Brady Quinn Out for Last Two Games, Results in Derek Anderson Sighting

With a left foot injury suffered late in last Sunday’s win over the Kansas City Chiefs, quarterback Brady Quinn will miss the last two games of the season. That means we all get the luxury of watching Derek Anderson once again this season, this time running a no-huddle offense.

Obviously, time will tell whether or not this leads to any success for Anderson, but the bigger point remains: has Quinn done enough to win the quarterback job next season? If it was between him and Derek Anderson, the question should be a unanimous and resounding yes. But do the Browns consider drafting a quarterback in the draft or signing one in free agency?

With as many holes as this team has, I don’t think one of the better picks should be spent on a quarterback. Free agency is certainly an option, but adding a new quarterback to start would pretty much end the Brady Quinn era in Cleveland. I know many people wouldn’t exactly lose sleep over it, but we still have not seen a lot of Quinn, and a quarterback is only as good as the guys around him, making the case to let him play with some added talent next season, provided that actually happens.

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  • john

    the sight of seeing da again makes me want to throw up.
    just when things start going in the right way then things go south again. trying to stay with positive thoughts like next year holmgren running the show gruden head coach brady the starter from day 1 proving all douters wrong 4-3 defense and no more shit color pants and no da

  • mickey mcconnell

    Looking foward to the day that DA is no longer with the team.

  • gobucks1

    Amen to both the posts

  • Dexter

    Well, we are not going to hire another QB because Holmgren is GM. He is not going to make the right decisions! And as for the last two games, Derek Anderson REALLY is not going to finish off this year good. Next year, we should get another QB, and stop having this Quinn and Anderson argument!! Next year, Anderson shouldnt even be mentioned in starting QB. Quinn shouldnt either!! We need to get somebody who will have no question about being the starting QB because if anybody who is the Browns QB next year that is anywhere near Anderson or Quinn’s level, is a waste of money!! But of course we are going to get somebody like that because HOLMGREN IS GM!!WE NEED SOMEBODY WITH EXPIERENCE

  • Dexter


  • gobucks1

    Dexter you apparently don’t have any knowledge of Holmgrens career. He took a team in Green Bay that was in the dumps and led them to 2 Super Bowl appearances. Then he left and went to Seattle and rebuilt that franchise, and led them to a Super Bowl. Why on earth would you think he couldn’t do the same for Cleveland. My guess is that within 3 seasons we will be in the playoffs and that within 5 years we will be in the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!

    As for the DA and Quinn deal… DA will be gone next year. Quinn will be the starter. Holmgren knows how to develop a QB. He is the reason Farve is Farve, and he also turned Matt Hasselback into a good QB. I think Quinn has the talent, he just needs the tools and system around him to allow him to have success. Besides who you want them to draft? Bradford- bum arm, and system QB, Clausen- we already have a version of him in Quinn, Pike- system QB & injury prone, Tebow- Nobody thinks Tebow will be a QB in the Pros. He has poor mechanics, slow delivery, system QB, and he has played with superior talent his whole career that made him who he is. Everyone’s guess on Tebow is that he will be a fullback/TE/H back.

    Look man, I’m happy you’re a fan, but try a little positive thinking and some research before you go damnning us to doom for the future. At least we are taking steps in the right direction.