Eric Mangini Admits that Wildcat Should Have Been Used More in Loss to Packers

Another week, another horrendous loss.  So goes the season, and plenty of others before it, for the Cleveland Browns.  Every week there seems to be something new to scratch one’s head at in complete disbelief.

This time, it is the misuse of the the Wildcat formation.  Eric Mangini has said that the Browns probably could have used the Wildcat more in Sunday’s 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers.  The Browns only used it once on Sunday for a grand total of 1 yard.  Even Josh Cribbs was surprised at how the coaching staff apparently just forgot the Wildcat existed.

Here’s a pretty entertaining quote from Mangini in the article:

“There were some other things that we liked that we wanted to get to, so we wanted to take a look at that. But I think [Sunday] we probably could have used it more than we did.”

They must have really wanted to get to that other stuff, because everything they were throwing at the Packers led to a grand total of 3 points in the game.  At least Mangini admits that they probably should have used the Wildcat more.  The most concerning thing here, however, is that the team didn’t even bother to make adjustments and abandon the offensive plays that were doing absolutely nothing against the Green Bay defense.  Instead, the Browns abandoned the only set of offensive plays that might have made a difference.

Just another great day for the Browns and its fans.   Next week doesn’t offer much solace either, as the Browns visit the Chicago Bears.

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  • Clayton

    Steve – your opening line says it all. I have very rarely if ever felt that deflated and embarassed at the Stadium (new or old). When the “Go Pack” chant started, it made me ill. Fans all around me were yelling out sarcastic jabs at Brian Daboll and Derek Anderson, rightfully so. The clock management was disgraceful at the end of the first half when we failed to take a time out until a couple of seconds left and then threw a hail mary almost out of bounds. Every time we throw to Vickers it is a first down or a touchdown – every time!!! Yet we throw to him maybe once a game. We did not take advantage at all of the Packers’ offensive line problems. Anderson continues to throw missiles from 3 feet away, usually directed near the shins of the receiver. He had Massaquoi open deep twice but failed to hit him. We failed to throw the red flag on the Packers’ touchdown where it was at least debatable whether the football broke the plane. The secondary coverage was worse than high school football. One of the touchdown passes was the result of two Browns blitzing from the exact same spot on the field – the replay clearly showed it picked up by Rodgers. Cribbs continues to shine on special teams but can’t do anything as a receiver. There is nowhere to turn. Try Ratliff? Bring Quinn back? Throw the football to Womack? Punt the football on all third downs? I have no clue. And now we have to play a Bears team that was absolutely humiliated by the Bengals. You’d think that, after this rant, I will be playing poker. No – I must confess, I will be watching with my sippy cup and hanky.

  • gobucks1

    In my 27 years of being a diehard Browns fan I have never been this close to giving up. Everytime I wear a Browns shirt, hoodie, hat, etc. I hear the same thing….”Can’t believe you would wear that out in public” This is coming from Bengals fans who during the 90s had the losingest professional franchise in all of sports! Even during their dark days they didn’t have to be embarrassed to support their team, But that is what it has come to in Cleveland. EMBARRASSMENT!!! Is there not anybody in the Browns organization that knows anything about football. Our owner is a dumba$$ who gave too much power to an unproven head coach that went 9-7, 4-12, 8-8 in 3 years at the Jets. Our Head coach is a dumba$$ that hired on of his buddies to be offensive coordinator, drug out a QB competition the entire off season so that there was no continuity on the offensive side of the ball to start the season. Then yanked (basically a rookie)QB at halftime, and is sticking with a guy that can’t throw the ball at all!!! Defensively Ryan has proven that he is a good coach out in Oakland, but he needs time and some players(preferably ones with some damn heart!!)Also they need a better conditioning program for the defense because apparently they are going to be on the field about 80% of the game.

    FIRE Mangini
    and for god’s sake get someone that knows what they are doing to take over!

  • gobucks1

    here is a link to a great article on yahoo about the Browns and why DA is still starting and not Quinn. I pray to GOD that it isn’t true.;_ylt=ApVl3BfjwEtZhqlQtFK2JU9DubYF?slug=cr-winnersandlosers102509&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

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  • john

    I have been a season ticket holder for 10 yrs I spent my last game wearing green bay shirt rooting for the packers and since no other season ticket holder was at the game around me people asked me if i was from wisconsin sad but true story. that was my way of protesting now i have burned the rest of my tickets and after 40 years I am no longer a browns fan as long as mangina and his soulmate DA are there hope to be back and will wait for a while before changing the color of my basement just in case. would love to be a browns fan again just do not see it happening soon

  • Dexter

    They just fuckin suck okay??

  • john

    gobucks1 should be the browns gm he would make the right moves fire mangina promote ryan as head coach bench anderson start quinn and hope the person he reports to is team president bernie kosar.

  • gobucks1

    John, I would like to thank you for your support. I promise if my phone rings and Lerner offers me a job I will be more than happy to help.


  • http://None BILL

    Let me start by saying that I am A Steeler fan but I remember the Browns of the Past. I remember when Jimmy Brown running down field with three Steelers on his back. It was like he was a tank. In those days the Steeler games were gimmie games. They weren’t the hated Steelers. No one from either side flattened visitors car tires.The worm has turned. Now that the Steelers are winning most of the games (lifetime series now 59-55 Steelers,) they are the hated Steelers. You say they play dirty? Check the records and see who played dirty. Browns win that one almost every season. I do want to see the Browns improve. They have to use their picks that are given them. Not give anything to move up and don’t take anything to move down. Take the best player available on your pick. You need every position. You can get a good quarterback in the 5th round. A good tight end in the 10 round. Don’t waste your picks and go after a flash in the pan. Some of the top players in every draft, never stay in football. They can’t cut it. I want to see more teams catch up with the rest. Then we will have exciting football. Linemen on both sides are good top round picks. Go for them. Dan Marino was the 6th QB picked in the first round and he turned out better than the rest. I think Marino eased up in his senior year, he was much better as a junior. Reason: Shula wanted him so he eased off just enough to fall in the draft. You got to win in the draft before you can win in the games