Poll: What Should Peyton Hillis' Nickname Be?

After running back Peyton Hillis’ monstrous day on Sunday, the nickname-guessing is out in full force. After all, this rumbling back has been so integral to the offense this season that it’s becoming imperative that he gets a nickname. Just as we’re all hoping Colt can become the “real McCoy” and earn a nickname of his own.

What’s that, you say? That nickname for McCoy was lame and too obvious? Too bad!

Anyway, if you don’t see any Hillis nicknames below that you like, be sure to add your own in the comments. Thanks to all the people who have been coming up with these awesome and inspired nicknames!

What Should Peyton Hillis' Nickname Be?

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  • Adam

    the albino rhino

    • Matthew Watts

      It’s the great white buffalo… he already runs out to the song… cleveland clothing co has printed shirts, also… I like em all, though

  • Paul

    I heard some Patriots fans calling Hillis “Juggernaut”, as in the character from the X-Men comics whose powers are described as ‘physically unstoppable once in motion’. I also like the nickname ‘Walter Peyton Hillis’…but Juggernaut is pretty perfect for his style of running.

  • Nick

    The Pound Dawg

    • Steve DiMatteo

      That’s a great one! I see that one on a shirt somewhere…

  • Keoki Pinao

    I like the Juggernaut also…it’s perfect. Since i play fantasy football, I had him two years ago. I was really impressed with him and wondered why he never broke out over there. Denver…you should pay attention.

    • Keoki Pinao

      Peyton Hillis is the “Juggernaut”. Names like the “Great White Buffalo” are too obvious and lame. He runs like the Juggernaut, he looks like the Juggernaut and Patriot fans themself proclaimed him a Juggernaut

  • Steve DiMatteo

    I’m also a fan of the Juggernaut, he’s got the perfect build for that. Maybe reminds me a bit of the Rhino from Spider-man too.

    Keoki, I think part of it is that Josh McDaniels never let Hillis live down his fumbles in Denver. Once you’re in McDaniels’ dog house, it’s near-impossible to get out. Oh well!

    • Murph Murphleton

      I like the Juggernaut as well.

  • Thom Thomas


  • Jon

    The White House

  • chris

    Lol my family in arkansas always called him the waterboy…lol

  • victorhawg

    Psycho Dawg

  • Aric

    I was always a fan of short nicknames, so Juggernaut works. But I’ve taken to calling him the White Bull myself.

  • matt

    As a Pats fan and having to watch Hillis run my team down like dogs this weekend, all I could think of, everytime that dude got the ball was “wolverine” from the Xmen. It might be a tough nickname for Buckeye fans to deal with but that dude is like trying to tackle wolverine.

  • richard ryan

    The Bull

  • G Cook

    He is a very religious man and has answered our prayers. He runs like a man with a divine purpose so we should call him the “THE CHURCH” as we are his congregation, Amen, Go Browns

  • Josh

    Juggernaut for sure!

  • Steve DiMatteo

    Juggernaut seems to be gaining a lot of steam. Here’s what we’re looking at, and it seems pretty accurate.


    • JM
      • Steve DiMatteo

        That. is. AWESOME. Did you make that?

        • JM

          Nah, I just googled “peyton juggernaut”. I voted for and fell in love with ‘The Albino Rhino’ a few weeks back when one of your writers used it in an article but announcers might seer clear of it in fear of any backlash. That said, along with this picture I might need to change my vote. His new facemask this week, never is tackled for a loss and usually gets 3+yards where there is nothin there- Juggernaut is certainly fitting. I love how the secondary is scared to tackle him and goes for his legs. He see it and just hurdles them like a jackrabit. Too bad- ‘The White Rabit’ (Matrix) would have been a good name too.

  • Joe G.

    His nickname should be, “The Peight Train.”

  • maggie

    “Freight Train” that should be Peyton Hillis nickname.

    • tom

      It Is the FREIGHT TRAIN. Our section at the game was sreaming “ride the Freight Train” WOOOOOO WOOOOOOOOO, with the hand gesture like your blowing the horn on the train. It was fantastic. Pittspuke had the bus, we have the FREIGHT TRAIN!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/JimmyCTown Jimmy Weinland

    These are pretty funny – The Pound Dawg is great, but Juggernaut seems to be winning.

    Also, for more information on Peyton Hillis, please view this video of him as a kid playing Pee Wee Football: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1DdSK7bIpI

  • shawn

    The Beast of the East unleash the beast

  • Don

    The man is a Hawg.


  • MM


  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    The shorter the better: RAM.

  • Jason

    I like Juggernaut, but I’d been calling him “Downhillis” since preseason (as a “downhill” runner). However, http://www.waitingfornextyear.com already settled this.


  • BrownieMcBrownsalot

    Ok, I’m going to shamelessly shill my own creation! :) It avoids mentioning color so we don’t perpetrate the idea that white guys can’t be running backs (because it’s about as accurate as the “black guys can’t play QB” thing) AND IT HAS THE WORD “BEEST/BEAST” IN IT! Not that Albino Rhino is terrible and I’ll get behind the people’s choice, but here’s my source material (posted yesterday)…

    Here’s my suggestion: The Hilldebeest! (Alternate spelling – Hilldebeast). See definition below… “literally: wild [freakin'] beast”!

    From Dictionary.com:

    World English Dictionary
    wildebeest (ˈwɪldɪˌbiːst, ˈvɪl-) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

    — n , pl -beests , -beest
    another name for gnu

    [C19: from Afrikaans, literally: wild beast]

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
    2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins
    Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
    Cite This Source

    • Steve DiMatteo

      I’m so torn here. I love the Albino Rhino, but I’m also loving the Hilldebeest. I will agree that calling out the fact that he is white might turn some people off, but I think it’s less about saying that they can’t be running backs than it’s just not something you see a lot. We can say that…right? Either way, I love both nicknames and feel that they can be used equally.

      • BrownieMcBrownsalot

        Thanks for the love! If Peyton grows the scraggly gnu-like chin beard, though, the Hilldebeest must be used by default.

        • JM

          Doubt his agent wil let him grow out any fugly facial mess- the gals in my office already have his picture all over their screens and seem to be happy with the Quinn trade in that regard. Anything we might have lost in the Braylon deal, we have already made up for 10-fold with this one. Dont forget we still have that 6th rd. pick, and then the conditional pick the following year. Who wants to bet those two guys aernt going to make the roster?

  • Matt Douglass

    How about Peyton the Leveler

  • http://aol Lewis


  • JackGonzo

    The Pain Train

  • keith

    Vanilla Gorilla

  • Kevin

    How about Pey.Da.Man?!

  • Daniel

    The Vanilla Gorilla

  • backrow

    definitely the JUGGERNAUT!

  • Paul

    Joe Don Hillis

  • Gren

    I was partial to WFNY’s Thunder nickname but, Juggernaut is just perfect.

  • Steve Johnson

    Fans don’t bestow nicknames – fellow players do.What should your favorite teddy-bear be nicknamed?Grow up.

    • Steve DiMatteo

      And the award for biggest wet blanket goes to…

  • Daniel Tyler

    any name dealing with race is lame, it implies that he is only a good WHITE runningback, when he is a great back period. Besides announcers wont use it.

    Juggernaut fits him perfectly, it is the perfect nickname, it should be added to the list.

  • RoundAndBrown

    Peyton HAMHOCK Hillis

  • AKUnited

    Peyton the Caucasion or La Flama Blanca

  • Zeke

    The Smasher Dude

  • dabdawg

    Peyton “Down” Hillis

  • Sid110

    The Moose

  • Amy

    Jethro Brown-dine

  • johnnyallstar

    Peyton “King of the” Hillis

  • Frenchman

    The Steamroller!!!

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  • http://bloghawgs.com/ BlogHawgs.com

    What about “The Wamper” (pronounced like “Whomp”–ie to defeat soundly, or strike loudly & heavily).

    His H.S. mascot was “The Wampus Cat”.

  • Al

    Jim white. Or simply white horse

  • Nick

    Caucasian Canine

  • Angela

    The Tank “He’ll roll right over you!”

  • Crabtree

    white triceratops

  • Hans

    I do like the Juggernaut, but there’s a number of other fun angles to play here. Someone mentioned he’s a very Christian man, and he does throw up the salute to God every time he scores a touchdown (which, apparently, is often). You could just call him Testify. (which also describes his post-game pressers)

    But the thing I noticed, is whenever he stiff-arms a would-be tackler, and the man in question is palmed on the side of the head and lifted off his feet and spun like a propeller through the air, he seems more like the “Inquisitor”, smiting the nonbelievers and all that.

    Because if you don’t believe in God, you must certainly still believe in Peyton Hillis.

    And if you don’t believe in Peyton Hillis, you’re probably going to get crushed. By Peyton Hillis.

    ..nah, he’s the Juggernaut, B****!