Derek Anderson Ready for Training Camp

Consider me as thrilled for Derek Anderson in a Browns uniform as I would about getting bamboo shoved under my fingernails.  I do not wish any athlete to be hurt, but I certainly can wish for one to stop plaguing the Browns as a starter.  I’m all for Anderson being the backup, but the Browns insist it is an open competition between him and Brady Quinn.

Apparently, the calf injury that sidelined Anderson for the minicamp in June has healed and he is ready to compete for the quarterback job in the upcoming training camp.  This is good news for Anderson, but can anyone honestly say they are excited for yet another year of the same quarterback battle?  Shouldn’t Quinn have locked this position up by now?

In the back of my mind I still feel as though Quinn might have the job, but Eric Mangini does not want to give that away so soon.  I’m sure he wants to see Quinn fight for it nonetheless, and be able to offer Anderson up as some sort of trade bait based on a good showing during training camp and into the preseason schedule.

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  • Tommy

    I certainly agree. All of the good will Mangini has accumulated for simply not being Romeo Crennel will go down the drain if DA is named starter. Free Brady!

  • steve

    i’m excited about the browns this year. i usually am every year but i feel EM has made some good moves and is gaining respect from players i thought may not stay with the browns this year. competitions is great and may the beter man win. thats what this team needs. a winner.

  • john

    Brady will have a great camp and will make sure DA is on the bench or the best thing would be traded by the time the season starts.The #1 suprise team this year will be? THE CLEVELAND BROWNS!!!!!

  • Brandon

    Steve Dimatteo i have to strongly disagree with just about everything you said above. Lets not forget in 2007 Anderson was in the top four QBs in TD passes not to mention 1 game away from leading the team to the playoffs (which lets be honest is great by browns standards). regardless looking forward, yes last season anderson started slow and didnt produce as well as the year before and got hurt. But look at the amount of drops by your star wideout braylon last season and no other receiver really filling in the void while edwards had his brain fart all year. Im not saying im a Anderson fan anymore than a Quinn fan… i think either man is suitable for the job, but then again where does Quinn get the entitlement from everyone that he should be the starter? I mean his performances were average showings as far as im concerned and really hasnt proven anything. Track record of the browns the last 7 out of 8 years a new starter at signal caller before the start of the season? somethings not right about that stat. Let them duke it out in camp and the best man should play. contracts aside thats how its done in pee wee football and lets not forget that this is a kids game at heart.

  • john

    brandon you must of forgot 2007 in which anderson got worse as the season went on until he reached the point of the bengals game where he had no help in blowing that game and the playoffs. the pro bowl where he embarassed every browns player, ex player and fan in the world! my favorite DA quote I did not know to call a timeout with time running out because my mike in my helmet was not must of forgot Brady played the last game and half with a broken finger on his throwing hand.

  • Clayton

    Average showings by Quinn last year? Brandon, I disagree regarding the Broncos game. That was above average and every bit as good as Cutler.

  • Brandon

    Yea your right lets give Quinn the job because he played “ok” in one game so that should really justify his spot over a more experienced player. Clayton, Cutler had more than 200 yards more passing in that game, check the stats… I dont know about every bit as good as cutler?

    Also players play hurt all the time its apart of the game. Your getting paid millions of dollars to go out and perform, and the fans would have had a shit storm if he didnt go out and try to play with that broken finger. And to say that EVERY Browns player, ex player and fan was embarrassed because anderson didnt perform well in a pro bowl is absolutely ridiculous.

    Again let me establish where i stand and like i said before i think either is suitable for the job, but stop giving Quinn so much damn credit for really nothing that legitimizes him as the for sure starter?

    and i dont care what this john guy says, in 2007 you know damn well you were riding Andersons ban wagon thinking the browns had their future QB!

  • john

    any one who knows football was not on DAs bandwagon as the season went on in 2007. He proved over and over he was not the qb of the feature!He has a strong arm is the only positive thing you can say about him. He can not read a defense.Brandon if you respond to this try to say at least 1 smart thing for once!

  • Hank

    I have to agree with John,I have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years ( The last 9 they should give me a refund)but anyway someone has to tell DA that he has more than 1 receiver on a play I know Iam not on the field but Damn I see guys open all the time and he does not,I think that is what the other teams in the NFL said towards the half way point in 2007.Look at his stats first 8 games 17TD-8INT Last 8 12TD-11INT Enough said.Then when he got to the pro bowl WOW! what a mess.I think you have to put Brady in with the starters and see what he can do.