So Who Wins Tonight? Do the Browns Really Stand a Chance?

Believe it or not, there is some optimism floating around in Cleveland, especially with the improvements the team has shown on offense.  Some would even go so far to say that Brady Quinn is establishing a presence as a leader on this team.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Browns’ opponent tonight, are on a four-game losing streak and are on the brink of not being able to defend their title.

Some might also say that a win by the Browns will go a long way in letting coach Eric Mangini keep his job.  But will it actually happen? Can the Browns actually beat the Steelers?

Unfortunately, I don’t think it will. This team has heart, but often just can’t seem to hang with the Steelers.  Pittsburgh unfortunately wins, 24-16.

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  • moker23

    When’s the parade?? I feel like we just won the f*in Superbowl!!! …Kinda sad in a way, but I’ll take the big W. Thank you Browns for not letting this season be a TOTAL loss.

  • gobucks1

    Wow, I almost can’t believe it. That is what these rivalry games are all about!!! Throw out the records, and let’s play some football!!!!! That is what we did last night! Josh Cribbs is the MAN!!!!
    In a game where I think the weather affected both offenses, he shined through. And the Defense looked the best it has all year. That’s the kind of defense that I would expect to see from a Rob Ryan coached team. Yes people can say what they want about the Steelers being on a slide and the injuries to Polamalu(??),but the Browns are completely injury riddled and playing with practice squad people, so throw that out. There is no excuses! The Browns out played the Steelers last night….END OF STORY!

    Now as for this win saving Mangini’s job??? I don’t think so. It is still a 2 win team to this point. And one win shouldn’t earn him another year. His coaching decisions last night wasn’t the best. Who would accept a penalty to give a team 3rd and 19 over 4th and 8??? What if there was an interferance call, or they picked if up? You can’t risk that. Even the commentators where questioning that call. Daboll is still a HORRIBLE coordinator! He has been all season, and Mangini hasn’t done anything about it. I just don’t think that he has shown enough to merit another season. We have too much to risk with him staying…Like 11 draft picks. Look how his draft this last year turned out. Mack and Massaqoui have played this year and contributed, but Robiskie has just now started to get time. Where is the DE/Linebacker we drafted last year from Hawaii(Velkhomme or something like that)? His ability to judge talent is horrible. Besides that, if we do end up with the #1 overall what can we expect? Him to trade down 5 times? My theory on that is that he is afraid to draft high. It may sound crazy, but he took a lot of heat for drafting Golhston(LB out of OSU) high a couple of years ago when he didn’t turn out. Last years draft we entered with a lot of needs: WR, RB, LB, etc. and we passed on all the highly touted LB from USC, we passed on Wells(RB) out of OSU, and we ended up drafting a center(Mack), who I think is going to be very good, but you can’t pass on the talent that was available at the positions we needed to fill to draft a player at a position that we already had filled(Faine, who wasn’t good, but he wasn’t bad either). I just feel that there is too much on the line in this next draft to leave to risk with him. Plus we are a young team for the most part and we are only going to get younger. Do you really want to leave the developing of young players to a coach that let’s face isn’t the long term answer to what we need anyhow?

  • Ktown from the Burgh

    Yes, by all means congrats. But, don’t call this a rivalry game. That rivalry of which you speak left your city the same time the Baltimore Ravens mysteriously appeared down south. Most of us here actually felt sorry for you then and continue to feel sorry for you know. But, by all means, congrats on beating a team that’s been beating itself for the past 4 weeks and showed nothing but disinterest last night. That 2nd win for that pathetic, putrid, Superbowl-less franchise must taste so sweet.

  • Clayton

    A truly great victory for our Browns. The defense was stellar up front and at home. 8 sacks is incredible. Bowens deserves to be Captain. Josh Cribbs was the best player on either team, hands-down.

    But two concerns come to mind. First, we won in spite of Brady, not because of him. He could have put the game away well before the fourth quarter but could not complete any passes. His accuracy was terrible. He overthrew Moore twice; he threw behind Massaquoi (which MM actually caught and turned into a huge gain); he overthrew Vickers on a for-sure TD; etc. Although Quinn did not turn the football over, he was less than impressive. Second, another stupid call by Mangini late in the game. He should never have accepted that penalty against Pittsburgh that gave them another throw for a first down – he should have forced them into the 4th down situation. It turned out well, but you can’t measure coaching decisions by the result. It was a dumb move, just like the time-out against the Lions when Daunte came out as QB.

    It sure felt good when that clock showed 0. We just ended the season for the World Champs.

  • gobucks1

    Ktown from the Burgh say what you want about this not being a rivalry, but it is. When Modell moved the team he took the players…THAT IS IT! He left the history, name, and the city behind. The rivalry is because of the city.CLEVELAND vs PITTSBURGH. That is the rivalry.It might not be the rivalry it once was, but it is a rivalry never the less. Also how could you say we beat an uninterested team. Are you saying that your team wasn’t interested in the playoffs? They aren’t interested in defending their championship? If that is the case….what kind of champions are they? The truth is that we the CLEVELAND Browns beat your team the PITTSBURGH Steelers with pride and heart.

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  • TrappedinFlorida

    Nice comments Ktown in squeelerville. Typical squeeelers fan. Your team is vastly superior in talent and was playing for their chance to defend thier title and got outplayed and outhustled by our Browns. Nice to know such a pathetic and putrid franchise as you put it showed more interest and passion than your so called champs. True, we don’t have a superbowl title. We won our last title 2 years before the first superbowl and it has been a long drought. But we also won 7 championships in 10 years right before the superbowl era with some of the greatest teams ever assembled and your squeelers will never be able to match that. You were still in your period of not having a winning season for your first 40 YEARS in the league at that point. Since we had a winning season in 2007 we’re just going to have to suck for the next 38 YEARS to match your record. Suck on that history lesson. Things always change and some day you will get to be the one who has to watch your team lose to your rival over and over again. Most squeelers fans are just bandwagon b***ches so you’ll probably just pick another team to root for with a winning record, but it will be so sweet for the true football fans here in Cleveland. GO BROWNS!!!

  • john

    the win was against the wimpy steelers !!!

    GO BROWNS!!!!!!!

  • Ktown from the Burgh

    The Steelers are the defending champions. The Brownspots draft in the top 5 virtually ever year. The Steelers have a national fan base. The Brownspots play in a city that every other person in the nation avoids at all costs. The Steelers have beaten the Brownspots 10 of the last 11 times they played. The one win the Brownspots did get was against a broken team with absolutely no desire to compete (were all of you intoxicated during the game?).

    But most importantly, the Steelers have won 6 Superbowls. The Brownspots have never even been in one . . . in 40+ years. Yep, that all has the makings of a real interesting rivalry. Deal with it, the Steelers are upper echelon; the Brownspots don’t play in that league. Our rivals are in Baltimore, New England, Indianapolis, San Diego, etc. But, maybe you Brownspot fans can start something up with Detroit – that’s close to you, isn’t it?