The Injuries Mount, Making This an Even More Forgettable Season for Some

During the Browns’ 16-7 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, both Shaun Rogers and Brodney Pool suffered some particularly devastating injurieThe loss of Big Baby is about to leave a big hole in the middle of the Browns' defensive line.s. Rogers left the game with a lower left leg and ankle injury during the game and has now been placed on injured reserve, making him miss the rest of the season.  He will be going into surgery to fix the damage and will be replaced by Ahtyba Rubin, the team’s sixth-round pick out of Iowa State in 2008. Defensive end Kenyon Coleman (knee) and linebacker Kamerion Wimbley (knee) were the other defensive starters injured on Sunday.

As for Brodney Pool, he has more to worry about than just the rest of his season.  After suffering his fourth concussion in five seasons, Pool must consider if he wants to continue playing in the NFL.  The Browns can take as many precautions as they want to keep Pool safe if he continues to play, but there is no way to ensure he won’t suffer another concussion.

It’s really unfortunate to have to see these players go down with serious injuries during such a meaningless season.  Players like Pool and Rogers give it their all on the field, and the most they have to show for it is a 1-10 record and season (and potentially career) – ending injuries. Oh, and plenty of money. Still, it is unfortunate to see this happen to players during a season like this.

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  • Clayton

    Very seldom do we ever talk about the personality or character of NFL players. I can say from personal experience that Brodney is a very kind youg man. He participated in the Kids’ Club tour of the Stadium earlier this season and was very generous with the kids, mine included!

  • gobucks1;_ylt=AiNQjVNtt5V2Fpslv_bamxo5nYcB?slug=ap-browns-lewis&prov=ap&type=lgns

    This is a link to a yahoo sports story about Jamal Lewis being placed on IR and his career coming to an end. It also talks about Pool and his history with concussions.

    I have a question…..Doesn’t it seem like there has been a rise in concussions in the last couple of seasons? Why? I know that these are supreme athletes out here competing and hitting each other with the impact of car crashes, but something isn’t making since. It has always been this way. The players in the NFL have always been supreme athletes, and have always hit each other HARD! I also know that there has been a lot more attention paid to the long term effects of concussions recently, and that times have changed and players don’t have the pressure on them to play through injuries like they use to. This last week in the NFL something like 8-10 players were either benched because of concussions or suffered a concussion during the game. That is ridiculous!!! So why is it happening? I know I don’t have the answers, but I have a theory. Didn’t the NFL change helmet styles a couple of years ago? Maybe that has something to do with it? What was the reason for the change in helmets? I don’t recall there being this many concussions. Maybe my memory isn’t too good(I have had 3 concussions in my life).

    I am happy to see that the NFL is being more proactive about it and I’m sure that the new style of helmets have been put through hundreds of tests, but I think that could be a contributing factor. I don’t know. Let me know what you think.

    My prayers are with all the players to make a speedy recovery and I hope that all of them do think long and hard about there futures(Pool) before they make a decision whether to continue playing.

  • stevedimatteo

    You make a good point gobucks1. They did go to that sleeker looking helmet a few years ago, but I seem to remember some designs in those helmets that would help with helmet-to-helmet hits. I also thought some players took out some of the padding in their helmets – some quarterbacks too – for comfortability. I don’t know if this recent rise in concussions means anything – it could just be a coincidence (hopefully). But I do think it is something worth looking at.

    I’m happy too about the NFL taking more steps to keep players safe, but maybe, like you said, it contributes to players becoming bigger, stronger, and faster.

    It is too bad that good players have to consider giving up the game too soon because of injuries like this. I think we underestimate the fear some of these guys have about their futures after they retire.

  • gobucks1

    Does anyone think that Jamal Lewis will end up coming back this year? I’m sure this isn’t the way he pictured his career coming to an end(on IR), or do you think that with the state that this team is in that he will decide to retire(like he previously stated)?

  • beerman1

    i think that the nfl would have looked at the safety of the helmets over the looks when they were implemented, but then again who am i too know any different. these boys being paid to hit hard and get hit hard and i know it sounds bad but its football.
    i think that JL will be back, i think i would play RB for as long as possible if all i was expected to do was fall down after i was hit at the line of scrimmage and get paid for it