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Browns Introduce Tom Heckert as New GM

Mike Holmgren has been a busy man since coming to Cleveland, as he has now brought on a new GM in Tom Heckert, who is coming over from the Philadelphia Eagles. Holmgren also hired Bryan Wiedmeier as the new executive vice president of business operations.

What probably enticed Wiedmeier the most into coming to Cleveland is the fact that he will now have final say on the draft and the 53-man roster, something that was in Andy Reid’s hands back in Philly. It also probably didn’t hurt that Heckert’s father was once employed by the Browns as a scout.

In other news, Holmgren also reiterated that head coach Eric Mangini, who has been retained for at least 2010, is essentially going to stick around if the team shows further improvements, which only makes sense.

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  • Clayton

    The Heckert hiring is a real accomplishment in short order for the Walrus. Tom has only had one losing season, ever. When he was hired in Philly, he came very highly recommended by Don Shula, a fairly accomplished coach in his own right. Andy Reid speaks glowingly of him. Heckert was in the running for the Browns’ GM job last season but pulled out because of Mangini – the fact that Holmgren can lure a guy away from a perennial playoff team with another year on his contract to be the GM in Cleveland with Mangini sticking around (for the time being) is surprising. Heckert is no slouch around the League – he turned down the GM position in Minnesota because of Childress (Heckert was actually offered the job). He was a top candidate for the GM spot in Atlanta. His personnel and draft skills are above average. And he has a Cleveland connection through his Father who was a Browns scout for several years. I am impressed by this. Kokey pales in comparison. It shows solid judgment on the part of Holmgren, and a desire to change the culture quickly in Berea. That is precisely what we want from our President.

  • gobucks1

    With the signing of Heckert as our GM(good move by the way)expect the rumors to start about the Browns trading to bring in Donovan McNabb as our QB. The yearly rumors of McNabb out in Philly have already begun, so it is just a matter of time. Now, is this something that I think will be considered… probably. Do I think that this is a move we should make…..I don’t know. Positives: bringing in McNabb would give us instant credibility at the QB position(something we have lacked since we came back into the league). It would provide some veteran leadership to a very young team. We could draft a QB in next year’s draft and he could learn under McNabb for a couple of seasons. Negatives: It won’t be cheap. We would probably have to give up a lot to get him. We will have to sign him to a big extension($$$ not years) cause he is going to be in his last year of his current contract. How much does he have left in the tank, and would he even want to come to Cleveland? Personally I think Philly fans don’t know how good they have it. If Andy Reid would ever realize that you have to run the ball to win(at least in the playoffs) this team could make a run at the Super Bowl next year.

    I guess as a fan if I had to chose, I would say no. Brady Quinn is still young. He has less starts in the NFL than rookie QB’s Stafford/Sanchez. Is there a reason for that(other than money), probably, but we have never given him a real shot, and I am just not comfortable wasting a players career after all we gave up to get him.

    If I was Quinn I would be kicking myself for holding out going into my rookie season in 07. If he hadn’t done that he probably would be a 3 year starter right now cause at the time DA couldn’t even beat out Charlie Frye for the starting job. Yeah, DA went on to have a decent season that year, but he was horrible in the preseason, horrible when he came in to relief Frye versus the Steelers, and he is horrible now. So if this does happen I guess Quinn has nobody to blame but himself, and/or his agent.

  • Dexter


  • gobucks1

    Dexter, I would like to know what on earth makes the signing of Heckert a bad decision? What on earth are you basing your opinion on? Do you ever read the postings of people? Did you read Clayton’s post? “Tom has only had one losing season, ever. When he was hired in Philly, he came very highly recommended by Don Shula, a fairly accomplished coach in his own right. Andy Reid speaks glowingly of him. Heckert is no slouch around the League, His personnel and draft skills are above average. And he has a Cleveland connection through his Father who was a Browns scout for several years.”(Thanks Clayton) What about this sounds bad? At least give Holmgren credit on hiring a GM with experience as a GM, and not some up incomer!

    I tell you what(cause I feel bad about questioning you being a fan) Why don’t you tell us all what kind of moves you would like to see made? How about giving us a little background as to why you think that Holmgren was a bad hire(fact based, not opinion)? I can’t believe I am saying this, but I will actually be looking forward to this post from you. I think it will be interesting to see why you feel the way you feel about it.

  • john

    dexter we all are waiting for your response. if you are a fan you have to have something positive to say about at least 1 thing

  • Clayton

    And on top of Shula and Andy Reid, Jimmy Johnson said yesterday that Heckert’s signing by the Browns was one of the best moves the Team has made since re-joining the League.

    I will put some faith on the judgment of Shula, Reid, Johnson and Holmgren.

    Dex, buddy, tell me who you want as: GM, head coach, and offensive coordinator. I am interested to know what you think.

    Gobucks1: great forecast on Donovan. The rumours are swirling already. In fact, yesterday the pundits on Fox were speculating that Cleveland could very well be the landing spot if DM leaves Philly. Interestingly, what if Donovan stays in Phi-town and Vick goes somewhere else?

  • gobucks1

    I’m sure Philly would like the chance to unload Vick somewhere. However, Philly didn’t help there chances of getting anything for him by limiting his role the way they did. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they do get stuck paying him 5+ million for next season. Now do I think he could land in Cleveland? Highly unlikely. Not just because of the limited playing time, but he did get imprisoned for fighting dogs, and torturing them, and with us fans being known as the Dawg Pound, I don’t think that the media would be too kind. Other than that Vick would bring excitment, and playmaking ability to the QB position.
    I just am not sure how to feel about the possibilities of McNabb coming to the Browns. I have never been a big Quinn fan, but I don’t think he has been given a fair shot(I wanted the Browns to draft Troy Smith(OSU)that year), and I feel as if we don’t give him one we wasted our picks, money, and HIS CAREER! However, I did see a mock draft on yahoo.sports this week, and it had us drafting Sam Bradford. I hope this isn’t even a real possibility, but if it is, having him learn under McNabb for a couple of seasons would only help. And as I mentioned in earlier posts that there are other positives, so if this does happen I wouldn’t be surprised.

    One thing is for sure though, it makes me happy to see that the new leadership is already active in the offseason, and out there trying to get the correct pieces to the puzzle to get this thing turned around.

    Oh, and by the way, Dexter we are all still waiting for your post about your explanations and views on why the Holmgren hiring was such a bad move and what you would like to see done.

  • gobucks1

    What do we have to do to get some new topics in this website? I know it is the offseason for us, but there is still a lot to talk about. I’m ready to start talking about the draft, free agency, etc.!!!!

  • Steve DiMatteo

    Gobucks1, my apologies for the lack of posts here in the last week or so, but we are going to be back hitting this hard come this week, especially with everything that’s coming up. Sorry to keep you waiting.


  • gobucks1

    Don’t worry about it. I apologize if I came off as impatient. I am just very excited about all the possibilities the off season brings. Thanks