Is 7-9 the Only Way Eric Mangini Can Save His Job, or Does It Even Matter?

 Earlier this week reports surfaced from ESPN that Browns head coach Eric Mangini was going to be fired at the end of the regular season regardless of the way the final three games played out. Then you didn’t hear much about it, mainly because it became overshadowed by the news that Colt McCoy was returning at quarterback for the remainder of the season.

If the Mangini rumors are true, it’s a downright shame. It’s disheartening to think these final three games have no bearing on Mangini’s job status because they should have EVERYTHING to do with whether Mangini returns for a third season or not.  It’s only fair.

If the Browns drop the next three and finish 5-11, then by all means fire the guy. It’s understandable. 5-11 is not an improvement on 5-11. I’ve long been a Mangini supporter, but even I can’t make a case for him if the Browns lose out.

I can if the Browns go 1-2, and I most likely will as long as all three games are competitive and relatively close. Still, I’m under the impression that 6-10 most likely isn’t going to cut it.

To me, 7-9 is Mangini’s golden ticket for Year 3, or at least it should be if the Walrus hasn’t already made up his mind.  If Mangini’s able to somehow make this happen, then it’s a crime if he isn’t given another season.

I just think there’s no way in good conscience you can run Mangini out of town if the Browns finish at 7-9 with a 3-3 record in the AFC North.

What do you think?

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  • Brownsfan101

    Holgrem is the reason this team is not better. #1 Jake Delhomme was Holgrem’s pickup to be QB. He used to be great, but he is two years beyond effectiveness. #2 Receiving corps is far and away the worst in football. Only Josh Cribbs would make another NFL roster and it wouldn’t be because of his receiving skills. If Mangini is fired, Holgrem never wanted him to succeed to begin with. I can’t imagine anyone winning without a decent QB or WR. With that said Cleveland would probably be 6-7 if McCoy hadn’t gotten injured.

    • inkslingeronyou

      You cannot blame Holgrem for the poor decisions that have been made by Eric Mangini. Mangini was give 3 quarterbacks to work with. In last weeks game against Buffalo not only did Mangini rely on a quarterback who couldn’t complete a pass, but also elected to keep him in the game. Our Offensive coordinator is about worthless calling for a screen or 5 yard pass on 3rd and 8. Josh Cribbs has not produced at all this year. (go figure just like any professional athlete who threatens to leave if he doesn’t get more money) then does. I say get rid of Manweinne and let him take his offensive coordinator with him. We could get some great receivers on a trade for a non-productive Cribbs also!

  • browniac

    It depends which games the Browns win. People wouldn’t be particularly elated with a win over Cincy, but a loss to the Bungles would give rise to calls for Mangini’s head. But wins over Baltimore and Pittsburgh would practically guarantee Mangini’s return. How could he be fired after winning those two games? The fans would go wild. The Cincy game doesn’t really matter much. — I agree that he can’t afford to lose all three and finish the season 0-4 and survive.

  • fred blacknight

    The CZAR is wise and all knowing.
    The CZAR is demanding and fair.
    The CZAR has great insight.
    The CZAR will make the right choice, it will be fair and it will move the team forward!


  • Terry

    What does good conscience have to do with it? It is obvious that he, even with better players than he had last year, can’t get it done. He couldn’t in New York, and he can’t here. Just sticking with a guy will not get the job done. It has to be the right guy.You people are so used to losing, that you are willing to settle for mediocrity.

    • Dave

      Terry, your comments are “right on the mark”. The Mangini/Dabol “play not to lose” offensive strategy is the biggest problem on this team. Mangini doesn’t look at the strengths of the players he has and modify the offense to fit those strengths. He doesn’t even play the better players. Evan Moore sits the bench while Robt “stone hands” Royal plays 95% of the snaps. Just plain dumb. If you look at Colt McCoy’s strengths (accuracy, mobility, football smarts and leadership) he would excell in a modified west coast offense. Yet Mangini keeps thinking McCoy should morph into Tom Brady. The offensive scheme and philosophy must change on this team for the Browns to be consistently good. That will not happen under Mangini/Dabol.

  • Clayton

    Mangini stays only if he hits 7-9 which means he has to beat either the Steelers or the Ravens.

    • browniac

      I agree that beating either Pittsburgh or Baltimore is required for Mangini to survive. But that pre-supposes a win over Cincy so that 7-9 is achievable. The most unlikely scenario would be losing to Cincinnati and beating both Baltimore and Pittsburgh to reach 7-9. In that case, I can’t see how he could be fired. Wins over those two teams would give him the ultimate protection — whether deserved or not.

  • Bernie Dawkins

    I’m as sick of losing as the next guy, but come on, HOW THE HELL do you people not see the progress Mangini has made this season?

    The Browns finally have an identity, they’ve been competitive pretty much every game, and they beat the defending SB champs on the road and pounded the Patriots, two games in which Mangini outcoached the shit outta both Payton and Belichick.

    Oh yeah, he’s also had to deal with starting 3 QB’s and managed to somehow go 2-2 with Jake Delhomme as a starter, which is a miracle in itself.

    And as far as the playcalling….I’m not going to defend Daboll, but I will say that you can only do so much as a coach. If you’ve never coached, you prob don’t grasp this concept. The Browns aren’t the most talented team offensively. You can only do so much when your QB is a bum, the WR’s can’t get open, and Cribbs is nonexistant.

    (That said, I don’t know what the hell Daboll was trying to accomplish by inserting Seneca Wallace into the game last week.)

    But sure, let’s go ahead and start all over again. That’s prob the best solution. It’s worked so well in the past. Let’s run Mangini outta town bc we’re not contending for the Super Bowl a year after gutting the roster.