Can You Spell P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C?

Whose face and name do you want to see on a “Browns” bag?  We may start seeing more and more of the pictures below outside Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The Browns were whipped today in Baltimore 34-3 against the Ravens.  No touchdowns for Cleveland, again.  Quinn takes more sacks – now 10 in as many quarters of football.  He gets replaced by Anderson who throws three picks in the second half.  We demonstrate zero offense.  Our offensive line from Mack to St. Clair to Womack gets creamed on every down.  Cribbs gains a lot of yards on returns for not. 

So now what?  How do we avoid remaining the worst team in pro football this season?  Any suggestions?

To be frank, we cannot think of anything that will have an immediate and significant impact on winning or losing football games, at least not with the current roster.

We have just four suggestions for what they are worth.  First, do not fire anyone.  Although it is tempting to send Daboll back to coaching ringette, all that would do is create even more uncertainty into an already very timid and confused offensive unit.  Instead, burn the conservative playbook.  Second, go back to Quinn as the starter at home against the Bengals next week.  Anderson threw the football with much more conviction than Brady in the second half today, but Derek’s accuracy is as bad as ever.  Besides, three weeks with Brady at the helm is not sufficient.  He needs a longer leash than that.  Quinn is a very skittish quarterback.  We have to accept that, in order to overcome his shyness in the pocket, Brady will need to throw the football down the field which will, in turn, make him vulnerable to turnovers.  That is a fact.  Get him out of the pocket more often.   Third, mix up the offensive line.  Bench St. Clair or at least separate him and Womack, even if that means more substitutions.  Fourth, start using Lawrence Vickers more as both a rusher and a receiver out of the backfield.  Vickers is by far one of our most underrated players.  He has already caught a 12-yard pass this year on the single throw to him.  He deserves a chance to do more than block in order to try to spark a completely non-existent running game.

Our defense has its own problems, but the offense needs the most immediate attention.   

There is a bright side to nearly everything.  Before this debacle over the last three weeks, few would seriously have predicted that the Browns would beat either the Vikings or the Ravens.  So, frankly, we are 0-3 when we should be 1-2.  Our offense is worse than anyone’s nightmare a month ago, true.  Depressing indeed.



Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • jsbeck

    I just created this website last night, so its still in need, but its functioning perfect

    looking to get the word out.

    i tried on cleveland chat board, they banned my i.p. in less than an hour.
    i tried on same thing!!

    Lerner did it backwards, AGAIN.

  • gobucks1

    Solution#1: Fire Mandumba$$. It is his fault for the lack of continuity of the offense. He made everyone wait forever for a decision one who will start at QB. It is no wonder Quinn is playing scared. He has been scared that he will throw an INT and lose his job(which pulling him at halftime didn’t help his confidence)Also you have to understand that he is basically a rookie out there.

    Solution#2:Promote Ryan to Head Coach. His dad wasn’t to bad, and his brother is doing a pretty good job up in NY. It’s in his blood. Besides that the defense hasn’t been all that bad. They are just on the field for 3 out of 4 quarters.

    Solution#3:Cribbs isn’t a WR. He is probably our best player, but he needs to focus on special teams. He would be a good “wildcat” guy and a situational WR, but his return ability will suffer if he is out running patterns and returning kicks.

    Solution#4:Fix the oline. I don’t know what needs to be done, but we can’t run, and we don’t have time to pass.

    Solution#5:GET SOME PLAYMAKERS!!! WR aren’t getting open(part of the hesitation problem for Quinn). Edwards is so scared to drop a pass that he is catching everything with his body, virtually eliminating any chance of a run after a catch. Jamal Lewis(who should have been cut before the season)is too busy stutter stepping in the backfield to hit a hole, and let’s face it; he is only good for 3 yards anyhow. We need a big time safety that can make opposing WR have to think about being hit before they catch the ball instead of what touchdown dance they are going to do.

    OVERVIEW: Too much to fix this season. Make Quinn your starter and understand that there will be some growing pains, but let him learn. We will be better in the long run for it. Play hard, eliminate stupid penalties, and we can at least be respectable, but we are defininately in for a long season.