Browns Allow 200+ Yards Rushing and Lose 16-7 to the Bengals

The Browns fell to 1-10, still tied for the worst record in the NFL, after losing 16-7 at Cincy yesterday.  The good news is that Cleveland beat the betting point spread, and thus, I made a few bucks off my buddy (which I promptly had to return after his Bills shocked the Dolphis to win at Orchard Park).

The recipe this time for the Browns losing at Paul Brown Stadium?  Zero run defense and very little offense = a loss, pretty much every time (except on ocassion against the Bills who thankfully gave us our only win of the campaign).

Statistically on defense, we were really bad.  We allowed 210 total yards on the ground in 45 carries.  Larry Johnson alone ran for 107 yards.  It matters not if we held Palmer to just 110 passing yards and a poor completion rate when we could not stop the run all day long.  Offensively, we were bad.  Quinn completed less than half of his passes (15 for 34) for just 100 yards;  and Jamal Lewis ran for only 40 yards.  Amazingly, we had the best receiver of the game with Stuckey compiling 44 receiving yards (Ocho had 38 for the stripes).

We held the Bengals to just 3 points in the second half, but it matters not when we did not score a point until the 3rd quarter when Brady ran it in for a 9-tard TD.

Cribbs was mediocre returning the football for 38 total yards, although he showed great form in completing a pass to Quinn. 

Injuries are starting to rear their ugly head.  For example, Rogers was carted off near the end of the game with what looked like an ankle injury, and Pool walked into the locker room early with what has been reported to be a head injury (he has a history of concussion problems).

We got beat up and bruised something terrible at the defensive trench.  We simply got outmuscled by Cincy.

It is hard to find anything bright to report on, but here is our rather sorry attempt to do so.  The Browns have already recorded more sacks this year than last season – now 23 (we had just 17 last year).  Bowens recorded a split sack, meaning that he has had a sack or partial sack in three consecutive games;  David is trying hard to bring some vigour to his role as defensive captain.  Wimbley had a half-sack, bringing his season total to 5.5, and he forced a fumble.  Linebacker Jason Trusnik showed some heart in tallying 10 tackles.  We did not turn the football over for the second straight contest. 

We next face the red-hot San Diego Chargers at home this coming Sunday.  One of these weeks, the Rams and the Bucs may pull out a miracle and both win, so the Browns may find themselves alone at the bottom of the heap.  Currently, only St. Louis has dug a bigger hole in terms of net points.  The Rams are at -167 net total points;  while the Browns are second worst at minus 157.

Apparently, Alicia only affects Brady’s arm when the Browns play Detroit.

I watched Mangini’s press conference after the game.  I did not hear anything that moved me.  What I heard was acceptance of futility.  Maybe that is where we are at.

Holmgren has reportedly told Ralph Wilson that he would rather stick pins in his eyes than go to Buffalo (my words, of course).  Mike has expressed, more than once, an interest in doing something with Cleveland.  Seattle is chasing him hard as well.  We cannot think of any good reason to prolong the romance.  Get after Holmgren, Randy.  Now.  Don’t worry about having to fill every role at the same time.    That may be preferable in some instances, but we cannot afford to be too cautious here.  Gruden is tied up with ESPN.  Dungy is out of the mix.  Cowher is out of the mix.  Guys like Green are too far down the totem pole.  Get Holmgren inked in whatever capacity can be agreed to.  Bring a name to Cleveland. 

Want some more sour taste in your mouth for Monday?  Looks like Art Modell is heading to Canton.

Go Cavs.


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  • Dexter

    The Browns have nothing really to show for!! We do good for what the first two plays and then all of a sudden, we lose it! We punt to many times and that is horrible! The Cleveland Clowns I mean Cleveland Browns this season was a totall wreck!!! And they actually thought Holmgren would really bring something to this team….Ha! They make me LAUGH!!!

  • beerman1

    i thought i heard that holmgren wanted to build a team from the ground up and what a better team to do it with?!?
    this season is shot, i understand that but i still want to win the remaining games becaue im a browns fan. not lose them because i want draft picks. holmgren is proven in my opinion, i think that within a couple games of him being gm we would see a difference. i think we’ll also see a different offesive coodinator and a different head coach but i think thats what we need. the sooner the better in my opinion, we drug quinn’s rookie year into his 3rd because and made him look like an idiot, he should have played, we were conservative. lets start fresh, sign holmgren asap and let him do things right, from the ground up, the way he wants to and not the way mangina wants to.

  • gobucks1

    Dexter what are you talking about “And they actually thought Holmgren would really bring something to this team….Ha!” Holmgren is not with the team…yet. I agree with beerman. We need to get Holmgren in here NOW!!! If not, at least go ahead and fire Mangini now so we can throw out some “feelers” to Cowher, and see if he is interested. I know he will decline to interview or anything until after the season, but you could at least get an idea if he would be interested. If he is interested that would be the only way I wouldn’t go and hire Holmgren now. I can guarantee that Cowher won’t coach under a “czar”. I don’t think that Cowher will take the job anyhow, but we need to do/know something. If we do hold out on hiring Holmgren then I think there is a good chance he will use us as bait to get a big deal in Seattle. Timing is everything and we need to act now. We could fire Mangini and in less than a week know if Cowher would be interested. If he isn’t then THROW A BOAT LOAD OF MONEY at Holmgren and get him here. He won’t keep Mangini anyhow so we could pave the road for him to have a smooth take over. He could bring in the coach he wants, the GM he wants(I don’t really have a problem if he wants to do it), and we could start trying to right the ship right away. If he does, I hope whatever coach he brings in will keep Ryan as defensive coach(I know we haven’t looked good defensively the last couple of games or all year for that matter, but they play hard and he is a proven coach), and make a strong push to get Weis(fired today from Notre Dame) as offensive coordinator(who has already been contacted by 6 NFL teams as reported by ESPN). It would reunite him with Quinn(if he is going to be our starter)and he knows how to use him best. He is also a proven winner. As for Quinn; like beerman said he is basically a rookie, there is going to be growing pains, and besides that this NFL draft class is pretty weak at QB anyhow. So why bring in another rookie QB and pay them a boat load of money to be right back in the same position.

    No matter what happens, it is going to take time. I know Mangini hasn’t been given that, but he also has caused the team to regress. Unless a miracle happens I don’t see us finishing with a better record this year than last year. All he has done since he has been here was, ship out talent, dodge and duck questions, acuse other teams of cheating, oh and most important reduced the fan base!!!!!

  • Dexter

    Well I actually meant that Holmgren is not going to do anything for this team. That was an error.

  • gobucks1

    With 5+ minutes to go in the game Quinn was 14 out of 30, and the WR had already recorded 7 drops. If we made those 7 receptions then he would have been 21 for 30. I know our WR are rookies or inexperienced, but this is the NFL. You have got to make those catches. Also WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ROBISKIE????? He has been inactive over half the games we have played! Is it an injury that we aren’t hearing about, or is it a personal difference between him and the coaching staff. Either way he is the 36th overall pick from last year’s draft. He needs to be out there learning like the others. Besides he probably has the best hands on the team, and I know he runs good routes. He could only help our weak passing attack. By the way, what happened to the deep attack that we used with success against the Lions???