Reviewing Colt McCoy’s Performance and Stating His Case

Ok, so I think we all can safely say that what we witnessed from Colt McCoy Sunday was much better than what most would envision.

He finished the day 22-33 for 281 yards 1 TD, 2 INTs and 22 yards rushing – not bad for a kid who seemed destined to “red-shirt” this season (whether it be a managerial decision or because of a lack of faith from the head coach).  However, McCoy made great reads all day, directing receivers to open spots, taking chances down the field, scrambling to keep drives alive, and doing an overall great job against one of the best defenses this past decade. That said McCoy was subjected to 5 sacks and a number of quarterback pressures – the O-line has not been playing up to its potential this season, if you ask me.  But through it all, McCoy rolled with it and had a great day all things considered.

McCoy easily had the best game of any QB making his first career start versus the Steelers. Just take a look at the numbers (and for good measure I threw in the other rival AFC QBs and how they fared):

Player Att-Comp Yards TD-INT Rushes Rush Yds Result
Kyle Boller 22-43 152 1-1 5 14 L 15-34 (1st career start)
John Elway 1-8 14 0-0 0 0 W 14-10 (1st start)
Joe Flacco 16-31 192 1-0 2 -1 L 20-23 (3rd start)
Carson Palmer 20-37 164 1-2 1 1 L 17-28 (4th start)
Colt McCoy 22-33 281 1-2 4 22 L 10-28

Consider how McCoy’s game stacked up against the rest of these guys and on top of it, consider the fact that he was without two key Cleveland Brownsreceivers (yes I use this term very loosely) in Mohammad Mossaquoi and Joshua Cribbs, which makes the numbers look a little better.

So where does this leave management? If I had any say, I would start by looking at next week.  It is safe to say that both Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace will be less than 100%.  With this in mind, I do not think it is out of the question that the Browns will go to McCoy for a second week in a row, and why shouldn’t they?

Week 8 then brings the bye week, and a chance for players to rest up.  So heading into Week 9, who will be under the helm for the orange and brown?

I know all of this can be very exciting, especially for us Browns fans, who have rarely had anything to get excited about in recent years.  However, there are things which scare me, the first being the fans – how many times before has a kid gone out and looked good one week only to flame out in a week or two? Let’s remember that McCoy’s game this past week was great, but it’s still just ONE game. For the time being, let’s just take the rest of the season one week at a time.

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  • Cleveland Frowns

    I don’t know how many times I can say this, but McCoy didn’t get past the Steelers’ 36 yard line once until the Steelers had a 21-3 lead with less than 6 mins left. He didn’t lead a single scoring drive until that time.

    Flacco led a scoring drive and threw for 192 yards, his team only lost by 3, and you’re saying McCoy “easily had the better game.” That’s just insane. It’s not even worth getting into the rest.

    Except this: “McCoy made great reads all day.” Could you describe even one? Please don’t tell me it was when he pointed at Vickers then threw him a one-yard pass.

    • Bernie Dawkins

      What do you have against Colt McCoy, Frowns?

      He was the third stringer a week and a half ago and wasn’t supposed to see the field at all this year. He stepped in against a nasty Steelers’ defense, on the road and down a couple of guys, and played way better than anyone anticipated. He made some plays with his legs, converted some third downs, and threw the ball with accuracy.

      No matter what stats you choose to throw out there, the rookie deserves some credit.

      Can’t Browns fans be optimistic about what looked like competent QB play?

  • Terry

    I was not impressed much with him in college, and I admit it may be because I have never been a big fan of Texas. The state or the college. And although he didn’t get the win, he managed the game well, and, here’s the kicker, LOOKED BETTER THAN EITHER OF THE OTHER TWO Q.B.s HAS ALL YEAR.I was looking for him to fail, and was quite pleasantly surprised when he didn’t. The first interception only missed being a completion by a couple inches, and the second one was a rookie mistake, which, I think we all would agree, was not really that bad, what with the team he had surrounding him, and the urgency to score because of the time. I thought he looked like an intelligent Q.B., which seems to be something both DelHomme and Wallace may be lacking at. I have always been a proponent of trial by fire and he came out pretty damn good with just a little singe around the edges. Let him finish out the year and get some experience.

  • Clayton

    Terry is right. I agree wholeheartedly. But I would add that Colt also looked better than DA or Golden Boy last year!