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Brady Quinn Fined $10,000 for Playing Terrib-Oh, for Chop-Block on Terrell Suggs

Remember this time in Ray Lewis' life?What a nice way to cap off the week for Brady Quinn, eh?  Not only did he prove he couldn’t keep a deep pass inbounds on Monday night, he knocked Terrell Suggs out possibly for a few weeks because of a chop-block.  To top it all off, Quinn was fined $10,000 by the league for the hit.

It’s funny to me though, that the Baltimore Ravens players were so adamant that Quinn be punished for injuring Suggs, much of the complaining coming from our old friend Ray Lewis.  Quinn was a man about it and apologized after the game, reiterating that he did not mean to injure Suggs, and was simply trying to get to the ball carrier on the play.  Nevertheless, it did not stop the Ravens from demanding that Quinn suffer a huge fine. This is all coming from what is one of the most physical defenses in the NFL.  Players like Lewis are often in the news for controversial hits, so if anyone could understand Quinn’s desire to stop a play, they would.

Instead, they have chosen to just complain about it because their playoff hopes are floundering.

Even the Ravens coach, John Harbaugh, felt the need to chastise Brady Quinn over the situation.  It’ll be nice when the Ravens miss the playoffs this year.

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  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    it was a fuckin cheap shot. it was’nt a chop block. thats puttin it mildly. what quinn did was cheap and low and he purposely tried to take out suggs cause suggs hit him hard on a few plays. quinn saw his chance to revoke a little revenge and took it. lets not suger coat this with bullshit like justifying his hit because lewis hits hard. lewis hits hard enough to kill people. but the nfl fines him too when he does. and if he really did KILL SOMEONE the courts would have convicted him of that too. that was tacky of you for displaying that picture of ray in cuffs, but i forgot, your from cleveland and have no class. quinn got by cheap for ruining suggs’ season. really quinn should be suspended for the same time it takes suggs to heal. that would be fair judgement on hits of this nature. would’nt you agree?

  • Jpatt

    POOR DAVEDALLASFAN, big bad Quinn took down a full back. What a wimp Suggs must be to go down by a quaterback.

  • gobucks1

    DAVEDALLASFAN are you kidding? You are making this out to be the biggest issue in the 2009 NFL season. This type of play happens every week. There is always someone diving at someone’s knees. Do I think Quinn did it on purpose.?.?.no. He doesn’t come off like that kind of person. On top of that, he is a quarterback!!! QBs don’t have any idea how to hit someone. They haven’t been “hit” themselves for the last 5yrs. with all the rules the NFL has come up with to protect them. Besides Quinn was probably going after the ball carrier and then seen Suggs and thought I’m just going to dive and make an effort, and get out of the guys way at the same time.

    Besides; if you don’t think that Suggs would have tried to take Quinn out of the game with a blindsided hit you are CRAZY!!! We could just as easily be talking about Quinn being out for the rest of the season due to a hit from Suggs.


  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    too bad quinn did’nt hurt himself bad enough on the hit to be out for the season too. then it would be justifiable. gobucks…anything you just said to me has no bearing on the arguemnet that quinn got by with a cheap shot that ended suggs’ season. fact. he clearly looked for suggs and dove at his knee. if suggs would have did that to quinn they would have fined him more and probably levied a suspension on suggs too? am i right? yes i am. don’t give me that shit that he’s a qb and does’nt know this or that. bullshit. the real justice would have been for quinn to get a suspension along with the fine. yes it’s an injury. yes they happen every day. but that was a flaygarant attempt to take suggs out. quinn does’nt come across as that kind of person? ray lewis is a murderer because he’s ferocious on the football field????? come on make some fuckin sence with your arguments……the truth is quinn got away with one that was clearly on the tape before a million veiwers. WHY? watch out next year when lewis and suggs lineup across from that little pussy brady quinn and your worthless browns……hope they take him out.

  • gobucks1

    DAVEDALLASFAN I don’t know how much football you watch, but I watch a lot, and have never seen a QB search out a player(let alone a big LBer like Suggs)and try to take them out. Normally they are doing anything they can to avoid being hit. As for my argument not making any sense I would like to here from others, and I bet you will find that they agree with me. Oh and by the way DAVEDALLASFAN; since you know so much you probably knew that Suggs and Quinn are actually friends and worked out together this last offseason in Arizona(reported on NFL Live on ESPN last week). It was an accident, all be it an unfortunate one, but that is all it was! For crying out loud; you was probably screaming to string Brett Farve up and publicly hang him when he did the same thing earlier this year. No matter what any player says, nobody wants to see or sets out to injury another player. This is their careers, and they all know what is on the line.

    Oh and speaking of making sense what is up with the ray lewis is a murderer line? How on earth does that apply to this conversation?

    If any one else would care to comment, please do let us know whose side you are on: DAVEDALLASFAN who says that the hit on Suggs was intentional and that Quinn should have to stand in front of a firing squad or me(gobucks1) who says that it was unintentinal and unfortunate. CAST YOUR VOTES NOW!!!!

  • beerman1

    im with gobucks1, davedallasfan should stick with watching crosscountry races or yoga if football is too scary for him

  • gobucks1

    YES!!!! gobucks1 total 1!!!!!
    DAVEDALLASFAN total 0!!!!

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    beerman1, it’s obvilious where your aleigence lies? stick to drinking beer. gobucks, i watch plenty of football over the years. i’ve been watching since 1970. were you born yet???? in other words i’ve seen enough to know when i see a cheap shot or not. quinn laid a cheap shot on suggs. ray lewis said so too. and i only commented on ray lewis because the picture of ray lewis in this post has him in cuffs as if he was convicted of the crime he was accused of. i believe he was found inocent of the crime. so why still act as if he was guilty? that was good drama for the story. well don’t ever say i don’t know football. i’ve seen more football, played more football, won more football, and had some cheap shots delivered on me, to know what the hell is one when i see one. i don’t live in my moms basement pretending to be some big football guru or something. i say that quinn got away with a cheap shot. suggs maybe done for the year, and if so quinn should be suspended for his actions. any player should be held accountable if they end anothers season with that kind of action. we’ll see how good of friends they are in this off season as they prepare for next year. watch out quinn, it could be a long season next year after you watch most of the games from the sideline injured?????

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    oh and by the way, brett farve admitted he should not have laid a block like that. he said that he wanted to block the defender, and realized the contact could land him injured and went low. he felt bad after the play and said he realized the damage that he could have done. he took his fine, and said that it very well could have been more, and would not have been surprised if it had been. he said it was not one of his proud moments as a player. so you see he basically admitted it was cheap. and farve is a classy player. i’m not saying that quinn is a bad player, but he took a cheap shot and got away with it with a slap on the wrist. it is a very intence game, and players will do things like that when the pressure is on and ANGER prevokes it. we all do BAD when our anger takes over in those situations. that’s not being professional, if you know what that word means. your’re dealing with kids and big money in today’s game. they’e not always looking out for someone else. they’ll take a shot like that if they can. quinn probably felt as if they were trying to take him out all game long, as most qbs do. and yes most linemen are. so it’s the nature of the game, i agree. but quinn gave a cheap shot and got away with it. I STAND BY THAT.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    defense is played with a different mentallity then offense. when i played it was our slogan on D to “knock him the f*ck out”. we said it when ever we prepared for a game plan. that was in high school. iwas a D-halfback. that soes’nt mean we were dirty and tries to cheap shot people, we just played the game agreesive and hard. people get hurt yes, but when a player goes for a vulnerable area when another player is exposed that is cheap and not right and should be disiplined. offense does not play that way. they see the game as the chance to advance…….D sees it as the goal to stop. thats where the agreesive nature changes.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    take your poll. i know i am right and a poll does’nt change that.

  • gobucks1

    Davedallasfan you act as if Quinn never apologized and was out drinking and laughing about it afterwards. I heard him apologize and said it was an accident that he was just trying to get to the ball carrier. As I recall Suggs was lead blocking for the ball carrier, and heading right for Quinn. I think that it is funny that you give Favre a pass on the situation since he apologized and you won’t give Quinn the benefit of the doubt that it was an accident, and HE HAS APOLOGIZED. I don’t recall ever hearing Quinn complaining about the fine. Do you?

    As for judging where beerman1′s loyalty lies…What are you doing on a Browns fan website DALLASFAN??? The way you have reacted to the Quinn play I would say maybe you’ve had one too many. Hey maybe it was a cheap shot by Quinn. I’m sure as you defensive slogan implies(“knock him the f*ck out”.)(which is a direct quote from your posting)that you delivered plenty of “cheap shots” and would be able to recognize one.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    thats just my point, gobucks1. i played hard. i hit hard. i left a few layin on the field. i myself got knocked on my ass afew times. i’m 5’10″ and played at 175 in high school. i would get low and duck under the linemen blocks and then springup into the runners chest and knock him on his ass……occasionally all i had to do was grab him around the ankles. you can always bring a big runner down at the ankles…..but i never, ever went for anyones knees. we were taught to look, see, drive, and tackle. wrap em up and take em dowm and hit them so hard they’ll always look for you before they come across the middle. i never went for the head, and the knees were never a target either. watch the torso, where ever it moves so goes the runner. you can’t fake that. tackling is a lost art these days and it shows even in the nfl. we knocked them out, but never cheap shot. thats why i take offence to quinn’s hit. it was cheap, and many on baltimore agree and are ready to settle the score? so you can say what you want to me, i’m just stating the facts. it don’t matter if i’m a cowboy fan, when i see a flaygarant hit, i say so, even on a browns site.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i’m not giving farve a pass. he himself said it was a bad tackle and was surprised it was’nt more of a fine (and suspension). look up his interveiw on it. i did’nt excuse him either. i think he should have been suspended a game for it. where did i say his hit was all right and quinns was not? i compared the too because you brought it up and said that even farve hits like that. when someone is lost for the season over a cheap shot, then more disipline should be taken. i still stand by that.

  • gobucks1

    Davedallasfan; I agree that discipline should’ve been taken…..OH YEAH IT WAS!!!! He paided a $10,000 fine didn’t he? That’s what I’m getting at. He has paid his fine w/o complaining or moaning. He didn’t set the fine; the NFL set it. I’m sure if it was more he would have still paid it just the same. Just because he didn’t come out and say that the fine should have been more doesn’t make him a “dirty player” like you are making him out to be. Dallasfan you need to understand that you really don’t have a leg to stand on this argument. Quinn apologized, he said it was an accident, and explained the play as he seen it, and he paid his fine!!!! I don’t even have to defend it, and I’m sure if this wasn’t an older post you would see more people supporting my side of the story. Either way; I wish you and yours a happy turkey day.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    yes same to you and yours and cleveland.