Mike Holmgren Warming to the Idea of Drafting QB Jimmy Clausen

After being showered with praise by both Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski, quarterback Jimmy Clausen appears to be a growing option for the Browns with the seventh overall pick in next week’s NFLNotre Dame v Stanford Draft.  First off, the draft is next week?! Secondly, despite Mike Holmgren’s past opinion of Clausen – that he just wasn’t all that impressed with the Notre Dame quarterback – it would seem that he has begun to warm up to the idea of Clausen wearing the orange and brown.

NFL experts continue to praise Clausen’s accuracy and mindset, which has led to Holmgren perhaps changing his tune.  Sources say that since Clausen’s visit to Cleveland, Holmgren has begun to like the idea of drafting the quarterback, and hasn’t ruled him out as an option with that seventh pick.

Jimmy Clausen puts the Browns in a precarious situation. One one hand, Clausen is yet another Notre Dame quarterback the Browns could draft, and they just got done shipping off their previous Notre Dame mistake to the Denver Broncos. A pick like this would be very polarizing among Browns fans, even if it’s solely for the psychological reasons. However, if a player like safety Eric Berry is still available, along with Clausen, what do the Browns do? Fans would be pleased with drafting Berry, but how much would we all be kicking ourselves if Clausen turns into the next big thing?

Mike Holmgren has a history of drafting quarterbacks, so he obviously has no problem taking a chance on one in the hope that he develops into something. All of this could be smoke and mirrors, but don’t be so surprised if the Browns do end up taking Jimmy Clausen on draft day.

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  • DPG

    Browns fans should hope that this new front office doesn’t listen one bit to them. That’s been part of the problem the past decade with this franchise. Holgren and Heckert are solid NFL guys with more knowledge of the game that any fan could have. Holmgren and Heckert will make the right pick, be it Berry or Clausen or whoever they choose.

  • http://aol san diego joe

    I can not beileve they would even think of drafting Closen, come on!Out of the top 4 I would take McCoy in the 2nd. I do not see a great QB in this draft, wiat and get Pike or LeFevor in the third rd sit him for a year and see if he’s got it or not.

  • Jake Kern

    I would not waste a first round on a quarterback, period. History has it that you have to develop the NFL quarterback, ie Jamarcus Russell $60 million. We don’t need to spend that kind of money until proven.