Josh Cribbs Insulted by $1.4 Million Contract Offer

What in the world is going on between the Browns and Josh Cribbs? Here is the best player on the team, now a perennial Pro Bowler, and a guy who truly gives 110% each and every week. Losing him would not only mean the loss of a great player, but it would sort of annihilate an image the Browns have created, that of a team with a dangerous special teams unit.

Let’s put this ridiculous offer in perspective. According to the article:

…players with similar roles are making the following per year: Chicago’s Devin Hester — $5.45 million, Houston’s Andre Davis — $4.3 million and Buffalo’s Roscoe Parrish — $3.2 million.

There are not many people who will deny that Josh Cribbs is far and above a better player than the other guys on that list, and that includes Devin Hester at this point. I’m not normally one who gets behind players who want to tear up their current contracts for new ones, but Cribbs is the exception. He means enough to the Browns and the team’s fans to get a worthy contract and to be offered such an outrageous one is exactly what he and his agents say it is: insulting. Now, I can’t say I agree with the way they ran to the media about this, but owner Randy Lerner has been promising Cribbs a new contract since December of 2008.

Also, if you are on Twitter at all, make sure to follow Cribbs on there. He has been sending unfortunate tweets such as “Thanks everyone, I love playing for the browns & put my all in to it, but it doesn’t look good 4me at this point on returning…” I think Cribbs truly loves the Browns and it shouldn’t take that much to keep him in that uniform for the rest of his potentially Hall of Fame career. I know he’s only been in Cleveland a few days, but how could Mike Holmgren let a player like this go?

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  • Dan

    Cant believe that’s all they gave him. He is the face of the team. The only reason this team is fun to watch is him. If he does not play here next year I will not buy season tickets anymore. Not since Bernie or brown have the fans had a truly loved player. Thought losing winslow and Edwards for nothing was bad. He is amazing to watch. Even with the record we had he never quit. That’s who you need to lead the team. Hope they change that offer and apologize.

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  • gobucks1

    We as fans need to be patient here. Yes, that offer is insulting, and a player of Cribbs caliber deserves more. However, I believe there is going to be more to this story. Maybe I’m wrong here, but I can’t see Holmgren letting this guy get away. Holmgren knows he(Cribbs) is the face of this franchise. He knows that Cribbs loves the Browns and that their fans love him. He also knows that, at least at this point, Cribbs is are only weapon that has a chance to take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. So we need to be patient. If Holmgren grants his request to be traded, or refuses to give him more money I will absolutely be shocked. With all this being said, How does Holmgren want to use Cribbs? Does he want him to be a key point of the offense or just be a special teams player. If he is just going to be a special teams player, you know teams are just going to kick away from him. So how much will he be able to affect the outcome of games? My feelings are we need to keep/PAY him, not just for what he can do, but to make up for WHAT HE HAS DONE!

    This just in…..SportsTalkOhio just reported that Mangini and the entire staff will return next year. Yes, I said the entire staff(even Daboll)! I believe a lot has went into this decision. 1)Holmgren is a coach, and doesn’t feel it is right to be fired after 1 season. 2)Gruden(whom I believe is the #1 choice of Holmgren) said he won’t coach next season, but he maybe willing the following year. 3)Daboll being kept???? I don’t know. Maybe it had something to do with Weis going to KC.???? 4) I don’t really know that Holmgren has totally kicked the “coaching bug”. Maybe this decision was made so that if we start of next season the same way as this season Holmgren can say he gave Mangini a chance, but it didn’t work so he can/will take over.

    Do I agree with decision? No. I think Mangini has a great football mind, but he is one of those guys that are a better coordinator than head coach. I don’t know? Maybe with a good front office and GM behind him, he can prove me wrong. I certainly hope so as a fan.

  • pyelor

    Insulted?!!! If someone offered me $1.4 million / year, I’d be ecstatic!!!!

  • Luecky

    I am a 49 year old female who has supported Cleveland Sports teams since I can remember. After the Cleveland/Jacksonville game on Sunday, I was very excited about next year. After all the Browns were the 2nd best team in football over the past month. (we won’t talk about the first 3/4 of the year) The news today about the J Cribbs offer is just yet another disappointment in my lifelong yearning for a championship team for Cleveland. Do like all the other Cleveland teams and get rid of your most talented players. I’m sick of this team rebuilding year after year. THEY NEED SOME CONSISTENCY!!! Come on CAVS!!! At least I still have them for now.

  • Clayton

    Cribbs will play in Brownstown next year. And Brian Daboll will be gone. Trust me.

  • gobucks1

    All Bets Are Off with Bruce Drennan on sportstalkohio had Cribbs agent on and he said that they haven’t talked to Holmgren, Lerner, or Mangini yet. The only person they had been in contact with was a woman in the Browns front office(they gave her position, but I can’t remember). All they(Cribbs&agents) wanted was a promise to negotiate with them, and that they understood that there were some things that needed ironed out first(who was going to be head coach, GM, etc.), and that they were willing to wait, but just wanted a promise to negotiate. They got a reply 1.4 million. They took it as an insult, and said they wanted to negotiate. They were told again 1.4 mill, and that was it, no negotiating. So as you can see, Holmgren has had nothing to do with this….YET! I’m sure if this person hasn’t been fired yet, she will be. This deal will get done!!!! Holmgren even said it himself in his post conference on Monday that he wanted him here in Cleveland. He won’t drop the ball on this, I gaurantee it! Like I said in my previous post, WE HAVE TO BE PATIENT!

    Clayton I hope you are right about Daboll. I wouldn’t mind demoting him and bringing Jim Zorn to run the offense. He wasn’t a good HC, but he is a good play caller, and he is also good at developing QB’s.

  • john

    josh will be back his agent is just stupid. he thinks a kick returner is more important than holmgren making a decision on head coach and gm.they will not respond to having a gun put to there head and by the way josh cribbs is no where near the football player winslow is so losing him would be not as bad losing a player like winslow and replacing him with a stiff like royal

  • john

    gobucks1 I agree it would be great to add zorn and say good bye to daboll. I do think there will be changes on the offensive side of the coaching staff

  • Dexter

    I told you guys!!!Ha!!I knew it!! Holmgren already making bad decisions!!! First, rehiring Mangini was a TOTAL MISTAKE!!! Next, letting Josh Cribbs go!! Two decisions already messed up. I’m going to keep making comments about Holmgren that he isn’t I REPEAT HOLMGREN AIN’T GO DO SHIT FOR THIS TEAM!! Next step, NFL DRAFT! Let’s see whats he is going to do then!!!Hear what I say fans, ITS TRUE!!!!!!!

  • Bruno

    Why not offer a good contract to Josh Cribbs, he is the only playmaker on this team.

  • john

    its the same game thats always played the team offers low agent offers high and you meet in the middle its just that the agent is a stupid asshole that goes public with the first offer like this has never happend before

  • gobucks1

    Welcome back Dexter. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you was on here bad mouthing Holmgren. Obviously you didn’t read my second post where I talked about how Holmgren hasn’t been involved with the discusions with Cribbs yet. Obviously you didn’t read where Holmgren said in his press conference that he wants Cribbs here in Cleveland. Obviously you don’t know anything about how these contract discusions work in the NFL. And after eveything you said in your post you have made it OBVIOUS to us that don’t know anything about Holmgren, his history, reputation, or record. For that I thank you cause now when I see you posted something I don’t have to worry about reading it cause I know that it won’t contain any useful information. Dexter, if you was a true Browns fan you would show some patients, and get behind what ever it is that Holmgren decides. I’m not a fan of Holmgren keeping Mangini, but it is the lesser of 2 evils. Now if we start off horrible again next season he can still say he gave Mangini a chance. Maybe his choice of HC’s wasn’t going to be available(Gruden). Either way Holmgren will work this deal out and when he does, I CAN’T WAIT TO LAUGH AT YOU AND YOUR FOLLOW UP POSTS WHEN YOU HAVE TO EAT YOUR WORDS!

  • Clayton

    Dex, my man – a little optimism, please. Life is too short to be so bitter. Like I said above, Cribbs will play for the Browns next season. Mangini is back party because Holmgren cannot get who he really wants: Gruden.

    What do you say about Tom Heckert? He will be the new GM – announcement to come tomorrow. This guy won 4 NFL East titles, went to 4 NFC Championship games and 1 Super Bowl, with the Eagles. He has one of the best draft records in the League. Holmgren managed to lure a GM away from a playoff team with more contract left to go, and a guy who said last year he would not be the GM with Mangini as the coach. Not bad, in my opinion. Not bad.