The Brady Quinn Era in Cleveland Comes to an End

After plenty of speculation, quarterback Brady Quinn has finally been traded by the Cleveland Browns. He was traded to the Denver Broncos for fullback Peyton Hillis, a 2011 sixth-round draft pick, and a conditional pick in 2012. A move to the Broncos makes sense, as the team was looking to trade for Quinn last season, but opted to trade for Kyle Orton instead. One has to think Orton is still the starter, but maybe a new team will help Quinn realize his potential. This also now makes the quarterback position entirely the product of the new front office.Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs

It seems that people are disappointed with what the Browns received in exchange for Quinn but, to be honest, what could we expect to get in return? Quinn’s time here was injury-plagued and he was never given a full chance to prove himself, so the Browns were probably lucky to get someone like Hillis, a fine back who just didn’t fit in Josh McDaniels’ system. Hillis also adds more depth to the running back position, making this one of the more intriguing position battles.

Lost in the Quinn aftermath was the fact that the Browns also traded LB Kamerion Wimbley to the Oakland Raiders for a  2010 third-round draft pick. There is no doubt that Mike Holmgren wants to turn this into his own team; let’s just hope he knows what he’s doing. Though, to be honest, his moves have been solid up to this point. Even the Jake Delhomme signing, as baffling as it is, leaves them with at least a serviceable option at quarterback should they not make a move to draft one. I’d be shocked if a quarterback was not taken by the Browns in the first three rounds, though, especially with the picks the team continues to stockpile.

I want to say we can safely assume the Browns won’t dip back into the Notre Dame pool and grab another quarterback in Jimmy Clausen, but that could just be wishful thinking. I want to believe that Holmgren knows that Clausen is a product of the Notre Dame hype machine and just, plain and simple, isn’t. that. good.

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  • john

    seattle was smart not wanting that stupid fat walrus holmgren idiot back F him

  • john

    its great quinn will get to play for a great coach in the NFL for the first time and not for a team run by a stupid jackass holmgren and a wortless coach like mangina

  • john

    bad spelling glueless coach like mangina or worthless spelled right fits better.

  • sipe14

    I have a hard time swallowing this. Quinn was somebody that needed a bit more time and a QB that Browns fans really wanted to see eventually lead the franchise. This constant purging of talent does nothing for the team’s identity or likeability. It’s really hard to get excited for Jake Delhomme and/or Seneca Wallace… but Holmgren is alot smarter than me, so we’ll have to see what happens.

  • john

    sipe 14 i would bet on you being smarter. you would have been smart enough to fire mangina and if not you would have been smart enough to not listen to him when he wanted quinn gone because most cleveland fans loved quinn and hate him so that makes you a lot smarter than fat jackass walrus holmgren

  • Clayton



    In section 309, nobody loves Brady. Take that to the bank.

    I hear that frustration, though, about Jake the Snake. And I share it; big-time. I agree that we needed a veteran, but I am very uneasy about the choice and the money.

  • john

    if i sat that high i would hate everybody to

  • john

    section 309 is not going to enjoy watching brady quinn take the broncos to the super bowl as much as i will

  • dawgbone1

    john, you are a moron! you have yet to post any educated comments to back your opinions! your just spewing garbage on this site. By calling mangini, “mangina” was funny, like a year and a half ago. But the joke is old now, so give it up! Your just one of those guys that likes to bitch, whatever the brown’s do, you’ll bitch. Shut the F up already. Give these guys a chance to prove themselves or find another team. I, personally, am excited for the new vision and direction the team is taking. The success, or failure, in the draft will tell us a lot more about the new regime, but I believe we are about to witness the best football weve seen here in years!
    – Mark my words, john will be on here in 8 months telling us all how he told us all that Holmgren and Mangini “would turn this team around”.

    Fickle fans!

  • john

    i have found a new team the DENVER BRONCOS that will be lead by BRADY QUINN who has to much class and talent to be a cleveland brown. i will not be on this site in 8 months saying i told you holmgen is a stupid jackass he has already proven that.the sites i will be on are denver broncos-new york yankees-notre dame. bye to all