Browns Lose to the Lions by 1 Point on Final Play of the Game

itchy_headI am sure that every Browns fan, hell every football fan, was sratching his head after today’s thrilling game at Ford Field in Detroit between our hapless Brownies and the pathetic Lions.  It was probably the most exciting game of the day (which says a lot given that two others were decided in overtime).

Amazingly, the Browns found a way to lose thanks to massive brain cramps by two people:  Hank Poteat and Eric Mangini.  Poteat was called for pass interference on what should have been the final play of the football game to give our Browns their second win of the season, 37-31.  That gave Detroit another down with zero time left on the clock.  Rookie Lions’ QB Stafford was injured on the play which drew the flag, thus, an awkward and ice-cold back-up QB Daunte Culpepper had to enter the game for Detroit.  So what did Mangini do – he called timeout!  HE CALLED TIMEOUT!  When play resumed, Stafford came back to throw his fifth TD of the contest to vault the Lions to the win, 38-37.  CAN YOU SAY PUKE?

439 yards of offense for the Browns.  Very good play from Brady Quinn.  Finally, some actual points.  And the defense does nothing to help.  Nothing.  After going up nearly three touchdowns early in the game, we allowed the Lions to crawl back and win the game, thanks especially to Poteat and Mangini on the final two plays.

Absolutely amazing.  What else can you say?


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  • gobucks1

    Yes it was a bone head play by Poteat! Yes, Mangini’s timeout was just as bad! But none of those plays or calls would have happened if Daboll wasn’t an IDIOT!!! If you are wondering what I’m talking about; I believe it was at the 2 min. warning when the Browns were 3rd and 5. Detroit had already used their last timeout. Instead of running the ball like the 2 previous plays to eat up clock; Daboll calls a pass that ended up being incomplete. That play could have eaten up another 35-45 seconds off the game clock, which would have had them receiving the ball with just over a minute left and probably none of the boneheaded plays/calls would have taken place.

    Overall I was very excited to see Quinn and the offense do well in the game. I don’t by any means believe this game to mean that Quinn is the future, but it is a good confidence builder and did show some of the things he is capable of. I know Jennings stats weren’t the best, and YOU CAN MARK MY WORDS..he is going to be a top level running back!! His running style actually reminds me of Adrian Peterson. He is powerful enough to run you over, but has the moves to dodge you, and break it open. Trust me on this one.

    As for the defense; what on earth happened?!?! On MNF they played great. They hustled, gang tackled, and covered well. Maybe they just figured that if the offense wasn’t going to show up, maybe they didn’t have to? Maybe they’ve played so many minutes already in the season that they are exhausted? I know that Detroits WRs are much better than the Ravens, but this was ridiculous!

    I will honestly be surprised if Mangini makes it as HC for the next game. He might have a chance since the offense showed some life, but how do you lose a 24-3 lead in the 1st quarter to a 1-8 team? There is absolutly NO EXCUSES! And if the rumors are true, and Holmgren wants to come to Cleveland then it is just a matter of time anyhow.

    Bottom Line:
    FIRE MANGINA, and do it soon! Buffalo has already beaten us to the punch and are having a meeting this week with Shanahan.

  • richard fish

    just when will that the prevent defence (three pass rushers) just gives the qb time to throw the damn ball. cant we get away from the marty follies? play the ball not the clock.

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