You're Telling Me There is Good Browns News? Mike Holmgren Interested in Opportunity with Cleveland

When Browns owner Randy Lerner said he was looking for a “serious, credible leader” to help right the perpetually sinking ship that is the Cleveland Browns, it seemed like a pipe dream, “Bill Cowher as head coach” type of ridiculous rumor that Mike Holmgren would be interested. However, Holmgren has said that he is interested in this opportunity with the team, possibly in a role similar to that of Bill Parcells’ in Miami. He even said:

taking on those types of projects [the Browns], that kind of gets me going.

Hire this man.

Knowing that Holmgren is legitimately interested in the job, this comes as the best news to hit the Browns in what seems like years.  If Lerner can somehow appoint Holmgren as the man to help bring the Browns out of complete obscurity, I could consider this a winning season.

Can’t say this sits well with Eric Mangini though…

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  • JasonSchlosser

    What has Holmgren really done? Anyone could have won with the Packers. Lerner should not be hasty (like he was in hiring Mangini) and consider a more credible winner such as Dungy or Cowher. Cowher would be a better choice for a number of reasons. House in Cleveland, played in Cleveland, coached in Cleveland and better coaching record. He’s a Cleveland guy with a Cleveland mentality. I’d stay away from Holmgren. He has been more of a loser than a winner as of late.

  • Brian

    Dude give it up.. Cowher IS NOT coming to coach Cleveland and Dungy has seemed to express no interest in coaching again. The fact that anyone wants to help the trainwreck that is our beloved Browns is a miracle.

    Anyone but Mangini… he hasn’t made one good decision from the get-go.

  • gobucks1

    I think Holmgren would be an excellent football “czar”. The keyword being “czar”(same as Parcells in Miami). There still needs to be a GM and coach in place that still have power. Holmgren’s stint as GM in Seattle didn’t work out too well, but I believe it was because he was head coach as well. I think that it is very important that he shouldn’t have total control over the team. He should have a say in all aspects, but the coach and GM have to be able to do their jobs. Let’s face it. Lerner is a hands off owner that needs to be advised, and obviously his past decisions and hirings aren’t too good. Holmgren brings alot of things to the table. He has vast football knowledge. He does a good job of developing young quarterbacks, and can also build a team around them. On top of all that the “CZAR” position has worked out pretty well in Miami, and I’m sure that if the right person is hired;it will work in Cleveland.

    As for Cowher coming to coach…I think it is a long shot. Yes he has Cleveland ties, but he also has ties to the Steelers and their owner. I was pretty disheartened when I heard that Gruden wasn’t going to leave MNF to coach next season. So where do we turn from here? Not a big fan of Shanahan, and besides that he is meeting with Buffalo this week(I don’t think he will take the job). Dungy is done. So I don’t know, but it can’t go on with Mangini behind the wheel. Frankly, I will be surprised if he lasts until the next game after losing to the 1-8 Lions.

  • gobucks1

    A vote of encouragement….Cowher told the Buffalo Bills that he didn’t want to interview for that job NOW(he wants to wait until the season is over). Which means 2 things: 1)Cowher is interested in coming out of retirement to coach!!! 2)Even if we don’t fire Mangina until the end of the season we may still have a chance at Cowher!!!

    Now I’ve said it before and I will say it again… As much as I would LOVE to have Cowher be our head coach, I just don’t think he will do it. He has deep ties to the Steelers and their owners(the Rooney family). Yes he has deep ties to Cleveland, and maybe the Steelers winning a Super Bowl without him might up our chances but I just don’t think it will happen. It will take a ton of money(probably around 10-12 million a year). Also if Lerner plans on hiring Holmgren to be Czar I don’t think Cowher would like a situation like that.

    WE NEED TO FIRE MANGINI NOW!!!!! If we fire Mangini now we could talk to Cowher and get a gage on what he thinks about possibly taking over in Cleveland. I know he will say that he wants to wait to address it in the off season, but you could at least see what he thinks, before going and hiring Holmgren. Buffalo has beat us to the punch and have already contacted 2 Super Bowl winnning coaches. We need to follow suit and do it ourselves. After all Cowher did jokingly asked Lerner last year if he could wait until next year?!?!