Browns get shut-out on Monday Night Football

brian daboll

Well I dragged my wife out to the game last night as she has never seen a Monday nighter before.  I guess I could have picked a better game!

The Browns failed to score a point as they got beat 16-0 by our AFC North rivals, the Baltimore Ravens.  Brady Quinn was bad.  His receivers were worse.  Josh Cribbs was carted out on a stretcher after the final play of the game where he got hit hard on the chin under the face mask.  We saw a few fights afterwards which was fun;  and some fires in the parking lot.  The music was good, says my wife.

Our season seats are near the sportscasting box.  In the third quarter, our section had a good “Gruden” chant going which seemed to catch the attention of Jaws.  That was fun.

Blocking another extra point and holding the Ravens to nil points at the half were likely the highlights of an otherwise miserable performance.  Another ode to “Brain” Daboll.  About five minutes into the third quarter, my wife turned to me and asked “why does Brady Quinn always throw the ball sideways instead of down the field?”  Good question, I thought.  Does anybody know why Daboll is still on the sidelines?  The offensive play calling is grotesque.  There are so many passes that are thrown laterally and for 1-3 yards even if caught.  For crying out loud, no wonder we never score any points.  We have to travel around 500 yards to get down to the red zone!  Correct me if I’m wrong (I did have a few beers to numb the pain), but I do not think that we got past the Ravens’ 40 yard line all night!

The planned protest did not take flight as the seats were full at the start of the game.  Our section was getting thin after the half.  It was a ghost town by the fourth quarter.

After going down by 6 points early in the third quarter, Brady threw an errant pass to Royal that was intercepted and run back for a touchdown by the Ravens.  The game was over in less than 10 seconds.

Fire Daboll.  Someone on the sidelines needs to roll for making the Browns the worst team in pro football offensively.  Allow the QB coach, Carl Smith (who is a former offensive coordinator) to take the reins for the rest of this season.  Keep Mangini for the rest of the season.  If Holmgren is hired, allow him to choose the head coach, whether Mangini or someone else.  Keep Ryan.  Stick with Brady Quinn for the remainder of the season.  Play Robiskie and Massaquoi all the time for the experience.  Let Jamal play as much as he wants to keep a little dignity in his last year.  Pray for Cribbs.  Use the wildcat even more than last night because it is the only way we ever gain any yards, but start letting Cribbs throw the football.  Get Vickers some more action running and catching out of the backfield.  Blitz more often on defense to take advantage of opposing offenses double-teaming Rogers in the middle.  Have a chat with Thomas and Steinbach – it is bad enough that the right side of our O-line is inept, but the ugly and dirty little secret is that Thomas and Steinbach have been no hell on their side either.

One of our better chances at getting a second win comes next week against the Lions.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.  I’ll have my legs crossed because the only way that I can stomach this horseshit is by guzzling back a few cold ones every quarter.  Cheers.

Go Brownies.  I’m still a fool.


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  • gobucks1

    Where to begin??? Well I will start off with my prayers are with Cribbs, and hope for a speedy recovery. He is a class act and our best player that had no business being on the field at that point. What was Mangini and Daboll thinking? I understand that you don’t take a knee, but to run a stupid gadget play with 5sec. left was stupid. Of course the play calling throughout the game(and season for that matter)was ridiculous! How in the world is Daboll still offensive coordinator is mindboggling! Mangini should be FIRED for that choice alone! I mean players get suspended and fined for conduct detrimental to the team. Why not the coach? SIDE NOTE: ESPN just reported that Mangini is being investigated by players association for his conduct and coaching methods.

    As for Quinn…his performance was pretty much as I figured. He was a little less accurate than I expected. I don’t totally blame him for the interceptions. Both balls should have been caught. They weren’t perfect passes, but these are NFL WRs. They need to make those plays. What could you really expect from him though? He wasn’t named starter until Wed. which meant he only had 3 days practice time as the starter. Plus he was playing against one of the better defenses in the league. You have to KEEP him as the starter!

    The defense was a bright note. They played hard the entire game against a pretty good offense. There is no doubt we need help on defense, but the job Ryan is doing with the players we have is great. Yes we are last in total defense, but they are playing 85% of the snaps taking on the field. I definitely agree that we need to blitz more.

    As for coaching I think Magini needs fired NOW! Instead of fighting on the sidelines with Ryan(whose players were prepared and playing their a$$es off) he should have been on the sidelines screaming at Daboll and asking him what the hell is going on with the offense that has scored 2 less touchdowns this year than the Saints defense!!! My wife watched the game by herself(I was at a buddies house watching)and she even said that she don’t think Mangini cares, and my wife knows NOTHING about football. Why keep him around? The players hate him! He isn’t going to be the coach next year anyhow, so why keep him around for the rest of this season?

    We did get a bit of bad news about possible coach replacement though with the announcement that Gruden wasn’t going to leave MNF next year to coach. Now is this true, I don’t know. I do know that money talks and if Lerner is willing to show the money anything is possible. A bright note about coaches that will be available; Charlie Wies looks like he will be out next year at Notre Dame. He would be an excellent offensive coordinator for the Browns. He is proven! He has a history with Brady Quinn(if he is going to be the starter next year). Just a thought.

    Bottom Line:
    He is a disease worse than the swine flu and he is rapidly killing off the fan base!!!!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    what did you guys think of the shot (thats what i will call it for the sack of integrety) that brady quinn threw on terrell suggs? he’s out for 6 weeks with a torn mcl? too bad baltimore does’nt play you guys again this year. well if quinn is your qb next year, then we’ll see how suggs and ray-ray handle it?

  • TheAtheistMissionary

    “Brady Quinn was bad”. Are you kidding? He was abysmal. According to Pod Vader of espn’s Football Today, Quinn was only the 4th quarterback in the last 20 NFL seasons to attempt at least 30 passes and gain less than 100 yeards passing.