr

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