So, Here's the Big Question: Should Mangini Stay?

By ending the season on a four-game winning streak, head coach Eric Mangini has made it very difficult for new team presidentWill Eric Mangini be on the Browns' sideline next season?Mike Holmgren to fire him. The Browns did show visible improvement during the season, it just took a long time getting there.  Best of all, there seems to be an actual direction (and a good one at that) that the team is heading in.

Despite all the reasons we can begin listing off as to why Mangini should be kept, the coach is still going to have to worry about his job, even if he says he’s not anxious about Holmgren’s upcoming decision.

I thought Mangini should be here next year even before the recent winning streak, but that only helped his case. A coach needs at least a little bit of time to put his stamp on an organization. As the season progressed, Browns fans witnessed a change in the attitude of recent memory, and the Browns became an actual team. Sure, they beat up on bad or listless teams, but that’s what good teams are supposed to do. There has been plenty of disagreement on the notion that Mangini simply “needs more time,” but at this point, I think he’s deserved it.

So, taking into account the way the Browns finished the season, does Mangini deserve to keep his job? Will he even be able to co-exist with Holmgren? (if he wants to remain a head coach in the NFL, he will).

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  • Jeff

    No, he should be fired. He’s been incompetent from the day one.

    He screwed up the QB decision by refusing to commit to one or the other, and as a result neither one was ever able to get on the same page as his receivers.

    He traded Edwards in week four for less than what he should have traded Edwards for at the draft.

    He screwed up the RB position by continuing to play Lewis even after Lewis announced his retirement — Lewis should have stopped receiving carries immediately, and Mangini should have installed either Harrison or Jennings or Davis (oops, not Davis — Mangini screwed that up too) as the starter the day after Lewis said he wasn’t coming back. In a meaningless season, why keep giving reps to a guy who is not part of the future?

    Speaking of running backs, Harrison’s excellent play coincided with John St. Clair’s injury and the shift of Womack to RT. Was the St. Clair signing the worst free agent pickup in the entire NFL last year? I think you can make a pretty good argument that it was. What a talent evaluator Mangini is, huh? And don’t even get me started on his performance in the draft — I like Mack OK, but how hard is it to pick a decent player in the first round? With the rest of his picks he got a receiver who’s shown some potential and a backup linebacker. Good work, champ. The truth is that the team is less talented today than it was when Mangini took over.

    And this doesn’t even touch on his game management. He repeatedly punts from opponents’ territory on fourth and short and when losing, he mismanages timeouts and challenges, and his staff is calling plays and schemes that are beyond absurd. (I know people like Rob Ryan, and I understand why — he’s enthusiastic and energetic — but only two teams gave up more yards per play than his defense this year. I think everyone agrees that Daboll has no redeeming qualities as a coach whatsover, so I won’t belabor the point.) And on top of all of this, with his ego that barely fits in the stadium there is no sign of any of it changing. (For this reason, I doubt that he would be able to work effectively with Holmgren even if Holmgren wants to keep him. My hope is that Holmgren realizes this sooner rather than later.)

    Finally, don’t try to tell me that players like playing for him. I’m not impressed by players who play hard at the end of the season when the games don’t matter — that’s too little, too late. The players who like playing for him are mostly players who realize they likely won’t be able to get a job under any other coach.

  • gobucks1

    stevedimatteo, I would be interested to hear all these reasons that Mangini should be kept. Cause from my point of view there isn’t many, if any! You have to look at this thing as a whole. Like a round of golf. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out. If you go 30 over par through 13 holes and finish up nicely with 5 pars, you are still 30 over par(which is horrible, even for me)! It is scored as a whole and not just how you finished. I would like to know how everyone would feel if we started off 5-0 and then lost our last 11 games. Would you be saying that Mangini deserves another year? I would bet not.

    Jeff was right on with everything he said(well except for the Ryan comments, he is proven, and besides the D was on the field 80% of the game cause the offense sucks). With that said, I will follow up with even more reasons that Mangini should and probably WILL BE FIRED. OK, the team finished strong, but why did it take so long to get things going? Mangini can’t blame it on injuries, because we didn’t start winning until half the team was on IR. Did it take that long for the players to buy in to what he was selling? If so, WHY? Could it possibly be because of the decisions made leading up to the season(QB competition draging out, fining players $1700 for a water bottle, dodging questions in interviews, etc.)? When you have a coach that does these kind of things, I can see where it would be hard to trust him. Could it possibly be that the players DID GIVE UP on him early, and then heard Holmgren was coming to town and decided to play hard so they have a job next season? DING! DING! DING! I think we have a WINNER! The fact is that the players don’t support him. Bowens(former Jet) and Cribbs are the only players that have said publicly that they support him. All the other players refuse to answer or pull a Mangini and dodge the question. The overall reason I believe that Mangini won’t be back is, his football philosphy doesn’t mesh well with Holmgren’s. Mangini yanks a young(basically rookie)QB after 2.5 games and Holmgren allows them to grow and develop. Holmgren brings offensive knowledge to table, Mangini brings his best friend to be a 1st time offensive coordinator to a team that historically struggles on offense. Holmgren will probably want a 4-3 defense, Mangini wants a 3-4. Holmgren brings respect, Mangini promised Brett Farve he would name his son after him if he came to the Jets(If you think I’m lying, look it up, his youngest son’s middle name is Brett). Does that sound like a person who has a lot of respect from around the league? We should have made this transition a lot easier on Holmgren and fired Mangini after the Detriot loss!