A Few Brief Thoughts on the Browns' Collapse in Cincinnati

Well, I hate to say it, but I would be very surprised to see Eric Mangini back as the Browns head coach next season. Losing back-to-back games to two of the worst teams in the league will be more than enough to seal his fate despite any successes he has had in his two seasons in Cleveland.

That being said, the Browns didn’t do much to help Mangini’s cause on Sunday. The most glaring example of this came from the offensive and defensive lines. They were manhandled all day, and the most punishing stat to look at is running back Cedric Benson’s 150 yards rushing on 31 carries.

But this is a game where it’s hard to simply pinpoint one area as the main reason for a loss; no, this was a total team effort. Colt McCoy made a few strong, accurate throws and Peyton Hillis ripped off a couple decent runs but a rhythm was never established on either side of the ball.

And for that, Eric Mangini can most likely start looking for a new job.

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  • Bernie Dawkins

    About that dline…Rubin may have finished with 10 tackles BUT he was consistently man-handled most of the game.

    And where the hell was Shaun Rogers? Did he even play?

    Also, the LB’s were exposed big time. They sucked.

  • http://www.clevelandbrownsweblog.com Clayton

    Tis’ the season, and I am thankful to have a team to cheer for every week like my beloved Browns. I hate sports fans who flutter in the wind – you know the type. The guy down the road who cheers for anyone who has won a championship in the last five years.

    I have to say, though, that our performance against the Bengals was the type of game that makes it embarassing, quite frankly, to be so loyal to the Browns. It was a disaster. Benson looked like a guy running against a high school team. Watson was our only guy who could catch a football. And Palmer, who is a bum in his own right, and without Owens, looked like a quarterback with a renewed energy.

    Progress has indeed been made this year. But enough is enough. Losing down the stretch, especially to teams like the woeful Bengals, our State rivals, and the pathetic Bills, MUST cause heads to roll. It is that simple. You cannot sit idly by and watch humiliation. And you can’t fire the whole team except McCoy, Vickers, Hillis, Cribbs and Thomas. So it is inevitable that coaches get the brunt of it.

    We will see what this team has in the next two games. We either go out losing both big-time and becoming, once again, the laughing stock of the NFL, or we pull up our socks and pour everything we have in the tank out on that field. If Mangini had the balls and the charisma of legends of coaching in professional sports, men like Brown or Lombardi or Walsh, he would go in to that dressing room and make it crystal clear to every single player what the stakes are for these games. Nobody is safe.

    And, as a lifelong Browns fan and loyal season ticket holder, I have a personal message for the establishment of the Cleveland Browns. I want Holmgren and Lerner in that dressing room before this next game against the Ravens. I want them to put their futures on the line too. Nobody can guarantee a win – but I want them to make it clear to the players and the coaches that mediocrity and just striving for one more win than last season is NOT enough; that the Team will do whatever it takes to win; WHATEVER IT TAKES.

    Enough is enough of this bullshit. I want the two best games of the season from this Team to close out the season. We fans deserve it. The few players who show up every single down deserve it. I know (and you know) who wil bring it without any prodding or bribery. Will the rest?

    And I want some passion from those coaches on the sideline to show us why they should be back. And I mean everyone. Daboll can take those stupid earmuffs off and spit on the turf and throw around some water bottles. I want Mangini throwing every red flag he has. I want Ryan punching Rogers in the face to get him going. I want Seeley to tell Cribbs that, unless he wants Hester to steal all the records, he better run one back.

    Yeah – I’m pissed. When I give my boys their Cleveland Browns table and chairs tomorrow morning for Christmas, they will smile because they love the Browns, win or lose. But there will come a time when they won’t. Get some pride for crying out loud.

    Go Brownies. OK – my rant is done.

    Merry Christmas.

  • Michael

    Clayton, I just wanted to say that is an awesome post. I’ll cheer my Browns until my last breath, no matter how they do. Unless they hire Brad Childress to replace Mangini. Then I might have an aneurysm. Let’s hope Hillis steamrolls the Ravens again, but this time, resulting in a win.

  • James F Gaebelein

    been a fan all 61 years of my life, am truly exhausted with losing year after year. my grandfather warned me when Modell took over from Paul Brown that they were doomed. Looks like he was right!!

  • NorCal

    Nice post, Clayton. I, too, will remain a Browns fan. Thick or thin. I recall with fondness those Sunday’s beginning in the 1960′s watching the Browns with my uncle and Dad. Now on the west coast for twenty-some years, but still catch the games at a local pub with one or all of my three daughters when they’re home from college.

    I appreciate the direction Mangini and crew have established but have to question if these coaches are capable of taking this team to the next level. My gut says no, on either side of the ball it seems another scheme is needed to fit the type of players we have under contract. Have to trust that Holmgren and the Heckert will make the right decision. BTW I appreciate the decisions R. Lerner has made with the recent hires. Look at the Broncos and that mess with an owner many felt was one of the best.