Donte Stallworth Update: Still Waiting for the Toxicology Report

While he has been working out with the Browns in Cleveland, WR Donte Stallworth has also been waiting to hear about his toxicology report in relation to his possible DUI manslaughter charge.  Talk about something hanging over your head.  If the report comes back next week, that would make it three weeks for Stallworth to have been thinking about what happened, which is enough time to make a person go crazy in anticipation.  Of course, one might argue he deserves it.

Depending on the results of the report, Stallworth could potentially turn himself in to Miami Beach police, despite the fact that he claims he flashed his high beams to warn the man he hit and killed.  With his reported blood alcohol level being .14, above the legal limit of .08, there is not much that looks to be in his favor.

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  • The Dirty Bird

    Let’s face it, he was over the limit and is out of the league for the year no question.

  • zilphah

    A year? Try 15. If he was over the limit, he’s going to jail and his football career is over. A man lost his life, if it was drunk driving… justice should be done.

  • Clayton

    I agree that there seems little possibility that Stallworth will ever play again in the NFL.  The business about him flashing his lights at the man who was killed and the fact that speeding was not involved nor was the pedestrian in a crosswalk – all of that is mitigating on sentence but if the charge is DUI manslaughter then there is a minimum jail sentence.  The only chance that Stallworth has to play ever again is to be acquitted of the DUI manslaughter offence.  If his only way to achieve that is to beat the charge on some technicality even though he was in fact drunk when he hit and killed the man, then I hope he does not succeed.

  • pat

    must be one heckuva toxicology report. three weeks?

  • chipoltecowboy

    Dante was such a huge part of our offense last year… oh wait.. I might be dreaming again. When he goes down (and he will..Florida is tough on this stuff) the Browns will be in a huge hole. We traded the best tight end in the league for a bag of Doritos and a Mt. Dew slushie, cut the only guy on the team that could catch a pass on third down (So long Joe, I’ll miss ya!) and havn’t got a clue who the QB will be. In two years the Browns have gone from elite NFL offense to Bengalesque. Thats impressive.