Brady Quinn Still the Man in Cleveland

It is obvious that the entire blame of the ineptitude of the offense cannot be placed on QB Brady Quinn.  However, it is right to have some concern over just how poor the offense has been playing and to place some – nay, much – of that blame on Quinn.  The offense does run through him, after all.

That being said, Eric Mangini has made sure everybody knows he is sticking with Quinn.  It is only two games into the season, and one could argue that Quinn is essentially still a rookie learning the ropes.  We will never know what he is capable of unless he stays in there and takes his lumps like every other quarterback has had to do.  Peyton Manning had a putrid rookie season, and he’s done alright for himself.

Also, for everybody praising Mark Sanchez as the greatest quarterback in the world and yet another missed opportunity by the Browns, he will soon show signs of being a rookie.  More to come on that later.

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  • Chris

    Explain this then…why is Sanchez out-performing Quinn when Quinn has been the one studying pro football on the sidelines for two straight years? Or for that matter, we can talk about Rodgers, Flacco, and Ryan all looking like instant stars on their way to Super Bowl glory.

    Lookslike yet another Brown’s botched draft. After all, our first round pick is barely mentioned during game play and our other picks are either injured, not starting, or didn’t make the team.