An Open Letter To ManKok

Dear Mr. Mangini and Mr. Kokinis,

If you two decide to trade Brady Quinn and/or Braylon Edwards be prepared to to ran out of town and lose thousands of fans along the way.

These trades would be great, if you’re trying to set the team back 10 years.  Yes, Braylon had a rough year this past season, but is the 34 year old David Pattern ready to finally be a #1??? Haha, I f*ckin doubt it.  I know you two will state, oh but wait if we deal Edwards, we’ll take Michael Crabtree at 5.  Well let me say this: No rookie wide receiver should ever have to be a team’s #1.

If I could I love to hit on the Brady rumors, why in God’s good name would you trade this kid, did you two even see how “great” Derek Anderson played last season?????  Wow talk about regression!

Eric, question for you.  How efffin’ hard is it to say hello to a Pro Bowl defensive tackle on your team, and it’s not to hard to miss the guy, he’s 6’4″ 350 + pounds.

Another iteam of business that should also be mentioned, please if you two have any brain between the two of you, then do not draft Brian Orakpo.  He played defensive end in college, not outside linebacker.  Do you two know anything about Kamerion Wimbley?????

With all this being said, I’m sure that none of this will be considered and then you will be wondering why scretions have hit the osolator.  Well don’t say we didn’t warn you.


A very concerned fan (who may give up if things continue this way)

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  • Kevin

    Trade both those bums if you ask me.  Quinn sucks and Braylon is gone after this year anyways.

  • Adam

    i’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with your open letter pal. trade Edwards immediately! there is no way he is going to sign with us after this year. he’s a whiny baby who can’t catch a ball. get what you can for him and move on.

    As for Quinn…I’d like to see him get a shot, but do I care about him more than the Browns? No…not even close. So stop acting like you know how to run a football team, letter writer guy, and give the new coaching staff/front office a chance.

    Lifelong Browns fan and not threatening to ever change it.

  • Clayton

    An Open Letter to the Writer of the Open Letter:

    I agree with you on Brady Quinn.
    I agree with you on Michael Crabtree.
    I respectfully disagree with you on Braylon Edwards.  I would trade him only if the price is right – with the Giants that means Dixon or Smith plus two draft picks in the first three rounds.
    I disagree with you on Orakpo.  I think he would be fantastic and exactly what we need – a relentless pass rusher.  My only concern previously was his proneness to injury but that seems to have been addressed by the Browns getting his medicals from Texas and the private workouts since the Combine.

  • tony

    i will have to disagree with u on this think about the team.
    the way the sports talk has been going the browns could come out of this draft with a new team that could compate for years to come. quinn to the 49er’s a first round pick then edwareds for a first and third round pick. Then the eagles are trying to get in the top 5 for there two first round picks that is 7 picks in the first day.

  • dave

    are u kidding me!
    If we get 7 pick in the first day
    we should take this players
    I am going off the walters mock draft
    wells at the 10 spot
    maualuga at the 21 spot
    kenny britt at 28
    moreno at29
    gilbert at 36
    sintim at 50
    nick harris at91
    vollmer at105

  • wonder boy

    If Mangini and Kokinis read this: “Do not worry about losing fans. With the exception of Joe Thomas, no player is exempt from trade talk on a 4-10 team. Just produce a Superbowl Champion team.” Trade Edwards for value, however, I do think the kid just had a bad year.One thing about Edwards, yes he was a playmaker and had one tremendous year, but he consistently dropped clutch balls while at Michgan. We will continue to get the same at the pro-level. Don’t expect any mitaculous changes.

  • Jeff

    I agree with some of this and disagree with some of this, but I have one comment directed toward the post, and one to the commenters.

    First, Orakpo did play some OLB in college (though, yes, he was primarily a DE).  In any event, the fact that he played primarily DE shouldn’t eliminate him from consideration.  While Wimbley has struggled to adjust to OLB, many other DEs (including some of the best in the game, such as Shawne Merriman, Terrell Suggs and DeMarcus Ware) have no trouble making the move.

    Second, to the commenters who advocate trading Edwards before he walks at the end of the year — if there is no extension of the collective bargaining agreement, Edwards will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season, meaning the Browns could tender him and receive draft pick compensation if someone else signs him, or do a sign and trade, or just extend him.  (When the year before the final year of the CBA is a capped year, which 2009 is, a player needs to have six years of accrued service to become an unrestricted free agent.  After 2009, Edwards will have only five years of service.)