Browns Interested in Donovan McNabb

The rumors of Donovan McNabb leaving the Philadelphia Eagles have seemingly gone on for years. This time, however, it’s an actual possibility and the Browns are one of the teams interested in utilizing his services. Apparently, the Browns, Bills, and Broncos are the three teams that have had multiple conversations with the Eagles regarding McNabb, and about half a dozen teams are interested in backup quarterback Kevin Kolb, and I would bet the Browns are in that bunch as well.

Mike Holmgren obviously has very little faith in the state of the quarterback position and, to be honest, McNabb does have a few good years left in him. If the Browns do somehow land McNabb, I think it would be safe to say that the team would be looking to draft a quarterback in April. What does this mean for Brady Quinn? I don’t even bother including Derek Anderson in the conversation because there is no reason to think he will be back with the team in any role but that of backup. If the scenario of trading for McNabb and drafting a quarterback does happen, Quinn will most likely find himself looking for a job in a new city, unless he’s willing to once again be fighting an uphill battle to be a starting quarterback in Cleveland.

Early thoughts on this: should the Browns trade for McNabb, I’d be looking to draft Sam Bradford.

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  • Coudy

    I think McNabb would be a good fit for the Browns. McNabb is still a good QB in the NFL and the Browns have been lacking at this postion for a long time. He is an instant up grade and makes them a playoff team. Kolb is an unknown which makes McNabb the better choice. The question is whether or not McNabb wants to be in Cleveland and if Tom Heckert can sign McNabb to a 4 or 5 years deal.

  • gobucks1

    I read a report on yahoo.sports yesterday that said, don’t be surprised if the Browns offered their 1st round pick(#7 overall) for Kolb. The report also said that they probably wouldn’t have to. They suggested to offer Shaun Rogers. I wouldn’t be surprized at all if we offered our 1st rd. pick. Holmgren has a history of doing this. He gave his 1st rd. pick in Green Bay for 2nd rd. pick Brett Farve when he was in Atlanta. He gave up a 1st rounder in Seattle to get 6th rd. pick Hasselback(whom he drafted) who was backing up Farve. Holmgren KNOWS how IMPORTANT a QB is to a team. Personally, I would like to see us get Kolb over McNabb. He has more upside. He could end up being a Franchise QB. He put up good numbers while he was in there in relief of McNabb. He just needs to make better decisions(he tends to throw int’s.), but under the mentoring of Holmgren I’m sure he can change that. As for McNabb, yes he has some good years left, yes he as well would be an instant upgrade, he is use to playing with lesser talented or unproven receivers(which he could help mentor). However, we would HAVE to draft a QB this year or at the latest next year. He won’t be CHEAP! He is going to DEMAND top dollar for his contract extension, cause he don’t want to leave Philly. Philly is going to want a big deal to get him, cause they were in the playoffs last season, and will now have to break in a new starter. Overall, I think McNabb would be too costly. Kolb, I feel is the better choice for LONG TERM SUCCESS!

    I have said this before, and I know it probably won’t happen, but I would like to see Troy Smith given a shot! I know he isn’t the big attraction that a Kolb or McNabb would be, but I am totally sold on this kid! I know he can play in this league given a chance. If you compared abilities of Smith, Kolb, and McNabb, I think you would find that Smith has a bigger arm, he is more athletic(don’t confuse this and think he would just run the ball at the first sign of pressure, he is a pass first QB), his accuracy is on the same level, if not better than both Kolb or McNabb, and HE IS A LEADER. I know I am basing that on college, but McNabb has a history of choking in big games, and not leading his team in those moments, and Kolb’s leadership has never been seen or proven. But if it is between Kolb or McNabb, I would choose Kolb.

  • john

    i do not see kolb being a better qb than quinn if you put them on the field with the same talent quinn will be the better qb!

  • Clayton

    As far as I am concerned, I would break the bank for McNabb. This is a trooper; a really tough quarterback who has been a star in the NFL for years. Do you know how hard that is playing for Andy Reid’s offensive strategy in Philly? It is very difficult. The Eagles refuse to run the football consistently to take any pressure off Donovan. Further, forced to throw the football, McNabb has has to deal with a lot of dropped balls by his receivers. Some may be surprised to know that, in the year that Braylon Edwards dropped all of those passes from Anderson, the Eagles had more dropped footballs than any other Team in the League, yet Donovan still led them to a good season.

    In Cleveland, that would be different. You can count on us trying to win most of our football games the same way we did at the end of last season: no turnovers; control the clock; run the football at least once every set of downs.

    Go get McNabb.

  • Coudy

    John, I agree. I think it would be better to stay away from Kolb and keep Quinn. Let him learn under McNabb until you get talent at the skilled postions. McNabb has be able to play with less talent and I think the Browns will try to run the ball which will make McNabb better. I wouldn’t give up anymore than a 2nd round pick for McNabb. The only problem with Quinn is that he is not Holmgren’s draft pick. You know how that goes.

  • gobucks1

    If you still think Quinn is going to be the future QB of the Browns, then why even trade for a QB? He just needs to learn on the job. He has already been in the league for 3 years. If you are willing to let him sit for another 3 behind McNabb, then you just wasted at least 1/2 of his career. A decision needs to be made on Quinn this offseason.

    As for any other QB in the conversation, I understand that we will have to give up a draft pick( and probably players) to get one. None of them are worth a 1st rounder in my opinion. Kolb is the only one I would consider giving up a 1st rounder for. Don’t get me wrong, I think McNabb is a great QB, but he don’t want to leave Philly, and he only has at best 3 productive years left. That means that we still have to draft a QB in the near future to be groomed to take over. When it comes to Kolb, he is an unknown. Everybody’s guess is that he will be a good QB in this league, but those are just guesses. He has already shown a tendency to turn the ball over. So if we are going to give up the 7th overall for a QB then it should be the guy with his career ahead of him, not the guy whose best years are behind him. Yes, we have 11 picks in the upcoming draft, but 7 of those picks come after the third round. This team has several holes that need filled. The majority of hole filling done through the draft are 1st-3rd rounds. So giving up one of the 4 picks we got in the first 3 rds. for a QB on his way out don’t make a lot of sense to me.

    TROY SMITH!!!!!! Young, good skill set, good intangibles, Cheap(probably get him for a 4th or 5th rounder,and maybe able to unload DA on them)!!!!!

  • Clayton

    You know what is funny and ironic as hell? I just remembered that, in 1999, when the Browns selected the infamous Tim Couch as our QB of the future with pick number 1 in the entire Draft, who could we have picked who was instead selected second overall in the first round from Syracuse? – McNabb.

  • gobucks1

    I’ve thought about that as well. It is almost funny. The thing we have to remember is this: The Browns had absolutely no O-line at the time(actually there was very little talent on that team at all). I don’t think that if we had drafted McNabb it would be any different. He would have gotten thrown in there and got the HELL beat out of him just like Couch did, and he wouldn’t be in the league either. What we did to Couch was an INJUSTICE! We didn’t even try to build an offensive line to protect him. Had we done that or had another team drafted him, I would have loved to see what kind of QB he would have become. Dare I compare him to Manning?!?!? That may be a little far fetched, but if you think about it they had a lot in common. Both are/were gunslingers, good arms, and good leadership. Where Manning stands out is smarts. Couch was by far the best QB in that draft! We destroyed him!!!

    Troy Smith should be the QB of the Browns next season!!!!!!