Will the Cleveland Browns Trade the Sixth Overall Pick?

As the Cleveland Browns continue to rebuild, it’s a question that will have to be asked in every draft. Do the Browns use their first-round draft pick to select one player or does the team trade down for additional picks at various positions? It’s a struggle to determine when to make a move like that, though teams like the New England Patriots have turned it into an art form.

It’s a system that the Browns need to continue to emulate. There are a wide array of opinions about who the Browns should draft with the sixth overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, which might point to a bigger sign. With so many options and needs at multiple positions, it could be in the Browns’ best interest to trade down to acquire more picks.

It’s the non-sexy decision to make on draft day, but it is often the smart one. Even before the uncertainty that this lockout has caused, drafting a top-ten player is a huge risk. Teams throw big money at these types of players, hoping for a return against almost insurmountable expectations. Browns fans, collectively, typically carry lofty expectations wherever they go, and this is a team that needs a foundation before those expectations can loom as large as we want.

That being said, will the Browns trade that sixth pick? It’s hard to say, because no team wants to show its hand too early, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the Browns trade down for more picks. Sure, a defensive lineman or wide receiver makes sense, but it makes sense to aim for quality in quantity, at least this year.  Especially in a year that is supposed to be heavy on high quality defensive linemen.

What do you think? Do the Browns trade down or take a chance on a top ten player?

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  • http://ohio.com Don Blocker

    Trade down for more picks in the 1st and 2nd rounds that could give the Browns a better chance to land some very good players for the offence and defence.We need lineman on both sides of ball,running back,receiver.

  • JM

    Steve, the T.Grossi/cle.com article is saying we now have 8 picks total, including that Compensatory 7th rounder. With that, it looks like the Browns now have one pick in each round including two in the 6th. Is that Accurate? If so, don’t trade down…

    If they were to trade down, I can’t imagine it be more than 1-2 spots. Only if the top couple guys still on their board at 6 have graded out evenly would they slide back. They have been loading up on role players for a few drafts and from the Mangini trades. That said- don’t completely overlook that too many picks could be a bad thing. Eventually you make your roster cuts and a handful always end up being guys you just drafted. A waste.

    I think there is a better chance Heckert eventually makes a move to trade up? He did it last year and I can see him looking doing it again. Probably not going to trade up from 6th overall, but with a full draft and two picks in the 6th round, I can see them putting a late round package together for another mid-round pick.

    Regarding your point about those early picks being too expensive- I can’t see that being an issue for this draft and going forward. It is my impression that is one the few issues where both the owners and the PA actually agree. If there is ever football again, that problem should be solved.

    Since we are on the subject- Browns need to pass on A.J.G. if he falls. Hear me out: Steve, you talk about 6th overall being a risky pick. I agree. To miss here would really set the franchise back. However, that doesn’t mean you trade down. That’s like passing the ball for a game winner when you have an open look. Instead, take the shot but make sure you take the high percentage shot. The WR spot would be riskier than any of the other 3 other positions they are likely considering at 6- DE(Bowers), CB(Peterson), and LB(V.Miller). None of those other positions rely so much on the success of 1 other position: the QB. And lets be honest, Colt has not sealed the deal just yet. By taking AJ, you would be compounding the risk. Regardless, do you really need the athletic freakness of AJ Green for the offense they are going to install? I don’t think you do. I’m not saying he wouldn’t be a great WR here. I’m sure he would. But, while we wait for Colt to learn, grow, develop, and hopefully become a freak in his own right, you would be wasting the talent of Green (see Fitzgerald struggle in Arizona). Those other three positions would be just as valuable, if not more, and without the added risk.

    One great draft is luck. Two is a trend. Can’t wait to see Heckert go to work!

    Any updates on M.Hardesty’s progress? If camp were to start on time, would he be 100%? If he is ready to rock, but considering his history, how many rounds can the Browns wait to select their next young back?

  • mdoogal

    I totally agree they should trade down but not too far. Maybe two or three spots down and see what kind of pick(s) they can stockpile. That way they still get the guy they want.

  • Tom Trott

    Exactly the point! This draft is SO DEEP in defensive linemen…..WHICH WE NEED….I think we can afford to trade this pick down for more picks. We have a PRESSING NEED for OFFENSIVE LINEMEN and this draft is NOT THAT DEEP in quality players we MUST HAVE for the RIGHT SIDE of our offensive line! SO…..Having said that, I think we trade down for more picks……..get OFFENSIVE LINEMEN FIRST…..then DEFENSIVE LINEMEN…after which we can go after WR, TE and/or RB!!

    • Sipe

      My thoughts exactly. First time ever. Exactly what we should/need to do!

      MVP – 1979

  • ELO P

    I don’t think Cleveland would be wrong with either a DL or WR, but DL has to be the priority considering the switch to a 4-3 and the fact the wheels are already in motion with the number of front 7 types the club has released in the offseason.
    I think if the player Cleveland wants is gone by #6, then the’ll trade down somewhere between 15th and 15th and pick up a DE.

    • ELO P

      Ooops, I mean, between 15th and 25th.