Mike Holmgren in Cleveland, Meeting With Randy Lerner

A win over the Steelers and now this? Great news is just pouring out from the Browns organization in the past week, as it has been reported that Mike Holmgren is in town to meet with the team about possibly becoming the team’s head of football operations, although that’s not exactly being admitted by anyone involved.

Even better is the fact that Holmgren’s agent is in Cleveland with him, which could be a very good sign.

This whole situation is a good sign. Holmgren becoming the “czar” of the team would go a long way in the process to becoming respectable again. Remember when Lerner wanted Holmgren last season, but he was taking a year off after retiring from coaching? Or when Lerner wanted Bill Cowher to coach but he was too settled into his gig with CBS? It finally looks like the timing is right for Lerner to get the guy he wants; now he actually has to land him.

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  • http://boston.sportsthenandnow.com/ BostonSports ThenNow

    Thank god! There is hope for the browns! yes!


  • gobucks1

    As you can imagine, I find this to very exciting news!!!! However, I can’t help but wonder what all of you new Manini lovers(it is amazing what one win will do) think of this. Because if Holmgren comes to Cleveland I would about bet my house that Mangini will soon be looking for a new job. Holmgren is going to want to bring in one of “his guys” to be the coach. Probably a former assistant. That way there will be no butting of heads about how things are going to be run. That means no Cowher, Shanahan, etc. There is only one “big name” out there that has a history of working with Holmgren, and that is….. John Gruden. I know he said he wasn’t going to coach next season, but you and I both know that if the situation was right, and more importantly the MONEY was right Gruden would be on the sidelines next season. He isn’t going to make no $5-8 million a year in the booth. It all makes sense. We have a ton of draft picks, we have a young(improving)QB that he could develop, and our owner(says) money isn’t an issue.

    Either way we have to land Holmgren first!!! No matter who he brings in(or if he thinks he can work with Mangini) I’m sure we will be better off. Mr. Lerner PLEASE don’t let this opportunity get away from us. You said you want to field a winning team for the fans; well this would definitely be a step in the right direction.

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    This is one rare occasion where even the Lerner-haters have to love the fact that we have an incredibly wealthy and free-spending owner. Lerner has the cash to close the deal. And his back is finally against the wall with the recent blackout threats. He won’t let Holmgren get away.

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    The Cleveland PD reports that Lerner has made a concrete offer to Holmgren. ESPN and NFL.com report that Holmgren will very likely accept; that Mangini will be shown the door; and that Gruden and Mariucci are possible new coaching candidates. RANDY – GIVE HOLMGREN THE REINS, BUT PLEASE DON’T HIRE DICK JAURON FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

  • Dexter

    Holmgren ain’t gone do SHIT for this team!! Yeah, I said it. Holmgren IS NOT going to do ANYTHING for this team except get us fans heads pumped up!!! It’s the players!! Not the coaching staff!!!!! We need to be busy signing and trading players except hiring unecessary people that has nothing to do what is happening on the field!! And its funny how you guys think that Holmgren is going to make Brady Quinn complete and not overthrow passes!! Brady is still going to be Brady and the Browns is still going to be the Browns!! With all do respect for his history, I really think that Holmgren is not going to contribute to this team AT ALL!! -Dexter…Go Cavs!!(thats something we can cheer about!!)

  • beerman1

    hey dexterchick, your an idiot, this is a great thing hopefully getting ready to happen for us, Holmgren WILL do something, and im sure it will be for the good. I’m with gobucks1 on what he said.

  • gobucks1

    Funny??? Where are all the Mangini Lovers that was parading around chanting “1 more year” last week? I guess when the idea of bringing in a PROVEN winner is looking more like a reality than a Christmas wish list you guys head south for the winter?

    For those who don’t think this could work(or one person Dexter) the “czar” is a proven position that can work. In the 2007 season the Dolphins where 1-15. Parcells took over right before the end of that season and on the day after the end of the season he fired everyone. He brought in his own people that he knew would and could run this team how he wanted. The next season….9-7. And it has only went up from there! So to think that Holmgren couldn’t do the same is ridiculous!!! He is one of the most respected and knowledgable football minds in the NFL.
    Do I expect us to have a winning record the first season? No. I know it is going to take time. I know all the Mangini Lovers are going to be grumbling that he didn’t get time, but lets face it. He may have come from that Parcells/Belichick tree, but he is one apple that fell FAR from the tree.

    Either way I hope this deal gets done soon!

  • Dexter

    Well gobucks1, I wasn’t one of those people who were cheering for Mangini screaming one more year! You can say I’m a idiot but we will see whats going to happen next year!! I can’t wait to prove my point.

  • gobucks1

    Dexter….I never said you were one of the Mangini lovers. I was talking about you not thinking that Holmgren as a “czar” could work. So that settles that.

    It has recently been reported on yahoo sports that Holmgren could possibly reveal whether or not he will be coming to Cleveland today on his radio show he does every Friday! So let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

    The recent claims that the Browns have offered Holmgren a deal has raised some questions as to whether or not the Browns have honored the Rooney Rule(organizations have to interview a minority). I’m sure that this rule will be honored by the Browns, but the rule in general raises some questions by me. First off, why is this rule in place? I understand that minorities feel that they aren’t being given a fair shake at getting these kind of jobs. This is a business, and the business is WINNING! Teams aren’t going to overlook a minority for a job if that person is qualified and can help field a winning team. It doesn’t make sense to me. Second, if I was a minority, and I was being interviewed for a job I would second guess why. Am I being interviewed because I’m a minority, and teams have to interview me or am I being interviewed because I’m qualified for the job? I wouldn’t want to take part in some token interview. It would almost be an insult. Especially in a situation like this. Everyone knows the Browns want Holmgren. If they haven’t interviewed a minority yet(my guess is they have and it hasn’t went public yet) and they called me I would have to think twice about interviewing. No good would really come from it. Everyone would know that I’m being interviewed because they have to.

    I can only think of 1 good thing that comes from the Rooney Rule, and that is it gets your name out there. In this situation it doesn’t help, but in a situation where a team is chosing a coach or front office position and they don’t already have their mind made up it; puts your name out there as a candidate under consideration and even if you don’t get the job it puts your name on others mind to fill positions. But even then coaches, front office personel are hired because they are qualified and deserving of the opportunity. Not because they are a minority. Like I said earlier, this is a business and the business is winning, and I’m sure owners/organizations are going to hire who ever it takes to win, minority or not.