Would You Be Upset If the Browns Drafted QB Tim Tebow?

The rumblings about quarterback Tim Tebow and the Browns (and a lot of other teams, really) continue to grow larger, which begs the question: would it upset you to see Tebow in a Browns uniform? Despite any preconceived notions you might have about Tebow, the guy certainly knows how to win. But that doesn’t always translate perfectly into the NFL. I’ve never seen such polarizing views on a quarterback – some think he can become a decent starter while others think his only chance for success is by changing positions.

Ever since Tebow has worked on his mechanics, which I suppose should have been a red flag in the first place, more teams have been itching to take a look at him. The Browns have scheduled a private workout with Tebow sometime before the draft, but that doesn’t automatically mean the Browns will take him. After all, Mike Holmgren has made it known that he still has his reservations about the quarterback. Plenty of teams are getting their look at the former Florida quarterback, just making sure there isn’t something they’ve missed. I think they have the same mentality as the Browns: if Tebow falls somewhere into the third round, wouldn’t he be worth taking a flyer on, especially if you’ve got multiple picks in that round?

What do you think about Tim Tebow? Are his improved mechanics enough to warrant a better look at him? Say the Browns draft him in the third round and it was beyond impossible for them to draft Sam Bradford anyway; how would it look then (because I’d say I could swallow it much easier at that point)?

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  • Dawglbs

    Anyone you pick in the first round should be an instant impact player. Not someone who has waited until now to take professional lessons in skill development and fundamentals. Defense has a common theme amongst Championship teams. We have seen many of our rivals achieve such goals and my Browns just plug holes, but never fix the dam. If we are going to waste another season, why not improve on one side of the ball? Baltimore won their championship with a defense and a field goal kicker. There are definite impact defensive players available in the draft, but once again we are talking about a QB’s with injury problems and one with the skill set potentially of Jamarcus Russell. With that said, I think it would be safe to say I would be upset with a QB.

  • http://twitter.com/mig13CLE Miguel

    I’d love to see Tebow in a Browns uniform but only if he can be got in the 4th round or later. On one hand, he would bring a winning attitude to the Browns but on the other hand, that’s only gonna go so far. I don’t think he’s gonna be a star QB in the NFL and think we would be better served to pick up LeFevour or McCoy in the second or possibly third round.

  • Tebow Fan

    I LOVE Time Tebow….therefore I would be very upset if the Browns drafted him, because The Browns is the team where quarterbacks go to die…career speaking at least! So please do not draft him. PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!

  • john

    that would give the browns 4 worthless qbs that would go great with the 2 jackasses mangina and the stupid fat walrus holmgren

  • dawgbone1

    John, its too bad you know nothing about football,deusche!

  • john

    name 1 thing i am wrong about stupid ass dawgbone1 you loser

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    I would be upset if the Browns drafted Tebow any earlier than the third round.

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  • http://dawgpounddaily gary

    no, if it was after round 3, how about one of those MAC QB’s?

  • StevieMac

    I wouldn’t be upset at all if they drafted Tebow. His improved showing from the Senior Bowl to his proday was nothing short of phenomenal. He is a high character, high work ethic individual, who will not be outworked at honing his craft. With the signing of Delhomme, you know that whomever is drafted that they will be watching and holding a clipboard for the first year anyway. With that being mentioned I would be upset if the draft position is to high. Coming with our 38 pick may be a reach, but trading in around 50 could work.

  • Greg G

    I would be upset because I know there are better QB’s out there that Cleveland can get in the mid rounds. The QB that has the most value to me and would fit in Cleveland is Colt McCoy. I have watched enough of him to understand that this kid gets it. He is mentally and physically tough, he has won at every level, a coaches son, not a prima dona like Quinn, grew up on the plains of Texas so I know he can throw in the wind. I would be upset if Cleveland didnt take a seriously hard look at McCoy.

  • MC

    Drafting either Tebow or McCoy in the 3rd would be a good fit for the Browns. With Tebow you aren’t just getting a proven winner (granted in college) but you are also getting exposure from the likes of ESPN. McCoy is the same way, proven winner, just not as much exposure. Neither one would be (or should be) playing for the first 1 1/2-2 years, which will allow Holmgren and the coaching staff to work with them. Both are good character guys, exactly what this new regime in Cleveland wants. If either is there -I can see a Buffalo or Jacksonville taking a risk and drafting Tebow early to save their franchise buy selling more tickets and the ESPN exposure- I would pull the trigger.

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    It seems we can rest assured that we won’t be picking Clausen even if he slips to our first round number…Holmgren said as much in an interview just published.

  • http://dogpounddaily Brent

    Me, being a ABSOLUTE DIE HARD BROWNS FAN, would be fine drafting tebow……Only if its in the lower third round.. He is a proven winner that commands respect.. I am praying,literally, we do not trade up and pick claussen. We have to many needs to waste a top pick on a Q.B. when we can pick tebow or even LeFevour or tony pike in later rounds.. This draft is deep and we are in a great position to improve our team.. How about this- we have to get berry in first..PERIOD.. second rd. golden tate cuz our wrs suck… or a solid db.. the rest is speculation in which im not wasting my time on.. PLEASE Holmgren, WE DESERVE a WINNING FRANCHISE.. ALSO #4 JOHN, YOU ARE A MORAN.. YOU MUST BE A FAT SLOB THAT HAS ZERO SELF ESTEEM SO YOU TAKE YOUR FRUSTRATION OUT ON BROWNS FANS DUE TO YOU NEVER HAVING A UN-CYBER ENCOUNTER WITH A WOMAN… HOMO

  • john

    gay brent i hate to admit i like your drafting ideas other than that i do not understand why you like sucking cocks so much

  • tony g

    If I wetre Tebow, I would be DAMNED UPSET if the Browns even mentioned my name in the draft.

    The Browns front office can’t even spell “quarterback”.