The Best News a Cleveland Browns Fan Could Hear Right Now Is…

It’s the bye week.

Forget about everyone looking to get Eric Mangini fired, the actual firing of George Kokinis, the fact that Brady Quinn is still sitting on the bench, that Derek Anderson is the worst quarterback in the NFL, that things have gotten so bad, Jamal Lewis has called this his final season, that Mangini still thinks he should get input on who the new GM will be, Randy Lerner in general, the dropped passes, the potential season-ending neck surgery for linebacker Eric Barton, the unfortunate $7,500 fine laid on Kamerion Wimbley for making helmet-to-helmet contact with quarterback Jay Cutler, that the NFL seems to be less of a contact sport every day, the punter being the best player on the team, the losing in general, the inability to pass for 100 yards in a game, the inablity to score a touchdown in a game, wasting your Sunday afternoons watching this team, the injuries, the inability to get Joshua Cribbs a new contract, the misuse of the Wildcat, the poor playcalling in general, the Ravens, Lions, Bengals, Chargers, Steelers, Chiefs, Raiders, Jaguars, and the rest that is going wrong with one of the worst franchises in pro sports.

Let’s just enjoy the time off, okay?

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  • Iain Wright

    Man, talk about optimism!! Don’t forget, we have one of the best long snappers in the NFL!! We didnt forget about you Ryan Pontbriand!!

  • Clayton

    At the risk of being lynched, I will defend Randy Lerner. He is not a bright football man. He acted too hastily with Mangini’s hiring. But he has stepped up and admitted that Kokinis was a bust; fired him for cause to save money; fired that silly woman O’Brien; brought in Bernie Kosar immediately; and has reportedly been consulting with two “mystery persons”. Could it be Holmgren, Marty and/or Cowher?

    Hey, I have an idea. We get to play the Rams and the Bucs interchangeably for the rest of the season.

  • gobucks1

    I hope he(Lerner) don’t hire Kosar as GM. He isn’t ready(especially for a team like ours). I do like the idea of bringing him in as an assistant GM or something like that.

    I don’t think Lerner is a bad owner. I think he just has had some poor judgement. He needs an advisor himself. He isn’t afraid to spend money, however he has been spending it paying off past poor choices(Crennel & Savage). He doesn’t get in the way of day to day operations like some owners(Jerry Jones). He hires people and lets them do their jobs. The only time he really gets involved is when things aren’t going the way he wants. I believe he wants to win, and win now! He knows the Mangini hire was bad, and I will guarentee he will be out as soon as Lerner can find a way not to pay off his contract(hopefully sooner, rather than later). The next hire Lerner makes as head coach will define his ownership. At this point the organization is at an all time low. He has to get a BIG name, PROVEN coach in here and show to the fans and players that he does care. It doesn’t have to be Cowher(I would LOVE it though). I personally don’t think Cowher will take the job anyway. He has too many feelings involved with the Steelers and their owner. However; I don’t see him staying in a booth much longer. I don’t think he enjoys it at all.

    How about Gruden? He turned around the Raiders, and since he left everything has went south there. He got the Tampa to the next level and then a Super Bowl. He is an offensive master mind and could really do wonders with Quinn(if we keep him) or if we end up drafting a QB. He would probably keep Ryan on as defensive coordinator. I know he likes doing MNF, but you can see the fire burning inside to get back on the sidelines. He would be cheaper than Cowher and he probably wouldn’t want total control like I would imagine Cowher would.

    As for Shanahan, he will be in Dallas(unless they go to the Super Bowl). Holgren will probably be in Washington(even though he don’t like what the owner has done to Zorn). Dungy will stay in the booth. I don’t think that he would provide the fire that we need lit under us anyhow.

    Bottom Line:
    FIRE Mangini(Sooner the better)
    START Quinn to find out what you got.

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