Safety Abram Elam Wants a Multi-Year Contract

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City ChiefsWriting on his website, and probably in fear of how the Browns have been trying to upgrade the safety position, Abram Elam has asked for a new mult-year contract and is weighing his options in the hope of landing such a deal. Elam is one of the Browns’ restricted free agents, a list that includes D’Qwell Jackson, Jerome Harrison, Lawrence Vickers, and Matt Roth. Jackson has also asked for a long-term deal.

It is likely that these players will miss parts or all of the upcoming OTAs (voluntary practices) that run for 11 days before the mandatory minicamp that takes place from June 10-12. These players have until June 15 to sign a deal, so don’t be too alarmed if they aren’t at the minicamp either.

As for Elam, he started all sixteen games last season and led the team with 88 tackles, but the secondary wasn’t exactly a unit of world beaters. Nevertheless, the position is so dangerously thin that the Browns should probably take a serious look at signing Elam. I would say Jackson and Harrison remain as the more important signings, though it would be a shame to lose Vickers as well.

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  • Clayton

    This is what happens when the Team is too weak in a certain area – we become vulnerable to paying big money over several years to players that we would otherwise bargain harder with and risk losing.

    Elam is a classic example. At safety, he is an experienced guy. He had statistically a lot of tackles last season, but he is not a game breaker. He is no Eric Wright. He had nil interceptions last season. He has had just one in his entire NFL career. For his size (6 feet and over 200 pounds), that is remarkable over 5+ years in the League. He virtually never forces a fumble, and very rarely can be used in a sack rush.

    Unfortunately, we almost have to sign him.

  • JimmyDiDago

    Sad but true, Clayton.
    I really like Ward and Asante and feel they’ll be our starting safety tandem sooner than later. But, wouldn’t want to throw them to wolves right away.
    Our only other option is Mike Adams who did have a fair season for us in multiple roles. But, Adams is a journeyman back up on his third stint with the Browns, if that’ll tall you anything. A good special teamer who’ll be able to show the kids a thing or two but not exactly what you want starting 16 games.
    To Abe’s defense, he is young with some upside left in him, but I’m really perplexed with his attitude right now.
    Mangini made it a point to go get him and give him a shot and he did show up and play with some success, but now seems to be biting the hand that feeds him.
    Maybe, he and Rosenhaus are just holding out for injury concern and hoping the Browns will panic and jump out of the tree, that I don’t know. But, what I do know is he is our best option right now.
    I’d hoped that the Browns would have went after Ken Hamlin or Gibril Wilson but they’ve already signed elsewhere. Brian Russell’s still available but don’t balieve he played much last year.
    In any case though, and with all that said, I think it would be wise to offer a two year contract at a tick above the tender value and then see where his attitude is. If that’s not good enough, then we know.
    After June 15, all RFA’s still not signed will be subject to the team signing them as is or lowering their tender values so that they can be moved easier.
    This my attitude with both Abe and D’Qwell. At least we’ll get some 4th or 5th’s in next year’s draft.

  • Steve DiMatteo

    I think the team is being pretty fair with these guys, despite not having seen much of them on the field. A guy like Elam should be thankful he is getting his RFA deal, which doesn’t automatically mean the death of a long-term deal; it just means he has to continue to show the Browns something on the field.

    I have a feeling D’Qwell is asking for quite a bit of money long-term, so it will be interesting to see what the Browns do with him.