Cleveland Browns Name Pat Shurmur New Head Coach

He was considered the wild card of the bunch and slowly became the favorite in the Cleveland Browns’ search for a new head coach. Now, Pat Shurmur, former offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams, is the new head coach for the Cleveland Browns. He will officially be introduced at a press conference on Friday.

Shurmur, well-versed in the West Coast offense after spending ten years in Philadelphia with Andy Reid, would appear to be the ideal person to work with the Browns’ current front office. He shares similar offensive philosophies with president Mike Holmgren and he helped make Rams quarterback Sam Bradford a success in his rookie season. This could certainly bode well for Colt McCoy going into next season, as the Rams showed that committing to a young quarterback at the start of the season doesn’t always mean the end of the world.

Does the fact that Shurmur has no head coaching experience whatsoever concern me? Absolutely. But, like any coach, Shurmur deserves a chance to prove himself. It’s not going to stop me from ever thinking that Eric Mangini got a raw deal, though.

More will come about this decision, but here’s the initial reaction: Eric Mangini must have really been a pain to work with, because Holmgren is going with a completely unproven coach who was the offensive coordinator for a team with an offense that was only slightly better than the Browns’. A lot of fans have stuck with the “In Holmgren We Trust” mentality, but, deep down, everyone is wondering what in the world is going on.

Holmgren simply wanted a guy he could get excited about. It makes sense that he wants to work with a head coach that shares the same ideas as him, but it’s certainly a risk going with yet another unproven coordinator. Hopefully, the Browns finally picked the right one.

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  • Dano

    How does being the 27th offense make him a perfect fit?

    This is insane

  • Cleveland Browns Report

    I think a lot of Holmgrens decision stems from, as you stated, their similar offensive philosophies. The need for improvement in the Browns offense is paramount, not to mention the development of Colt McCoy. Given that Shurmur has been a quaterback coach, tight end coach and has coached an offensive line, along with special teams his experience somewhat mirrors that of Holmgren (in his earlier years). Holmgren is probably “chomping at the bit” to be involved in the development of a “pass first” offense for the Browns. Who better to mentor, and give input to other than someone sharing the same theories. Shurmur via Reid, does come (somewhat) from the same coaching “tree”.

  • JM

    Dano, plz. don’t take it out of context. Its certainly not insane by any stretch. Steve is correct as it is an “ideal fit” regarding offensive philosophies. For anyone who wanted Holmgren to coach… essentially, you got your wish. As for the Report: “Shurmur via Reid, does come (somewhat) from the same coaching “tree”.” Kidding me? “Somewhat”? He spent a decade with Reid as the QB coach. 10 years. Prior to his time in Philly, he coached at Stanford and Mich. St. so regarding his NFL tree, it’s Holmgren/Reid all the way. Nothing else.

    Steve, for your concerns with Shurmur and no prior head coaching experience… Consider the teams that made the playoffs this year, their coaches, and how many had prior HC experience already on their resume… Seems the odds are in our favor. Go Brownies~!

  • Terry

    My concern is with the agent. Has the mob taken over the Browns? That guy looks like he stepped right off of the set of The Sopranos.

  • Clayton

    Terry – that made me laugh. Thanks for a smile on Saturday morning.

    I don’t want to use this platform to drive a wedge between followers of this website, however, I think debate is always a good thing.

    I know that Terry is kidding, but I think that there are some of us here, probably including Terry (although I have no idea) who are a little longer in the tooth and who will likely be able to stomach this more easily than Mangini and Daboll. You see – part of the problem with Eric and Brian, beyond the lack of winning of course, was what appeared to be (whether in fact true or not) immaturity.

    Watch that press conference with Shurmur. I am NOT saying that he is going to save the day in Cleveland. But at least the guy can string together a few sentences. Compare that introductory press conference with Mangini’s a couple of years ago. There is a significant difference in self-confidence and identity. I like that.

    As for the agent, maybe it’s not so bad that the Browns are being taken over by the mafia. A little fear in the minds of some of our roster loafers might actually do some good.

  • Clayton

    After witnessing that debacle by the Ravens, I just read that McDermott was fired moments ago as DC of the Eagles. No doubt that is an effort to keep Jauron – Dick will be promoted to DC to stop him from moving to Cleveland to fill the position of Ryan (who is signing in Dallas).

    I’m not sure that I would annoint McDermott just yet in Cleveland, assuming Jauron stays in Philly. Wannstedt is still available.

    Who would you like to see as DC in Brownstown? McDermott, Jauron, Wannstedt or someone else? And don’t say Ryan – he’s gone for certain. Maybe Singletary?

  • Terry

    Dilemma: Rooting for a team I hate to beat a team I hate. Alas,post season life for a Browns (sigh).

  • Clayton

    Everything is relative.

    Browns hire Shurmur as new head coach – disappointment.

    Dolphins hire Daboll as new offensive coordinator – Miami fans go ballistic.

    Nice to see the fish are more dysfunctional than us!