Browns win Second Straight Game With Awesome Performances by Harrison and Cribbs

The Cleveland Browns are starting to show some heart and perseverance.  We won our second straight game today to move to three wins on the season.  Cleveland beat the Chiefs at Kansas City, 41-34.

Two Browns had extraordinary days.  Josh Cribbs returned two kickoffs for touchdowns.  Josh now has eight kick returns for touchdowns in his career  – an NFL record.  Jerome Harrison ran for 286 yards and three scores, including the game-winner.  Jerome beat Jim Brown’s team record for most rushing yards in a game (237) set way back in 1961.  Harrison’s tally is the third highest in NFL history.

The Chiefs are a bad football team, but a win is a win.  Most impressive was that we did not quit when the Chiefs tied it up late in the fourth quarter at 34.  Rather, we showed some character and took back the lead in the final minute of the game.

I remain concerned, however, with Brady Quinn.  We won the game against Pittsburgh with defense and Cribbs, not Brady.  We won this game today with Harrison and Cribbs, not Brady.  Quinn completed just 10 of 17 passes for a total of 66 yards and two picks.  Brady has definitely shown improvement in the last few weeks, but it appears that we must resign ourselves to the fact that this learning process will be a long and bumpy one.

And our defense showed its inconsistency in allowing over 300 yards passing and more than 150 yards rushing.  Pretty impressive numbers for a Chiefs team that is no offensive powerhouse.

Heck, we won.  Let’s leave it at that.  Mangini no doubt has his eyes set on winning our remaining two games so that he can boast a better record than Romeo had last year and salvage his job when Holmgren takes over.

Go Browns!


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  • gobucks1

    Great preformances by the 2 players mentioned above!!! It is awesome to see some Browns players getting in the record books for good reasons. As for the defense….I imagine that they are worn out! They have been playing so hard this season week in week out. As for Quinn….not an impressive day, but he is still learning. Mamma said there would be days like this. We have to remain patient and remember that he is still basically a rookie(at least in terms of playing time). I think that he can be the QB of the future. I’m not saying that he will lead us to a super bowl, but he could. Besides this draft is so weak at the QB postion that it would be a mistake to waste a draft pick on a QB this year. Especially with so many other holes to fill. As for Holmgren….Chris Mortenson(ESPN) reported today that Holmgren IS COMING to Cleveland. That there might not be an official announcement this week, but he will definitely be in place by new years. Finally as for Mangini…. I have said in the past that I don’t think he is the answer, and I will continue to stand by that, but if we can’t get Gruden out of the booth, and Mangini is WILLING to coach the way Holmgren wants then stick with him. With one condition: Daboll is OUT!!! He still hasn’t shown no improvement over the season to merit him another year. Make a run at Weis. This would be especially smart if we are going to stick with Quinn. And I think that Weis would probably jump at an opportunity to work with Quinn again.

    All in all it is great news on the Browns home front. Record setting day, Holmgren is coming to town and We WON! Even though the win probably means we are out of the running to get SUH in the draft, it feels good to be able to sport my Browns gear out on the town with my head held high!!!!

  • Clayton

    I agree on Daboll, 100%. Not to fret; there is no way that Holmgren, with his quarterback coaching experience and offensive philosophy, will keep Brian as OC.

    Lerner was not at Arrowhead yesterday. Rumour is that he was finalizing the numbers with Mike. Done deal.

  • gobucks1

    ESPN’s Adam Schaffer reported that he has heard $50 million for 10 years, but he said he didn’t think that Holmgren was going to sign on for that long term.

  • Clayton

    Yeah, Schefter just posted on Twitter 20 mins ago that Holmgren WILL run the Browns in 2010…

  • Clayton

    It’s official – Lerner has released a statement that the Walrus is the new President of the Cleveland Browns. Keenan moves to CFO.