A Bit of Criticism for Mike Holmgren

I would think, for the most part, that people have a generally positive view of Mike Holmgren’s work on the BrownsSeattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals so far. The team has acquired talent without having to give up some of its more coveted draft picks and Holmgren’s presence alone probably makes Cleveland a more enticing option for free agents.

That being said, there is some criticism out there for Holmgren, aimed mainly at his impulsiveness in the way he has handled the quarterback situation. There is the belief that he essentially “gave away” Brady Quinn to the Broncos but, more importantly, some feel Holmgren lost out on Donovan McNabb by not waiting for the asking price to come down. Sure, Holmgren disintegrated the quarterback position pretty quick, but what’s the problem with that? So the team got rid of Quinn and Anderson and replaced them with Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme. In the end, it’s still an upgrade.

Trading for McNabb was never really the main goal of the organization. Holmgren really just wants a few veterans to fill in until the team can find its quarterback of the future and he has that in Delhomme and Wallace. Holmgren has a plan, but it has nothing to do with being impulsive. If he was impulsive, Holmgren would have traded for McNabb when the Eagles wanted something absurd in return.

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  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    Steve – I agree that Holmgren just wanted a veteran to provide a stop-gap until a drafted quarterback can hopefully become the face of the orange and brown for years to come. But I disagree, with respect, that losing out on McNabb is not a regret. It is. I bet any money that Holmgren would admit that if you had him alone after a few beers. Jake Delhomme is no Donovan McNabb. The two are not in the same category. If we were paying Jake peanuts, then I could understand. But we aren’t. He is getting big money. It may never have worked out with McNabb, but we should have been a little more patient.

    There are rumours that Holmgren may try to package a few picks into a trade with the Rams for the first overall. Wow. Imagine that. Maybe your dream of Bradford strapping on the pads for the orange and brown may become a reality after all! Or just another pie in the sky.

  • http://www.fsspblog.com Jeff

    While I don’t know that I necessarily agree that Wallace and Delhomme are an upgrade over DA and Quinn (more of a push, really), I agree with the general premise. Two things have been glossed over in this discussion about McNabb that may be relevant. First, Heckert came from Philadelphia, so he probably had a pretty good idea of what it would take to get McNabb. There’s a good chance the Browns never seriously pursued him because they knew what it would take and determined it was too much. Second, McNabb’s willingness to come to Cleveland may not have been very high. Even though he was traded to Washington without a new deal, it’s very possible that he could have effectively vetoed trades to less competitive teams (such as the Browns) by letting them know up front that he wouldn’t be signing an extension with them. If that’s the case, Washington essentially gambled that they’d be able to work something out and sign him — and if they don’t, it’s an awfully hefty price to pay for a one-year player. The Browns could very reasonably have determined that it wasn’t worth that risk.