What Absurd Alternate Reality Would Actually Have Mike Holmgren Coming to the Browns?

It would be a Browns fan’s dream come true if Mike Holmgren was brought in to run the team.  It would seem like the franchise was finally moving in the right direction, hiring someone with a track record that actually included some success.  I would tend to agree that he would be a great fit for the Browns, and could certainly do no worse than anyone else owner Randy Lerner has brought in.  Just look at what Bill Parcells has been able to accomplish in Miami.

However, head coach Eric Mangini has said he wants to be involved in the search for a new GM.  There’s a chance that, if the rumors are true and the Browns truly are interested in hiring Holmgren, Mangini might try to block such a move, realizing it might mean he could be gone soon after.  You might ask yourself, is Mangini really that crazy?  To that I answer, what has he done so far this season that has actually been sane?

If these rumors are true and the Browns somehow do land Holmgren, I don’t see how anyone could complain too much about the kind of talent brought in to run the team.

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  • Brownies#09

    Mangini should have no say in the next GM. He has done nothing but make are team worse. Holmgren or Kosar needs to take over and Dabbol and Mangini should be fired at the end of the year. Then we need to take time and study people for our next coach.Besides get rid of all our number 1 players and start a QB controversy what has Mangini really done besides destroy us even more.

  • http://www.fsspblog.com Jeff

    With respect to Mangini having a say in the GM hire, obviously I couldn’t think of a worse idea if I tried.

    As for Holmgren, I agree that it’s a generally positive development, but you have to consider what his role would be. If it’s as head coach, I’d say that’s a great move. He’s coached in three Super Bowls (winning one), with a decate between numbers two and three (i.e., with wholly different personnel). In 17 NFL seasons he had a winning record 14 times. Dude can coach. Plus, he’s a QB specialist, having worked with and/or assisted in developing Montana, Young (in both college and the NFL), Favre, and Hasselbeck.

    But if it’s as GM or a “director of football operations” guy (i.e., the GM’s boss), the picture is less clear. His GM duties were removed in Seattle three years before they went to the Super Bowl. Was that because he was a bad GM, or because doing two jobs is just too much for one guy? Hard to say. And my sense is that a football operations position is basically administrative. It’s hard to say whether his coaching talent would translate to that role. It worked for Parcells, sure, but I don’t necessarily think that means it would work for Holmgren.

    On balance, though, I agree with the general sentiment that his success to date warrants giving him a shot, regardless of which role he were to assume.

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  • gobucks1

    I think it is a great idea to bring Holgren as GM, and GM only.He is a great coach as mentioned by others, but I don’t think he is the right fit for this situation.I don’t know if he would be able to light the fire under us that we need.

    As for coaching, I think that if Holgren comes in as GM then the obvious choice is John Gruden. They have worked together in the past, and would be excellent for developing a QB(No matter if it is Quinn or a rookie we draft).Gruden is young and full of fire, as well as a proven WINNER(something we drastically need).He was one crazy play away from taking the Raiders(a team that he turned around)to the Super Bowl and then went on and took Tampa Bay to the next level and got them to a Super Bowl and won. Now, I think he likes doing MNF, but I think he would jump at the opportunity to work with Holmgren, a young QB, and all those draft picks. Plus MNF will provide him a good chance to see the Browns up close and personal next week.

    As for Mangini, he is crazy if he thinks he should have a say in who the GM is going to be. Look at the GM we just fired. Wasn’t he hand picked by Mangini? That didn’t seem to work out did it?Lerner should just tell Mangina that he is the coach(for now) and if he put forth as much effort in coaching as he is trying to get to pick the next GM maybe he wouldn’t have to be so worried about his job.

    By the way ESPN is reporting that Quinn is expected to be the starter next week. Let’s see if he gets a chance or if he will be yanked at the half again against the Ravens.

    GO BROWNS!!!

  • http://www.fsspblog.com Jeff

    From what I’ve read, Gruden and Bruce Allen would be a package deal as head coach/GM. But maybe the two of them could work with Holmgren as the football operations guy. Hard to say.

    If you think about the coaching options for a second, there is a staggering amount of talent out there. There are at least five former Super Bowl winners available right now who could legitimately be coaching the Browns next year: Holmgren, Gruden, Billick, Shanahan, and Cowher. How ridiculous is that? And on top of that, there’s at least some reason to believe that two or three of them would actually *want* to coach in Cleveland — Gruden grew up a Browns fan in Sandusky, and Cowher got his coaching start on Schottenheimer’s staff (plus, he allegedly asked Lerner “Can you wait a year?” when approached last year). Holmgren is said to be genuinely interested, and Billick was almost the Browns coach instead of Chris Palmer in 1999. Honestly, if Lerner sticks with Mangini he needs to have his head examined.

  • Dexter

    Ha! They really think Holgren will really bring something to the table… Do you know how many times the Browns got people they thought was going to make a change, but when it came down to it, they didn’t do anything? For example, remember when the Browns got Jeff Garcia and fans thought that he really was going to make a change? But at the end of the season, his QB Rating was horrible. But look what Jeff Garcia did after that season when he left the Browns. He didnt throw not one interception… Ha! Everytime somebody leaves the Browns, they become All-Stars!!!

  • gobucks1

    Dexter everytime the Browns bring in someone that is suppose to change things they are unproven, up and comers. We are talking about PROVEN WINNERS now. As for Garcia, who really thought he was going to change things. Maybe I’m alone, but I didn’t. He is basically a good backup. He was also brought in when we didn’t have any pieces to the puzzle on the offensive line, poor talent at the WR position.

    Who ever they bring in I hope can turn this thing around. I understand that it will take time, and I’m also willing to give Mangina the benefit of the doubt that he isn’t going to be given time, but he has to realize that he has done NOTHING to better this team. Since he has been here it has been a mystery as to what is going on.

  • Dexter

    Just watch mann….Browns is not going to do anything spectacular that will make us a good team. We only have a couple of playmakers on this team. We really don’t need Mangini fired AT ALL. It’s really not Mangini thats making this record bad at all. I personally think Mangini is doing a good job, but it takes a team to win a game not a coach! We really need to start releasing PLAYERS before we start releasing our COACHES AND MANAGERS! Our players isn’t executing the plays Mangini sends in. So, i really think we need to start focusing on whats happening on the field instead on the sideline.

  • Jeff

    That last comment is ridiculous. Even if it were true — that the problem is that the players can’t execute the plays — don’t forget that these are players selected by Mangini and his staff, and that they’re being asked to execute plays and schemes developed by Mangini and his staff.

    What on Earth makes you think Mangini is doing a good job? Can you give me a single example of anything he has done right?

  • Cincy Browns Fan

    Holmgren in tne front office would be great….Bring Gruden in to be the HC! Not sure if he wants to leave his cushy job now but he does constantly make little remarks about the Bucs making a mistake. Chucky would be the balance between Romeo Romeo discipline where-art-thou and Monstergini!

  • http://raygen.info Ron

    I would be thrilled to get Mike Holmgren. In my opinion, its Holmgren or bust. the only other coach I would consider would be Cowher.

    The question is, does Holmgren want to be GM or Head Coach? also, I wonder if Holmgren as GM and Gruden as Head Coach would be ok too.

    I doubt we get Holmgren though…