Some Thoughts on the Browns' 13-6 Win Over the Steelers

- For starters, I had to mentally stop myself from typing “loss” in the title of this post. Self-pity aside, that title might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever written.

- Many people would say that this win helped head coach Eric Mangini keep his job. It’s surprising that so many sportswriters were calling for Mangini to be canned after this season, because the biggest thing that this organization lacks is stability. Firing a coach after only one year would be a major mistake, and despite everything that has happened this season, here is the biggest reason to keep Mangini: this is a team he inherited. I’m not sure Jesus could have made the Browns winners this season, so why not give Mangini at least a few seasons to try and turn it around, especially with the 11 picks stored up for the 2010 draft?

Gobucks1 feels just a bit different about Mangini:

Now as for this win saving Mangini’s job??? I don’t think so. It is still a 2 win team to this point. And one win shouldn’t earn him another year. His coaching decisions last night wasn’t the best. Who would accept a penalty to give a team 3rd and 19 over 4th and 8??? What if there was an interferance call, or they picked if up? You can’t risk that. Even the commentators where questioning that call.

- If there was ever a player that actually deserved the new contract he is asking for, it is Josh Cribbs. It was mostly Cribbs and the defense that won that game for the Browns.

- 8 sacks? With this ragtag defense? Despite this team only having 2 wins to this point, these guys play hard for the coaching staff, which is encouraging to see.

- In the comments to this post, Clayton said:

…we won in spite of Brady, not because of him. He could have put the game away well before the fourth quarter but could not complete any passes. His accuracy was terrible. He overthrew Moore twice; he threw behind Massaquoi (which MM actually caught and turned into a huge gain); he overthrew Vickers on a for-sure TD; etc. Although Quinn did not turn the football over, he was less than impressive.

But hey, once again Brady Quinn did not turn the ball over.  It wasn’t always pretty, but the Steelers are still a good team and the bottom line is that Quinn is the first quarterback to help beat them in a long time.

- Speaking of Brady Quinn, hasn’t he done enough yet to warrant being the starter next season?

- Chris Jennings had a good game, even if 73 yards on 20 carries does not exactly stand out as amazing. This is keeping in mind where the offense has been this season and where this guy has come from. Besides, he deserves a shout-out for getting the team’s first rushing touchdown by a running back since last November against the Bills.

- This win still feels great. As moker23 says:

When’s the parade?? I feel like we just won the f*in Superbowl!!! …Kinda sad in a way, but I’ll take the big W. Thank you Browns for not letting this season be a TOTAL loss.

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  • gobucks1

    9-7, 4-12, 8-8…. This is Mangini’s records in the 3 years that he has been a head coach in the NFL. This season he is going to finish with losing record. That means that he has been .500 or below every season but one that he has been a head coach. Is this the record of a proven winner? NO!!! Is the way he runs his teams, argues on the sidelines with coaches, and dodges questions during interviews and postconferences how a winner acts? NO!!! I am a fan of stability and I definitely think that is what the Browns need, but I don’t think I or many other fans could handle another season of Daboll calling plays, or wondering why a high draft pick is on the inactive roster without an explanation. If the team would bring in a “czar” that would oversee operations, and an experienced GM that can work with Mangini, and an experienced offensive coordinator(Weis), and everyone could get along then fine give Mangini another year or two. I just can’t remeber a time when there was this many PROVEN winning coaches available. I would hate to give Mangini another couple of years and the results are the same and we miss the boat on a big time coach that could turn this thing around.

  • BostonSports ThenNow

    Mangini has to go. The bus trup to CT, the bottle of water, and the extra drills? The Browns have enough issues as it is and doesnt need these off field distractions.


    Joe Gill

  • Eric Dudak

    Dude, get your facts right first of all. Mangini last 3 years in NY were, 9-7, 4-12, 10-6. That is two out of three seasons as a winning coach and he would have done better last year if Favre had not destroyed his throwing arm. Also, making a switch now just because there are many “name” head coaching candidates out there is the absolute wrong reason to make a switch. You only switch if you believe that Mangini can’t get it done and his history suggests that he can. He inherited a bad team and sacrificed much of the talent that was here to accumulate draft picks to build for the future. They were not going anywhere with what they had and a change was needed. You can’t commit to that level of overhaul and then pull the carpet out from under him right after he got started.

    Probably the biggest reason to bring him back is the fight that the team is showing even in this “lost” season. Who honetly believed that we would actually beat the Steelers Thursday night? Sure I had hope but no real expectation that they would win. However, these guys are playing hard and playing to win. There is no quit in them. Will they win again this year? I hope so but don’t know that they will. In Mangini’s own words, this is a process, and starting over would stop the process before it has the opportunity to realize its potential.

    2008 9 7
    2007 4 12
    2006 10 6

  • gobucks1

    Eric Dudak thank you for correcting me. I am man enough to admit when I’m wrong. However if you are willing to let those 2 extra wins give Mangini another season or two then so be it, I feel that it will just set us back that much farther. Those 2 wins don’t wipe out the horrible decisions to bring Daboll in offensive coordinator, or keeping the fans in the dark about everything that is going on with the team.

    As for the players not quitting…Of course they haven’t. They have heard all the talk that there will be a new coach or GM or “czar”. They want to make sure they have jobs next year. If you would have looked at the sidelines during a game halfway through the season you would have seen a bunch of disinterested(I don’t even know if that is a word) unmotivated players. There has been several posts in the past on this website supporting this information.
    If Mangini did anything that showed that he really cared about this team or his job I would say keep him, but he hasn’t since the day he took the job.

    Like I said before If we can get someone in here that will work with Mangini and knows what they are doing then that’s great, but in the end it will be the GM or “czar” who has to make that decision. I just want to see this team win, no matter who the coach is.

  • gobucks1

    Big News on ESPN today….Mike Holmgren is in Cleveland having a meeting with Lerner. Apparently he was met with him yesterday as well. He brought his agent along!!!!Rumor is that he is meeting with them about being the “czar”/GM!!!!! Hopefully we will hear something in the next day or two. This could be a HUGE step in the right direction toward turning this team around!