Week 6 Preview and How the Browns Will Win

This week’s opponent – Pittsburgh Steelers

Well that didn’t take long – only 6 weeks into the season and we finally (as it looks now) get to see the “QB of the future” in Colt McCoy – who, by the way, was supposed to sit and learn this year and ideally not play at all this season.  Well, as we have seen time and time again here in Cleveland, all good plans get thrown out the window sooner or later.  Good luck Colt, I know if I were to be coaching, I’d hope your first game would have been against a team, like say, the Buffalo Bills and not the Steelers…

Moving along, Pittsburgh has been a force on defense this season, holding opponents to just over 2.5 yards a carry – hey Peyton Hillis, it may be a good week to be on the bench. However, Hillis provides one of our best chance for a W.  What else is there to say about their defense? Year in and year out Pittsburgh has a tremendous defense, and this year’s club is no exception.

Now to the big news out of the steel city – QB Ben Roethlisberger returns, after serving his 4-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy.  It has been a merry-go-round of sorts for the Steelers at QB, but the team is off to a 3-1 start nonetheless.  Roethlisberger’s return should make things more clear for the Steelers on offense; in weeks past it seemed that their offensive identity had been lost.  WRs Mike Wallace and Hines Ward should be the biggest beneficiaries of Roethlishberger’s return.  In addition, RB Rashard Mendenhall has been off to a nice start and has been averaging over 100 yards per game in the absence of Roethlisberger.

So it seems like the cards are stacked up against the Browns this week, but a victory is not impossible. The first thing the Browns will need to do in order to win is take advantage of opportunities on defense.  Roethlishberger hasn’t played a meaningful game in about 10 months, so he is bound to be a bit rusty and the Browns D will have to be ready when opportunity presents itself.

Secondly, the Browns coaches will have to ease the pressure on Colt McCoy in any way possible – the best one (if I may suggest) is to use Josh Cribbs in the Flash/Wildcat/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-formation. And please, don’t have Cribbs run EVERY time he is in that formation, let him pass it a few times to spice things up and keep Pittsburgh’s defense at bay.  The Browns will also have to get some production out of RB Peyton Hillis in order to win – last year it was Chris Jennings who aided the Browns to victory.  Unfortunately, Hillis will be a one-man show in all likelihood now that Jerome Harrison has been shipped out. Any help that RBs Mike Bell and James Davis can provide will be gravy, but much-needed.

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  • Terry

    Hillis has been a one man show all year so that part of the equation is the same. Harrisons trade can only help, since he hasn’t produced all year. McCoy’s performance will be the telling tale. Roethlisberger will be rusty, and doesn’t have Santonio Holmes to bail him out any more. Field position will be critical, so they must contain Mendenhall.
    Strap up your jocks, and pull up your socks Brownies. It’s time to eat steel and shit nails.

    • SteelFury02

      Keep telling yourself that. Don’t let Ben’s new-found humbleness fool you – the guy is mad and has been sharpening his sword and getting ready for his revenge ever since the suspension came down on him. Now that he is supposedly becoming a better teammate – they all have is his back. Do not dismiss chemistry and the “disrespected” Steelers – last two times that happened, well – is history . . .

      • Terry

        The big difference between you and I is the fact that I am not trolling on a Steelers site to see what their fans have to say. Know why? Because I don’t care.

      • JM

        “Don’t let Ben’s new-found humbleness fool you”… really? Don’t you mean he has been able to keep his head down throughout his suspension? Congrats on that. “Mad”…?… yea, at himself. “Revenge”…?… didn’t realize his life has become a gladiator movie. Great post “steel fury”, now get off the internet, you are late for 4th period gym and don’t be mad when you get picked last for kickball, again.

        Colt’s success will be measured by how he manages the game- specifically turnovers and avoiding frequent 3 and outs. Aside from that, can the Browns D keep the point margin low to allow the running game to be effective? They have done a fantastic job of that so far this season. Will Cribs be able to have an impact? Will Reggie Hodges have a big game?