Sports Illustrated Predicts a 2-14 Season for the Browns

Well, if the fine folks over at Sports Illustrated have their way, Browns fans are in for one heck of a season.  There wasn’t much good to say in the publication’s preview of the Browns, which you can find here, even with the complete makeover the team has undergone.

But 2-14?  I guess someone has to be given that undesirable record, but the Lions are at least given three wins, according to Peter King.

There is a potential silver lining to all of this.  Let’s just say the Browns do happen to finish 2-14, which will most likely be in the top three of  terrible records in the league.  That could mean the idea of Eric Berry in a Browns uniform would become a very real possibility.  But that’s if the Browns happen to finish at 2-14 or in that general vicinity of ineptitude.  And I don’t think anyone wants that.

So what do you think?  Are you not ready to suffer through a 2-14 campaign?  Will the Browns win more than two games or is that number, um, too high?

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  • Matthew Williams

    It seems to me that most sports critics (SI) have it out for us. i fully expect 7 wins from this team, and i really think that is realistic.
    GO BROWNS!!!!

  • mickey mcconnell

    2 wins come on they are a better team then they where a year ago I see them winning anywhere from 6-8 win 9 if they are lucky and get a few breaks.

  • gobucks1

    who knows? I think that it is ok to have a QB competition, but this has went on long enough. It will depend on the team chemistry that which ever QB can build in the next couple of weeks. If the coach can’t decide and they are sharing equal reps, how are the line, WR suppose to be in sync with one another. Most all other teams have been practicing together and have had time to mesh. They will have to pull it together quick or we just might go 2-14.
    My Prediction: 6-10

  • jeff fox

    Sports Illustrated had them dead last two years ago when they missed the playoffs barely by a Colts loss at the end of the regular season.These clowns don’t know jack!Peter King is as bad as Mcmahon with the ABJ.That’s bad!!!