Anyone Else Worried About the Jacksonville Jaguars?

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 31: Quarterback David Garrad of the Jacksonville Jaguars reacts after he scored a 2-yard rushing touchdown in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on October 31, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)Browns fans have been looking forward to this game against the Jacksonville Jaguars for months now.

A brutal stretch of elite opponents is over, and now the schedule gets softer for a few games.

Suddenly though, I don’t feel so good about this game. Here’s why:

1) The Browns were due for some injuries, and now they’re finally here.

Scott Fujita, Sheldon Brown, Billy Yates, and Josh Cribbs, headline a long list of guys missing practice this week. Are the Browns deep enough to play at a high level without these guys?

You could argue these injuries came at the right time however. The Browns are finally playing some teams they’ll have some margin of error against i.e., they aren’t playing five straight games within the top 10 of ESPN’s Power Rankings.

2) The Browns have played to the level of their competition all year, and I worry they may come out flat against a more mediocre Jags team. This game isn’t nearly as sexy as their last five contests, and that brutal loss to the Jets might be tough to forget about.

3) It’s a road game. The Browns haven’t played away from Cleveland since they went to New Orleans on October 24th. That will be a month ago come Sunday, so it’s possible they struggle to adjust.

However, it’s not like this Florida crowd is going to intimidate, in fact they stink.

4) But, my main concern here is the Browns are going to be playing in conditions that DO NOT suit them.

We’ve heard over and over this team will improve once the cold weather sets in, and I tend to agree with that. We all saw how well they played in December last year.

The cold weather puts an emphasis on toughness and the running game, not the speed the Browns lack. Too bad its almost December now, and the forecast in Florida is calling for 76 degrees and sunny. I don’t like it.

Think about the games the Browns played this year against Tampa Bay and Atlanta, both in unusually warm weather:

They put up zero points in the second half of both games because their offense overheated, their starting quarterback was seriously injured both times, and they lost both games.

Joe Thomas, I am looking at you.

In the Browns two hot games you’ve given up the sacks that caused Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace’s high ankle sprains. That cannot happen to Colt McCoy. Let’s hope the Browns’ steadily improving coaches have noticed these trends and are taking steps to avoid them.

Remember guys, no high ankle sprains.

Of course, the Browns have some things going for them that they didn’t have in those two losses:

  • Colt McCoy had not revitalized the season yet.
  • Jerome Harrison wasn’t traded until after the Atlanta game, so Peyton Hillis mania hadn’t swept the nation yet.
  • And, the Browns in the early going didn’t know what their identity was. There are a lot of new pieces here, and sometimes they take time to gel.

The Browns have been competitive in all their games so that’s a good sign. But along with the emergence of Colt McCoy, the prevailing thought is the Browns have sort of figured themselves out now.

Also, the Jaguars are not good. They might play a good game next Sunday, they might be gelling late like the Browns are, they might have some matchup advantages with Mercedes Lewis and/or David Garrard the Browns haven’t seen yet, etc.

But their schedule has been deceivingly easy, where the Browns’ has been deceivingly hard.

The Jaguars have one quality win, defeating the Indianapolis Colts at home in Week 4. Their other wins have come against bad teams in Denver, Buffalo, Dallas, and Houston (yes, defeating the 4-5 Texans on a hail marry does not count as a quality win). The Colts are the one opponent they’ve defeated with a winning record.

The Browns have two less wins overall, but have defeated two teams with winning records.

Plus, the Jags statistically are what they are. They are 6th in the league in rushing, so that good. But they are 27th in passing offense, 29th in passing defense and 21st in rushing defense. Really, the Browns should win this one.

And maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m worried because this is the first game since Week 1 or 2 where the Browns should be expected to win.

They’ve played great as the underdog, how are they going to handle expectations?

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  • Reaper

    What are you talking about? A win is a win regardless last few seconds versus a hail mary. You are right the Browns have a lot to worry about when thinking about MJD and Mercedes Lewis. The Jags will win this game hands down. The qualiy of wins vs Colts and Texans shows there composure and David Garrard playing at a high level that he has not played at the previous season. Jags will with by at least 14.

    • joe

      well the loss for the browns against the jets was not what one might think of as “brutal” it was just as much a “brutal” win for the jets, and some logic even says a lucky win for the jets. it is their first away game since the saints, but the browns won that away game by a large margin didnt they? also, i dont think the browns offense was overheated i think that was just a good old-fashioned “when qb’s play when they hurt they suck! no matter what the temperature is outside.” and joe thomas? really? he is sans reproache. and lastly, the browns so called “soft” early schedule hasnt turned out to be soft at all. most every teams record they have played thus far says otherwise. and the jags last second hail mary could of been the exact difference in the browns-jets game. and reaper, the only thing the browns are worried about is by how many points they will beat the jaguars, just b/c you know every sunday there is no such thing as a “hands down” win

  • Daniel

    The whack ass browns are going to be obliterated by David “The Difference” Garrard

  • Robert


    so you say the Jags stink, and all kinds of other insults…

    well 2 can play that game…

    but does your website have the balls to print our response ?

    here is the response:

    everyone knows that the Browns are a bunch of pussies…

    the only NFL team that stinks more than the Browns, is the city that it comes from.


    have a nice day…



    • Terry

      Yet you are still commenting on a Browns blog. Go figure.

  • Terry

    Robert, try using capital letters and correct punctuation and word usage. It will make you look a lot smarter than you actually are and believe me, you need it.

  • Robert

    oh, gee….

    little terry can’t figure out anything more to say than to cut down my verbiage and formatting…..!!!!

    soooo saaaddd…

    a perfect example of his team…..

    lack of intelligent response….

    • Terry

      Ha.Intelligence? Find the shift key, Einstein. Learn to type. Take a grammar course. There isn’t a person in Florida smart enough to pour piss out of a boot with the directions on the heel. You folks also have trouble with math, what with your vote counting record.26th in passing yards, 29th in opponents passing yards, 21st in opponents rushing yards. Yeah, their tearing the league up all right. The entire NFC is terrible. If they win the conference, that just means they are the king of the dip shits. Now,BOB (I assume that is your favorite pastime, and not just your name)if you would like to take an I.Q. test with me, I am more than willing to embarrass you.

      • bus

        You’re a real piece of work. You say, “their tearing the league up…”, while trying to insult someone over their use of grammar. The word you are looking for is “they’re”. And, seeing as you’re such a rocket surgeon…You do know that the Jags are not in the NFC, right?

      • Robert

        pour piss out of a boot ???

        why little terry…..!!!!!

        Why would little ole us want to pour YOU out of a boot ????

      • Robert

        The Jaguars beat the Browns…

        You lose, little terry…

        Guess that means you’ll have to go “bob” on yourself…

  • tony

    “Also, the Jaguars are not good.” ? Are you retarded?! Stupid blogger. the jaguars didn’t design the schedule, if the schedule is easy. . then dammit win it! The jaguars are eons better the the stupid browns. JOSH CRIBS is good. . not the browns. Don’t ever in your life disrespect the jags like that again. smh.

  • Terry

    My mistake. They are in the AFC, not the NFC.

  • Kevin

    The Browns would fall out of playoff contention if they were in the AFC after week 3. The Jags play in the better conference, are 5-4, and have a quarterback that has the 2nd best passer rating in the league.

    • Robert

      totally correct Kevin…

      but we are wasting our time…

      FACTS mean nothing to the liberals who support the Browns…


      funny that Terry earlier mentioned the “counting of numbers”.. apparently a reference to the 2000 election…

      the FACTS are that the numbers were found to be correct after the final recount.. George Bush won the State… and thank GOD he did, as i don’t want to think of what would have happened after 9/11 if Gore had been president..

      only the liberal media continues the lie that Gore won…

      Interestingly enough, the county where the major “counting” was supposedly off was “Palm Beach County”… Which is the most LIBERAL/DEMOCRAT county in the State..

      in any case, the JAGUARS are from arch-conservative North Florida… The only mis-counting we have here is in Corine Brown’s “gerrymandered” district…


      interesting comparison:

      - corrupt Corine BROWN… and looser Cleveland BROWNS…

      nah… must be a coincidence..

    • Jimmy Weinland

      Browns do play in the AFC dude.

      • kevin Craig

        *AFC SOUTH

  • JimmyDiDago

    In my mind, this is a most worrysome game for all the same reasons posted. It’s no coincidence that the Jags are favored in spite of the Browns recent play.
    Jax is another team that seems to only be a few players away from serious contention.
    Furthermore, Will the Browns rectify the first 3 losses in the fourth quarter to beatable teams or will they be exposed as overachievers with nothing to lose against superior opponents? This will be the game to answer that.
    Do they have a couple more suprises sitting on the bench?… and which Jags team shows up: The playoff hopeful or the one who hasn’t quite gelled?
    My bet is if the Jags fail to beat the Browns at home and further jeopardize their playoff hopes, some heads will roll in Jax.
    So, I’m actually in belief that the first Jags team mentioned will be the one we’re going to play.
    Let’s not forget the drubbing Cleveland put on them at the end of last season with a more inferior team than this season’s.
    The Jags have far more at stake than does Cleveland and surely in a avenging mood.
    Jax 30, Cleveland 24

  • Steven

    This writer is an idiot. If the Browns were ANY good at all, they should be able to win a game against a team that turns the ball over 5 times… Browns, u haven’t been good in years, I understand you beat the Pats and Saints, but you’re still a 3-7 team, don’t get too excited…maybe next year(again).

    • Robert

      You are right, he is an idiot…

      It was a good game…

      The Jaguars WON…

  • Jags Fan

    Well, I guess the Jags just got another one of those “low quality” wins…Even though they turned the ball over 6 times, they still were able to beat your Browns.

    • Robert


      good game..


      Don Banks of ESPN says:

      • I’m trying to remember the last time I’ve seen a first-place team that underwhelms me as much as Jacksonville does, but who cares? The Jaguars are 6-4, and with the Colts’ loss at New England, Jacksonville actually leads Indy (6-4) in the AFC South by virtue of beating the Colts head to head on that 59-yard Josh Scobee field goal at home in Week 4.

      Read more:

  • Clayton

    Quality wins by the Jags against the Colts and the Texans? Better quality than the Browns beating the Super Bowl Champs and the best team in the AFC, Patriots?

    No wonder the Jags are leaving town…

    • Steven

      Leaving town??? Check your facts, they have better attendance this season than your 3-7 browns