Is This Eric Mangini's Last Game in Cleveland?

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Here is this week’s excerpt:

It is becoming increasingly evident that today’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers might be the last one for head coach Eric Mangini. Just as the last quarter of the season might have saved him last year, the last quarter of this season might have spelled doom for Mangini, as the Browns are sputtering to the 2010 finish line.

It would be unfortunate if it really is Eric Mangini’s last game as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Despite the team’s overall record, I think just about any fan would recognize that some real progress has been made this season. Thanks to a solid draft (producing players such as cornerback Joe Haden, safety T.J. Ward and quarterback Colt McCoy), the Browns look like a team with an actual future ahead of it. However, the NFL, like most sports leagues, has become a league fueled by impatience and the need for immediate returns.

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  • Clayton

    Goodbye Eric. Not sure you will make it to tomorrow’s meeting with Mike. What a complete drubbing to end the season to the Steelers.

    There is an argument to be made that, records aside, the Browns are the worst team in professional football. Think about it. Who is more pathetic? The Bills? No – we lost to Buffalo. The Panthers? MAYBE, but Carolina should have beat Cleveland but for a bum for a FG kicker. There are several really awful teams in the NFL, but I’m not sure that the Browns are not one of the very worst.

    Bad. Sad. But true – and this from someone who will not give up on them or change my allegiance to the brown and orange. We just have to face facts.

    I will be back next season to feel more pain.


  • Clayton

    KNBR Radio is reporting that, according to two sources, both “reliable” but both unnamed, Gruden has agreed to coach the Browns in 2011. Originally, I thought that Holmgren would take it over himself and let Gruden play out his ESPN contract until 2012, especially with a possible work stoppage next season. But it now appears that may not be the case.

    I normally do not put much weight on these things, but remember the media source here. The 49ers desperately want Gruden; the fact that football radio in San Fran is reporting this is GREAT FOR THE BROWNS. Come on Jonny!

  • Damien

    Question….If they fire Mangini, what coach is available to take over for the Browns?? Or who would want to come here to coach?

  • Keith Matheny

    One More Year for Mangini, or does Gruden get another team already built? I think Holmgren gives it one more year of drafts and free agency to Eric to prove himself. Just hope NOBODY gives Ryan a better deal,,,now thats something to worry about!

  • Mike

    If that’s how the players support their coach I’d hate to see it when they quit on him.

    Had to get that in there. In all seriousness Mangini has improved the quality of the team. That said, the team hasn’t show enough improvement. In the end he was the victim of his own success. He actually raised expectations.

    The second reason he’s toast is that this was a shotgun marriage from the start. Two coaches from two wildly different coaching trees. There’s only two things that could have kept the alliance going, success or real compromise. In hindsight Mangini should have dumped Daboll after the 09 season and gone after Jim Zorn or Bill Callahan to be his OC.