Eric Mangini Assures Us That Brady Quinn Will Not Be Traded

Due to the mounting speculation, and the fact that quarterback Brady Quinn has put his Avon Lake, Ohio home up for sale, head coach Eric Mangini has been forced to say that the Browns are not looking to trade their now-backup quarterback.

The rumors have begun to pick up steam with the trade deadline fast approaching on Oct. 20.  Quinn was benched in favor of Derek Anderson after only 10 quarters into the season and, now that he is the backup, for the time being at least, many people have begun to wonder what Quinn’s future with the team really is.  If the Browns were looking to deal Quinn, it is unlikely they will be able to get much of anything in return.  After all, Quinn has played sporadically and has not been given the proper chance to prove his worth in the NFL.

Let’s think for a moment and consider if Brady Quinn really was traded.  That leaves the Browns with Derek Anderson, who completed 2 of 17 passes for 23 yards last Sunday against the Bills.  Oh, and Brett Ratliff.  That being said, Brady Quinn needs to be given a real chance with this team.

What do you think?  Should the Browns trade Brady Quinn?

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  • Dexter

    I really think Brady Quinn should really be traded because he is not completing passes. I think people is just looking what he did in college and not understanding that the NFL is a different level and he is not ready for it at all. The Cleveland Browns didnt win not one game with him starting at QB. Eric Mangini really needs to trade this guy. And what the hell him selling his house gots to do with anything for him to be traded??

  • gobucks1

    Dexter, when Quinn got benched at halftime he was 6 of 8 for 34 yards. DA was 2 of 17 for 23 yards in the last game. He didn’t get benched because he didn’t complete passes. He got benched because we wasn’t scoring points.

    I think the trade is a toss up. He hasn’t played enough for any teams to even be interested, so it would probably be a multiplayer deal. If it isn’t your looking at what? maybe a 5th rounder. Plus if you trade him that means that DA is your QB for sure. Coming off a game like the last one(see above)I don’t think that gives anybody any confidence.

    I think if you can trade him, do it(no sense in him sitting here rotting) Then draft a big name QB(I know we have other needs, but this is the face of the franchise)that is a proven winner in college that can translate well to the NFL, and start him day one next season, and understand that there will be growing pains, but we will be better in the long run.
    If you can’t trade him play him. We all know what you get with DA. Play Quinn and see what he can do. If he isn’t a keeper the maybe he would have done enough to interest some teams, but if you don’t play him, you won’t get anything out of him and you just wasted a lot of money and his career.

  • http://Hotmail RETIRED SGT

    Obviously DEXTER doesnt know wha tthe hell he is talking about.

    Anderson stats 2009

    Quinn Stats 2009

    Quinn has better numbers in the same amount of time playing this year in every category…PLUS HE played against 5-0 vikings, 5-0 Broncos and #3 rated Def Ravens. Anderson? He couldnt beat the BUNGLES and went 2-7 for 23 yards and a pick against the Bills.

    Before commenting urther, please read up on your stats. you have no idea what you are talking about…

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  • andy siemen

    Brady Quinn should be traded