Cleveland Browns Agree to Terms with Rookies Jabaal Sheard and Greg Little

The Cleveland Browns weren’t just busy signing free agents on Thursday – the team also signed second-round draft picks Jabaal Sheard and Greg Little.

Both draft picks received four-year deals, as will all draft picks selected after the first round – a stipulation of the new collective bargaining agreement. Sheard was signed for $5.09 million, while Little was signed for $3.32 million.

It’s always good to see draft picks signed, and some might point to the lockout as part of the reason why, as they are itching to finally get involved with the team. However, let’s wait and see how many first-round picks around the league hold out, as that will tell us just how willing these players are to finally get on the field, though the new rookie wage scale, among other measures, could help put an end to most of the holdout culture that has dominated the process of signing first-round picks.


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  • N8anddoc

    There are stricter rules/penalties for players holding out now. Penalties start accruing immediately for holding out whereas before players could wait until like week 10 or something ridiculous and still recoup there pay. This was all laid out in the new cba to make sure contracts were less risky for owners and also because it was getting out of control when guys whom never even suited up in the NFL were holding out over tens of millions of dollars, and end up riding the pine behind some lowly paid vet- we should see way less rookie holdouts.